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Recent Blog Updates

Recent Blog Updates


Veteran blogger greenpawn34 takes a look at some of the more interesting games played on the site.
Updated 14 Sep '14
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The insider news on RedHotPawn
Updated 14 Jul '10
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Posted 16 Sep '14 17:23 | Total Comments 1
"...pit of misery...." Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 03 Sep '14 14:26 | Total Comments 3
@Sigrun The 2014 edition has been updated to reflect the modern state of affairs. The previous one featured Kramnik as the XI...
Posted 03 Sep '14 12:33 | Total Comments 3
< from Wilhelm Steinitz to Magnus Carlsen> if its an old book, Carlsen can't be in it. :(
Posted 30 Aug '14 02:13 | Total Comments 2
Hi QD. Yup Black resigned. I was 50% wrong. Corrected.
Posted 29 Aug '14 20:36 | Total Comments 2
Excellent blog as always GP - in jockymckilt - mrdougie RHP 2007 I assume it was black who resigned, not white :-)
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RHP Championship 2012 Report 3 - The Stats

championship report 3


2012 RHP Championship - Report Two



2012 Championship. The First Win.

The Wall


10 Missed Checkmates + A Suicide King


So far we have had guys playing chess on icebergs and on glaciers,
pieces carved from snow and glowing green Knights photographed
down pot holes.

Shallow Blue has topped the lot. ...

The White Pawn and The Green Knight


See. I knew with a bit of shoving and nudging I could unearthed another
famous sculptor like Joe DiMaggio.

(He’s an idiot. He means Michael Angelo - Joe DiMaggio was a baseball player…….Russ)

Up to the plate. (I wonder why a baseball link just popped into my head.)…...

2012 RHP Championship + Birth of a Chess Book

RHP 2012


Submarines + The Greenhorn Opening Trap

I’m still looking for an RHP guy to build me a chess piece out of snow.
Living on a part of the planet that has no snow is ‘snow’ excuse.
Build me a chess piece out of sand.

chess piece of sand


Loads of Festive Fun - Christmas Blunders

Opening Title


The Mystery of the Missing Chess Piece

Robin Johnson 529324 made two recent mistakes.

During an OTB league game v Frank O’Donnell played a few weeks ago,
his opponent, by accident or design (it matters not), placed a captured
Bishop behind the game clock.

Robin (white) looked at what was off the board, thought he was a
piece up and played a faulty combo...
The curse of Planet Greenpawn.

Remember this bit of spoofing from a few blogs ago:

“Global warming has dried up the River Floogle which used to flow into the Forth
so the water level of the Forth has fallen and now everytime there is a low tide
you can see these unexploded WWII bombs laying about all over the beach.” ...

The Baltic Trap + When h-pawns Dream

RHP lad davaniel paid a visit to Tallinn in Estonia.

Bored, he took a stroll along the Baltic coast when suddenly the brisk sea
air reminded him of the RHP blog.

Off he rushed to the local toy shop and bought a magnetic Chess Set
and set up the Baltic opening. 1.d4 d5 2.c4 Bf5 ...

Halloween Tricks and Treats

Alexandra Kosteniuk


The Assassin Pawn

Nimzo5 answered my plea for any pictures of you playing Chess.
Here he is playing Spassky in a simultaneous display.

Spassky v Nimzo


Zeno the Rat + 8 Knights a Mating.

Zeno is a Rat.

Not 280120 I’m talking about Zeno the Rat.


It obvious you have not read ‘The Chessplayers’ by Charles L. Harness.
The story takes place in the K Street Chess Club and one of the member...

Five Books and a Film Review + Chess Spotting


I have decided that I want pictures of chess players playing chess
at a railway station. I’ll start.


Doodles + The Queen Fork Trick + The Hammersmith


There were 18 air raids on the Forth Rail Bridge in WWII.
Over 200 bombs were dropped and none hit the bridge.
All fell into the sea and according to eye witnesses not one exploded
when it hit the water. There was just a splash, nothing more.

Global warming has dried up the River Floogle which used to flow into the Fort...

My Most Treasured Chess Possesion + Hook Mates.

This is it. A chewing gum card.

Bobby Fischer


Blackburne's Mate + A Chess Book in Two Languages

The USSR -v- The Rest of the World 1970.

Historic match. Fischer stepped down and played board 2 to Larsen.
Larsen loses that famous1.b3 game to Spassky.

The result was USSR 20½ Rest of The World 19½

A lot closer than people anticipated...

Sitting on an Iceberg playing the Icelandic Gambit.

Another Red Hot Pawn chappie has answered the call.

Quest 16 involved RHP players going to precarious places to play
a particular opening with the same name.

TimmyBx Went up Mount Evans to play the Evans Gambit.

Up to the plate steps morgski 227024 who together with his sister...

Mating Patterns and....More Mating Patterns

Tom Tom 256028 or to give him his Sunday name Thomas Thomas,
started a thread on Mating Patterns 141622

Mating Patterns (MP’s) are certain positions known to all strong players
to aid them in producing checkmating combinations.

Some say they are over-rated, others swear by them. I am of the latter camp.
Anything that can help you in spotting a shot must be worth a look...

Comical Observations + 2½ smashing OTB games.

The Edinburgh Festival. is now entering it’s 3rd and final week.
Thank God.

You spend the first 7 months looking forward to it and when it
finally arrives you wish it was all over.

My work place gets loads and loads of freebie ticket.
During the first week the squabbling for the tickets can breaks up...

ESP + Pawn Races + Drufus the Mad Hermit

Fat Lady pointed this out to me.

It’s an item from the Weekly World News June 9th 1998.

World Weekly News

Weekly News ...

Exchange Sacs in The Sicilian + The Ascent of Mount Evans

And then I saw the title of this thread...

"Playing chess on top of Mt. Evans CO yesterday, 14,265 ft elevation"

....posted on the Chess Forum posted by TimmyBx 351818
with a link to the tale of his conquest.

At last a real man who plays Chess....

Pseudo Queen Sacs + A RHP Missed Brilliancy

Pick a Book…Any Book.

A book about horses


50th RHP Blog + A Day in the Museum + Unusual Openings

This is my 50th. Red Hot Pawn Blog.
Happy 50th


London 1883 + The RHP Black Museum

my wee cartoon


Jig-saws + 1001 minus-1 Brilliant Checkmates

An idiot, I’ve no idea who, bought me a Beatles jigsaw for Fathers Day.
I open the box and find some dopey clot had torn up the picture….

The Rolling Stones


Philidor Con+Reinfeld+Murphy+Morphy+A Competition


Everyone of them. Liars. (and they owe me £1.99 ).

Philidor did this, Philidor said that, Philidor done this….
…it’s all lies.

I can find no game of Phildor playing the Philidor Defence...

Heroes + Morphing Morphy + Fried Liver + Knight Mates.


‘No More Heroes Anymore’ sang The Clash and this week…

(It was the Stranglers………..Russ)

‘No More Heroes Anymore’ sang a 70’s punk rock band
and this week I set out to prove them wrong...

Meet Ups (and Meet Missed Mates)

I have always thought the Byrds version of Mr Tambourine Man
was wimpy and sickly compared to the raw gutsy Dylan original.

And I was thinking these very thoughts when I logged onto
RHP and saw this: 139945

Tom Tom ...