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Recent Blog Updates

Recent Blog Updates


Veteran blogger greenpawn34 takes a look at some of the more interesting games played on the site.
Updated 13 Apr '15
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Archrival's video blog, helping beginners progress their game.
Updated 13 Apr '15
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Updated 16 Apr '15
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Recent Comments
Posted 17 Apr '15 00:02 | Total Comments 9
Thank you Jack Black - have to get you a game with Mike White.
Posted 16 Apr '15 21:15 | Total Comments 9
Always excellent chess, this time superb comedy. Thank you GreenPawn. Jack Black
Posted 16 Apr '15 10:51 | Total Comments 2
Sorry about that. It deleted the pictures I attempted to put in because they weren't in jpeg format.
Posted 16 Apr '15 01:57 | Total Comments 2
What? No picture of the chess set?
Posted 14 Apr '15 00:09 | Total Comments 9
The pack (though sealed) has only 33 cards. It's not really a pack of cards. Not suits or anything like that. Goldie Ha...
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Let's Stay in Touch on Social Networks!

no title

Hi! I just wanted to let you know how we can communicate on all sorts of social networks. Don't talk to impostors! ;-)

My official accounts:
Facebook: Account 1, Account 2, Account ...

Duck's In Thailand + Ernie is Back + The Pearl of Pins

The Duck arrived safe and sound in Thailand and is staying with Mikelom.
Mike took The Duck around the market place near his village.

The Duck


Borislav Ivanov + RHP Championship Games

Borislav Ivanov


RHP 2013 Championship + The Blunder Bird

The Green Pawn


Luck and the Duck + Drunken Knights

The Duck spent a few days in Oregon with Kareemelbadry and was actually
a spectator at the Maryland Chess Congress.

The Duck onboard


The Duck at Yale + Traps in the Sicilian

The Duck has left Mexico and Canada and is back in the USA
staying with Kareemelbadry.

Here he is with a bust of Bobby Fischer…

The Duck and Fischer ...

What Happened Next? (Disasters from RHP)

Green Pawn

Part one of the photos shoot

Typical strip chess outfit

Me & a chess king

Brutal ...

The Diamond of Despair + Mate Bait + The Duck in Mexico

The Duck is currently with Smitty Time in Alberta (Canada.)
Smitty has sent a picture of The Duck sitting on a frozen bird bath.

The Duck Ice Bathing


The RHP 1000-1 shot + The Two Knights

This book got a recent mention in the Chess Forum.

Two Knights Book


The Best Ever Chess Book + Duck + Roma's Leagacy + Misery

”It’s the best thing since sliced bread.”
(I wonder people said before bread was sold sliced?)

This book will revolutionise the game and it’s a must buy for every chess player.

Best Ever Book

The RHP Jewel of Doom + The Ducks' Travels Continue

The Duck has left New York. Thank you St40.
And is now staying with kbear1k in Rhode Island.

The snow blizzard which hit the USA has hampered The Duck's visit to the
Blackstone Chess Club but Kbear has sent us a few snaps of The Duck playing
their daughters Duck at the snow. ...

The Duck in America + Richard Rapport

The Duck has sent us some pictures of his visit to America.
He is currently staying with ST40 who kindly took the pictures.

Here is The Duck with the Empire State Building in the background.

Empire Building

We Have a Checkmate With No Name

In 150869 64squaresofpain posted a good game that ended thus.

herrero - 64squaresofpain RHP 2013

23. Ra1 Qxb2 24. Na2 Bxd3+ 25. Kd1 Qc...

The Duck goes to America + The Sac Back Trap

As I write this The Duck is on his way to America.
He’s going to stay with ST40 for a while who will show him the sights.

There were tearful goodbyes in the Greenpawn household on the day I
packed him up and placed him in his box. Just look at those sad sad eyes.

Boxed Duck ...

RHP Christmas Quiz + Christmas Presents.

And so this is Christmas…

…and what presents did you get?

The challenge I set my mob this was something to do with Chess.
Not a chess book, not a chess set, not a chess a clock.

I got the usual men’s things....

Frank James Marshall

Frank Marshall


The Time Travelers Hat + Fat Lady's Birthday

An interesting post from Fat Lady in thread 149921
I’ll recap. This position was reached with White (Fat Lady) to play.

5R2/pp1q2rk/2np2pp/2p1p3/2B1P2Q/P2PP3/1PP3PP/6K1 w - - 0 22
White missed.


One Queen Beats Two Queens

A great man once wrote:

“One thing leads to another.”

I’ve no idea who it was. I used to know but one thing led to another
and I’ve forgotten, But who ever he was he was right. ...

Rook Blunders and Wonders

Hi Guys.

Been a while since this last blog, been very busy.
In a moment of bravado I set up a 53 board 1 day 3 day time bank
challenge simul. I was going to go for 100 board simul but I found
it an annoying pain to keep setting up a new challenge.
You can only have a max of 15 up at a time so I’d have to wait till
some games got started then set up more challenges...

Cooked Rooks and Queens Sacs

“I bet you some lad on here has fallen for that.”

These were my first thoughts when I saw this diagram….

Chewed Diagram


The 0% Trap + Snooker

There is nothing like a poorly played endgame to cheer me up.
To me it’s better than watching Bank Managers slip in the snow or seeing
your least favourite football team sliding down the league.

Witness daniv - lausey 9375715 slip and slide about on this one
to finally produce the first RHP 2012 Championship Stalemate of Rd.2.

First we take a peek at the start of the endgame where White wins a piece...

Queen Rosaline + Sharp Practise with the Duck

Love finding games on this site that seem to break all the rules.
We were talking on the Forum about the Pin Variation of the Sicilian
and I found this game.

Look at this position.

Fnugbatter - rosaline RHP 2005 ...

Grandmaster Questions

GM Poster


The MCO and the Brain Cell + RHP Ch Rd 2 Games

So when this position….

rnbqkbnr/ppp3pp/8/3p1p2/2PPp3/4PP2/PP4PP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq D5 0 1
…appeared in 148543 as I was clicking through the game
a wee bell rang in my brain.

That is a French Defence Advanced in reverse. ...

The Difference Between a Helpmate and a Selfmate

The Difference Between a Helpmate and a Selfmate

This was proffered as an example of a game where white decided to `selfmate` rather than just resign:


The Twopenny Trap

I thoroughly enjoy my daily game of chance with the No.27 bus.

This is the bright red bus that takes me to work and as I hate hanging
around bus stops I always leave it until the last possible moment to catch it.

The driver of the No.27 bus is a sadistic swine who I imagine keeps
a private tally of the potential passengers he has left panting at bus stops.
He waits until you are nearly there giving the impression he is waiting and then...

RHP Championship Rd2 + My Endgame Skill.

I am without any degree of uncertainty the worst end game player
in the Edinburgh Chess Club.

“Chandler is playing an ending.”

I would hear the whisper go around the club rooms
Those who had seen this before quickly agreed draws and left. ...

Solving the 'double whammy'

Actual conversation with a friend :When I retire, I might try to learn how to compose problems.

What kind are you making?

Oh, just mate in 2 or mate in 3s. I kinda like these Double Whammies too, they might be easier to create.

Oh, ok. #2/3 is a good place to start. But what is a `double whammy`? ...

Svetozar Gligoric (1923 - 2012)

Hello Again.

Chess players everywhere was saddened to hear that Svetozar Gligoric
had recently passed away. Those of us of an older generation will feel
that another chapter in our chess childhood has been closed.

There was a time when Gligoric’s name was mentioned in chess clubs
and whose game frequented every chess magazine as often as som...