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Recent Blog Updates

Recent Blog Updates


Veteran blogger greenpawn34 takes a look at some of the more interesting games played on the site.
Updated 10 Dec '14
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Archrival's video blog, helping beginners progress their game.
Updated 17 Dec '14
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OK - watch the next blog, I'll find something.
Posted 14 Dec '14 23:23 | Total Comments 5
Hah! Can't fool me that easily. I search for each word individually.
Posted 14 Dec '14 16:29 | Total Comments 5
I thought I was in prison, but my record has apparently been expunged!
Posted 13 Dec '14 15:40 | Total Comments 5
Hi BigDoggProblem I've used 100's ofy your games but I spell you Big Dog Problem. :)
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I do a 'find' for my handle in the blogs. If there are no hits, I don't read it. :P
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The Battle of the Knight and Bishop

The chess books teach the material value of both pieces Knights and Bishops are the same three (3) pawns. Others will favor one or the other more,

Is this you when a Knight moves?

If you don’t suffer from Hippophobia you most likely one of those people who like Knights your certainly not along.

How to take a defeat.

How to take a defeat.

I wanted to apologize for the long delay since my last post I’ve had recent dental surgery so I won’t be making a video blog this time.
I think the first lesson that anyone needs to learn regardless of what they play is how to lose, you remember the temper tantrums you had when you lost the game?
I mean sure there is a lot of pressure on a game even when playing at age 4 and upwards. Heaven forbid I remember when I placed against a girl. You wouldn’t want to lose against a girl and keep face with your friends. I don’t mean to take anything away from female players it is simply the type of stupid stuff that goes through a young boys mind. What would be worse if the girl was really cute and you liked the girl, Should I lose so she would be happy, if I beat he...

Let’s All Get Rich Quick Scheme No.46

Those of you that followed the court case (it was in all the papers) will
know that Let’s All Get Rich Quick Scheme No.45 was a complete failure.

My idea of making a chess set with the heads of rare and protected birds
saw me paraded through a dozen courts in a dozens different countries. ...

Draws are such funny things

With my style of an Attacker nature, you don't come across draws too often... Well I don't at any rate and my stats on RHP alone can testify to that.
Games Played 913
Rated 868
Won 357
Lost 536
Drawn 20

Almost a 1000 games played and only 20 draws. Because of my live or die type of game play...

The Carlsen Harpoon

I painted this yesterday. Took me half an hour.
OK I admit it. I never painted it but I think I could have. It looks easy enough.

Anyway, I used that picture of Magnus Carlsen to get this thread about the
Carlsen - Anand World Champions match which has just finished, started...

Happy Thanks Giving

I am wanting to wish everyone around the world a happy thanks giving.

I hope everyone is staying warm and out of the snow. Remember the Turkey will make you fall asleep so avoid major decisions after eating.

You may lose your queen on the chess board.

A Good Kick in the ....

Recently I Challenged my self I challenged a player that was insanely higher than my self. Like a Thousand (1000) point difference.

The person's name is Cenerentola currently rated 2204.

My self only 1294. There were other people around him I could of challenged in the Ladder tournament however, I never like backing down from a challenge and I wanted to see if I could handle my self.

I am an attacking player by nature and you should play your normal game, not try to play up to the higher opponent or play something you are not comfortable with or have little knowledge on then otherwise you beat your self...

RHP Players - Please Stay Forever Young

Christmas is just around the bend so I bought my grand daughter one of these.

Dot Book
Of course I tried one out and this (page 64):
Title here
turned into this.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense


The best defense is a good offense, a Great defense beats a good offense a Great attack beats a great defense.

When learning the game of chess it really is best when you are trying to improve your game to stick with one opening you know for a while so you can improve your game, the opening is not chess it is just memorization, The real game of chess does not start until the you get 15, 20 moves in when things start to get complicated and you need to have a good working Calculator in your mind.

The Basic chess guides covers the three (3) questions you must ask before you move and after your opponent moves. It is really a simple basic concept that most do not stick to and if you did you wouldn't lose half as many games as you do...

11/11 Rememberance day

The day war ended
The Last Gentleman's war
With over (9) nine Million dead,
each country involved losing Generations.
Not one Single family in England was spared even mine.
70 Years Since the Operation overlord known as D-day to liberate us.

I will not Forget, We must not Forget. To every single service person from any nation I salute your courage. To the US armed forces I thank you for service, courage and sacrifices....

You Lot Nearly Let Me Down......

You have let me down.

OK I know this is the first time but it still counts as a let down.

I boast in the bars, coffee houses and sleazy joints that I hang about in that there is not
an OTB trick these GM types have played that none of my RHP gang have also played.

Witness this as an example of Team RHP not letting me down...

11/9/14 Sunday Round-up

This week my rating would be more accurately described as a child's Yo-yo Keeps hitting the 1300 then gets slapped back down. Here is this weeks round-up of my games since Last Sunday, I included one for a review at the bottom the game is just a friendly so although it is on-going, you can review it. The video blog is coming and will be included soon as it is uploaded



11/8/14 Saturday Lesson : Prepared Attack: Plan


Todays lesson is the one promised last week: To be prepared when attacking.

Part 1: Is Planning.

As said on the video, I'm full of cold so I apologize for the occasional sniff.

Sunday round-up

I apologize for not doing a Sunday video and the Saturday lesson I will do next week. I work for my local ISP company and they been keeping me busy, keeping everyone's internet working.

So my last post on Friday was about keeping your head in the game. About keeping your emotions in check if anyone masters this please teach me.

These passed few weeks my head been all over the place and it effected my chess...

Firekeeper in the welcome game, I grew over confident and he Capitalized my mistake and made me pay for it. Justly so, he made couple of mistakes here and there which is ok he is just starting here. ...

Friday Lesson: How you Feeling?


This video blog, I admit is going to sound strange and look stranger too, However to me it is the utmost important lesson to mastering chess.

There is books on openings, there is books on middle games, there is books on endings, there is books and videos going over games and mates.

What there isn't is any book or video until now that explains the Emotional side of chess. ...

Happy Halloween from Greenpawn

Romance is in the air, sweet hearts are sending each other flowers and cards.

So to get in the spirit of things I thought I’d look at the romantic Halloween Gambit.
White sacrifices a Knight…wait a minute I’ll do it properly. ...

10/29/14 Blitz Chess

Hey Guys.

I'm doing a Wednesday lesson as today is my only day off this week from work as I found out on Monday I'm doing a 16 hour shift on Saturday.

I had these videos prepared just for such an occasion, I explained a little about Blitz chess and time pressure.

You really can not explain it to someone who doesn't know what it is like with out them having them go through it them self. ...

10/26/14 Sunday Video Time Pressure

We feel different forms of pressure of time, however none of them is anything like it is with Chess. I explained before that Nigel Short was under time pressure and that was why he missed his moves. I was messaged and I was asked "How does time pressure have any effect on you during chess, you either make the move or you don't?"

Now I could try to explain it to you however you just would not understand until you get a sense of it for your self.


Anyone watching this I urge you to try a Blitz game, No seconds added per move and play for 4 or 2 minutes if you are not used to it. ...

10/24 - 25 /14 Friday/Saturday Lesson Sicilion Najdorf


I explained briefly last time about the Sicilion opening. Today and Saturdays lesson.

I go into further lengths into the Grand Master Gary Kasparov's Patterned opening the Najdorf variation.

Game 10 of their series was my favorite when I watched them back in 1993. I walk through the game with you I did mess up at the end a little but I'm sure you can understand and picture me now at 32 trying to read my writing when i was 11 ...

10/12/14 Daily Games


Todays games is here,
this will be the last of the daily games I will be posting here for a while. However they will continue to be posted on Youtube, if you would like to see them continue to be on here. Let me know, feedback is welcomed.

The Weekend blogs/or when I have off from work will still continue to be done here.

The entire process of the Daily games is designed to show/ Beginners how chess players think...

Carlsen v Anand 2014 + (Archangel Gabriel)

The World Chess Championship between Magnus ‘Maggie’ Carlsen and
Viswanathan ‘Vishy’ Anand starts on the 5th of November 2014 in Sochi.

I’ve placed £5.00 on Vishy and if he wins I get back a whopping £18.74
Maggie is 1-4 odds on. If I bet £5.00 on him it will return a healthy £6.25. ...

10/21/14 Daily Games


Added: After I had completed and uploaded the video the time out option appeared for one of my games. I waited an hour then claimed the win. Sorry it was not on Camera I didn't think it was making an entire new video for just one time out.


10/20/14 Daily Games


Today's Latest Moves,

10/19/14 Daily Games +Sunday Lesson +DG part 2


Another Checkmate : Here is a perfect example of the rule It takes 3 pieces to capture a running king. my 2 knights and my Queen, of cause it did help that Black decided to come towards me.


10/18/14 Daily Games + Saturday Lesson + A look back

Coming up today in the Daily Game update. A checkmate! one of the games ended in Checkmate which you can view below until the videos are posted. There may be another two parter for todays daily game.



10/17/14 Daily Games


Here is the update for 10/17/14 Games

Archrival's Chess Corner introduction


Welcome to my new blog here on Redhotpawn,

My aim of the channel and the blog is to help players progress their game. I have notice a lot of guides for the beginners and people just starting to learn the pieces to the other extreme with lessons on the game by Grand Masters.

Although these lessons are great, I have found there is a gap in the middle that really does not help beginners how to get up to that stage. ...

Red Hot Pawn and the Tennis Blunder Ball

I’ve been pondering this problem since I was set it by a work colleague.

No it’s not a chess problem. It’s a riddle type of problem with a chess theme,
the kind you get from annoying people whose face you just want to smash in.

This guy (let’s call him Albert Smith) hates chess books on endings. ...

Lessons from the Good Guys RHP Players Ignore

Been chuckling at this for the past couple of days. It’s from Tim Krabbe in 2001.

Here he was Black playing on the ICC server with White to move.

2r5/6Pk/7P/5R1K/8/8/8/8 w - - 0 1
White played 1.Rf8 there followed 1…Rxf8

5r2/6Pk/7P/7K/8/8/8/8 w - - 0 ...

A Million Moves on RHP

Million Banner
I’ve have spent the best part of last week wondering what
Eskimo’s talk about whilst they are sitting about in their igloos.

Surely their language is limited to just a few words or phrases:

“It’s Snowing again.”, “I’m cold.” and “Polar Bear!” ...