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Recent Blog Updates

Recent Blog Updates


Veteran blogger greenpawn34 takes a look at some of the more interesting games played on the site.
Updated 10 Apr '14
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The insider news on RedHotPawn
Updated 14 Jul '10
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Posted 28 Mar '14 06:19 | Total Comments 1
Well done. I did not know Berliner played in Golden Knights, which I assume is the Golden Knights US postal chess org., which...
Posted 27 Mar '14 22:20 | Total Comments 3
Monadnock is a mountain (very tiny one) and state park area in New Hampshire, USA.
Posted 18 Mar '14 17:24 | Total Comments 4
The puzzle re the first 4 moves: 1. e4 e6 2. Bb5 c6 3. Bxc6 dxc6 Also, Geoff, I appear to be late to the party, having ...
Posted 16 Mar '14 10:36 | Total Comments 7
Might Vainstein be Garry's dad?
Posted 16 Mar '14 05:38 | Total Comments 3
There is a Monadnock Building here in San Francisco very close to the Mechanics Institute, home of San Francisco chess. Th...
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My Most Treasured Chess Possesion + Hook Mates.

This is it. A chewing gum card.

Bobby Fischer


Blackburne's Mate + A Chess Book in Two Languages

The USSR -v- The Rest of the World 1970.

Historic match. Fischer stepped down and played board 2 to Larsen.
Larsen loses that famous1.b3 game to Spassky.

The result was USSR 20½ Rest of The World 19½

A lot closer than people anticipated...

Sitting on an Iceberg playing the Icelandic Gambit.

Another Red Hot Pawn chappie has answered the call.

Quest 16 involved RHP players going to precarious places to play
a particular opening with the same name.

TimmyBx Went up Mount Evans to play the Evans Gambit.

Up to the plate steps morgski 227024 who together with his sister...

Mating Patterns and....More Mating Patterns

Tom Tom 256028 or to give him his Sunday name Thomas Thomas,
started a thread on Mating Patterns 141622

Mating Patterns (MP’s) are certain positions known to all strong players
to aid them in producing checkmating combinations.

Some say they are over-rated, others swear by them. I am of the latter camp.
Anything that can help you in spotting a shot must be worth a look...

Comical Observations + 2˝ smashing OTB games.

The Edinburgh Festival. is now entering it’s 3rd and final week.
Thank God.

You spend the first 7 months looking forward to it and when it
finally arrives you wish it was all over.

My work place gets loads and loads of freebie ticket.
During the first week the squabbling for the tickets can breaks up...

ESP + Pawn Races + Drufus the Mad Hermit

Fat Lady pointed this out to me.

It’s an item from the Weekly World News June 9th 1998.

World Weekly News

Weekly News ...

Exchange Sacs in The Sicilian + The Ascent of Mount Evans

And then I saw the title of this thread...

"Playing chess on top of Mt. Evans CO yesterday, 14,265 ft elevation"

....posted on the Chess Forum posted by TimmyBx 351818
with a link to the tale of his conquest.

At last a real man who plays Chess....

Pseudo Queen Sacs + A RHP Missed Brilliancy

Pick a Book…Any Book.

A book about horses


50th RHP Blog + A Day in the Museum + Unusual Openings

This is my 50th. Red Hot Pawn Blog.
Happy 50th


London 1883 + The RHP Black Museum

my wee cartoon


Jig-saws + 1001 minus-1 Brilliant Checkmates

An idiot, I’ve no idea who, bought me a Beatles jigsaw for Fathers Day.
I open the box and find some dopey clot had torn up the picture….

The Rolling Stones


Philidor Con+Reinfeld+Murphy+Morphy+A Competition


Everyone of them. Liars. (and they owe me £1.99 ).

Philidor did this, Philidor said that, Philidor done this….
…it’s all lies.

I can find no game of Phildor playing the Philidor Defence...

Heroes + Morphing Morphy + Fried Liver + Knight Mates.


‘No More Heroes Anymore’ sang The Clash and this week…

(It was the Stranglers………..Russ)

‘No More Heroes Anymore’ sang a 70’s punk rock band
and this week I set out to prove them wrong...

Meet Ups (and Meet Missed Mates)

I have always thought the Byrds version of Mr Tambourine Man
was wimpy and sickly compared to the raw gutsy Dylan original.

And I was thinking these very thoughts when I logged onto
RHP and saw this: 139945

Tom Tom ...

Artwork + Self Mate + An Old Black Sac Against the Evans

Pawn Shadow


Budapest Gambit + Trap Swapping + Resigning


It’s often funny when I sit down to do this blog how one
thing leads to another, one game unearths another.

The theme for this week was going to be about premature resignation
and how I’ve often stumbled upon a game where the player gave up when
there were still a few chances left in the game...

The Queen v 3 Pieces and Saint Drufuss (I hate Mondays)


I think it was last week I was talking about Queen sacrifices,
or maybe it was the week before, I cannot quite recall as I find
keeping track of things date wise is all rather confusing.

You have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc etc and 7 days after the...

The Elephant, the Lion, the Skunk and the Hawk + Queen Sacrices.


Let us start with a joke.

There once was a clever Elephant.

no title ...

Tactical Ability v Opening Knowledge

When you log onto RHP you are presented with games ending
in checkmate, If I don’t recognise the final position from a previous
log in game I spin through it to test and brush up my tactical eye.

(and of course seeking inspiration for the next blog.)

I often spot right away missed tricks and it’s not uncommon
to see it is the eventual loser who is the culprit...

Sitting and Knitting, Playing and Praying.

Is your life shallow and empty?
Do you feel you are drifting though existence without a purpose?
Has sorting your DVD collection into alphabetical order lost it’s appeal?

Worry no more and cheer up.

Introducing…………….. ...

Geller's Trap + The Dive Bomber and The Shadow


My Christmas present, 2 bottle of aftershave, had run out.

So I skip merrily into Boots the Chemist and a bored but pretty looking
girl directs me to the shaving shelf where the aftershave is displayed.

In the Chemis...

Traps + The Curse of Knowledge + Self Mate

Hi Guys

On the Chess Forum we have been looking at mixing
mugging up on openings with tactical training.

'Mugging up' is an apt term for looking at openings.
The Mugs memorise the moves, the Masters study the moves.
There is a wonderful world of difference...

I often see in the forums and get asked from players of varying
strength how does one improves at chess.

Beginners could do a lot worse than pay a visit to this site:

Chess For Kids Sit...

Play Chess the Pawn Riot Way. The RHP No.1

Hi Guys.

Thought I’d run through some games from the site’s new No.1,
Pawn Riot (PR), like I did with Skeeter looking for combo’s for you to solve.

(Next week I’ll do a skit on site bottom player.)

But first just to show you what a multi - talented guy I am...

Spotted in 1895 used on RHP in 2009.

Hi Chums.

First on the agenda is the famous or infamous Saavedra position.

(Oh No. Everyone who writes a column/blog has covered
the Saavedra position…..Russ).

I know this, but most have copied it from a well researched...

The Rock + Carlsen Inspires a Blog + Davaniel's Delight

Hi Chaps.

OK I did not go all the way to Mount Rushmore to kidnap
Swiss Gambit and sell him to a circus.

Infact I only went 100 yards from my house and chalked
that position on a lump of stupid rock that was lying outside
the Edinburgh Art College...
Hi Chaps.

Swiss Gambit has been tormenting the Chess Forum with
his problems and puzzles.

This has produced a plethora of sleepless nights, busted marriages
and nervous breakdowns amongst the forum lads.
Something had to be done...

P=N + Sympathy in E Minor + 9 Queens

Hi Men.

I found this amusing game on another site.
It was from an actual OTB game and features 5 Knights on the board in11 moves.

Now most seasoned players will think I’m referring to ‘that’ trick shot
in the Alapin Counter Gambit where a 5th Knight appears on the board.
I’m not, this is from a Ponziani...

My Day Job + 8 Queens +Zebano

I’ve been enjoying my new job.
I’m an air traffic controller at Edinburgh Airport.

A great job. Loads of laughs.
I never realised the power an air traffic controller has.
These pilots do everything you tell them.

I found the flashing lights and warning bleeps on my consul a bit annoying,...

SG's picks: Shredder puzzles

Here are my top 5 favorite puzzles from the Shredder weekly chess puzzle site.

r5k1/p4p1p/3R2p1/1q1PB2r/1np5/4R2P/1P3PP1/3Q2K1 b
Black's best move?