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Recent Blog Updates

Recent Blog Updates


Veteran blogger greenpawn34 takes a look at some of the more interesting games played on the site.
Updated 24 Oct '14
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Archrival's video blog, helping beginners progress their game.
Updated 25 Oct '14
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Posted 23 Oct '14 12:27 | Total Comments 2
Right and corrected. (I was 50% right). Maybe this is why FIDE never had Black Sea and White Sea venues. They would get ...
Posted 23 Oct '14 05:44 | Total Comments 2
The note on the 3rd move of the game M. Carlsen - V. Anand, Linares .2009 should start with "Black cannot take...." instead o...
Posted 20 Oct '14 21:23 | Total Comments 4
@Marinkatomb I will see what I can do, I found it differs from device, the iPad sounded quiet while on the laptop it was loud...
Posted 20 Oct '14 00:08 | Total Comments 4
This video is really quiet, any chance of boosting the volume possibly?
Posted 19 Oct '14 15:58 | Total Comments 2
thanks for the support don't forget to subscribe on the Youtube channel so you can see when the latest videos are posted :)
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Anand v Gelfand (The Instructive bits.)

Chuffed to tea breaks. That is the only way to describe it.

I am of course speaking about my latest acquisition from a junk shop.

Chess Coasters


Chess Badges + Championship Games

Last night I spent a very pleasant evening hobnobbing with 3 Scottish Champions.
GM Keti Arakhamia Grant the current Champion, her husband Jonathan Grant
Who won the title a few years previous and IM Craig Pritchett who first won it
before some of you reading this were born (1977) and again as recently as 2005.

It was a Blitz Chess evening, all good fun...

The Duck


This picture of a coral Knight carved out by the sea....

A lump of rock


Topalov + Endgame Ernie + The QNP

VeselinTopalov gave a simultaneous at the Edinburgh Chess Club
on Sunday the 29th April 2012.

Topalov Simul


The Lewis Men and the Titanic


I see once again the tale of the Lewis Chess/Gaming Pieces is making
the rounds again.

I have been having fun on and off with this subject for 10 years.
The latest argument is about the Bishop. ...

6,200 RHP Championship Games


So let us look at those who have so far scored 100% in Round one
of the 2012 Red Hot Pawn Championship.

The Leaders

It's Skull Crushing Week

The Screaming Skull

The RHP Championship has now passed the 60 day mark and this wee...

It's Viking Week! + The F-Pawn

It's Viking Week!
A Viking Ship


Dive Bombers, Tanks and Pins.

King Arfur
Hi lads.

438 games have finished since the last blog where I gave the download.
Most of the games this week have came from the new batch.
The leader board. (the top 20) looks like this.

Top 20 Score...

Championship Games Download + The Bridge.

Man O War


Cheapo Man + (RHP Championship No.5)

no 5 banner


2012 RHP Championship - The Leader Board


For a wee piece of fun I have created a huge table showing how
the 1st round of the 2012 RHP Championship is shaping up.

The table is made up from 2543 games and is all the results up
to 12 o’clock (GMT) on Sunday the 26th February.
1326 White wins 64 Draws and 1151 Black wins...

RHP Championship 2012 Report 3 - The Stats

championship report 3


2012 RHP Championship - Report Two



2012 Championship. The First Win.

The Wall


10 Missed Checkmates + A Suicide King


So far we have had guys playing chess on icebergs and on glaciers,
pieces carved from snow and glowing green Knights photographed
down pot holes.

Shallow Blue has topped the lot. ...

The White Pawn and The Green Knight


See. I knew with a bit of shoving and nudging I could unearthed another
famous sculptor like Joe DiMaggio.

(He’s an idiot. He means Michael Angelo - Joe DiMaggio was a baseball player…….Russ)

Up to the plate. (I wonder why a baseball link just popped into my head.)…...

2012 RHP Championship + Birth of a Chess Book

RHP 2012


Submarines + The Greenhorn Opening Trap

I’m still looking for an RHP guy to build me a chess piece out of snow.
Living on a part of the planet that has no snow is ‘snow’ excuse.
Build me a chess piece out of sand.

chess piece of sand


Loads of Festive Fun - Christmas Blunders

Opening Title


The Mystery of the Missing Chess Piece

Robin Johnson 529324 made two recent mistakes.

During an OTB league game v Frank O’Donnell played a few weeks ago,
his opponent, by accident or design (it matters not), placed a captured
Bishop behind the game clock.

Robin (white) looked at what was off the board, thought he was a
piece up and played a faulty combo...
The curse of Planet Greenpawn.

Remember this bit of spoofing from a few blogs ago:

“Global warming has dried up the River Floogle which used to flow into the Forth
so the water level of the Forth has fallen and now everytime there is a low tide
you can see these unexploded WWII bombs laying about all over the beach.” ...

The Baltic Trap + When h-pawns Dream

RHP lad davaniel paid a visit to Tallinn in Estonia.

Bored, he took a stroll along the Baltic coast when suddenly the brisk sea
air reminded him of the RHP blog.

Off he rushed to the local toy shop and bought a magnetic Chess Set
and set up the Baltic opening. 1.d4 d5 2.c4 Bf5 ...

Halloween Tricks and Treats

Alexandra Kosteniuk


The Assassin Pawn

Nimzo5 answered my plea for any pictures of you playing Chess.
Here he is playing Spassky in a simultaneous display.

Spassky v Nimzo


Zeno the Rat + 8 Knights a Mating.

Zeno is a Rat.

Not 280120 I’m talking about Zeno the Rat.


It obvious you have not read ‘The Chessplayers’ by Charles L. Harness.
The story takes place in the K Street Chess Club and one of the member...

Five Books and a Film Review + Chess Spotting


I have decided that I want pictures of chess players playing chess
at a railway station. I’ll start.


Doodles + The Queen Fork Trick + The Hammersmith


There were 18 air raids on the Forth Rail Bridge in WWII.
Over 200 bombs were dropped and none hit the bridge.
All fell into the sea and according to eye witnesses not one exploded
when it hit the water. There was just a splash, nothing more.

Global warming has dried up the River Floogle which used to flow into the Fort...

My Most Treasured Chess Possesion + Hook Mates.

This is it. A chewing gum card.

Bobby Fischer


Blackburne's Mate + A Chess Book in Two Languages

The USSR -v- The Rest of the World 1970.

Historic match. Fischer stepped down and played board 2 to Larsen.
Larsen loses that famous1.b3 game to Spassky.

The result was USSR 20½ Rest of The World 19½

A lot closer than people anticipated...