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Marcel Duchamp and Spiderman

Hi Happy New Year. I’ve got the first issue of this.

The Cover

A wave of chess nerd envy is sweeping across the planet and it’s all aimed at me. With it came this.

Spiderman ...

A Christmas Detective Story


So for your Christmas treat I have some more.

Rook Endings

(aw greenpawn give us a break. That will be three weeks on the trot………Russ) ...

More Rook Endings the RHP way + The Simpsons

Picked up one of these for £2.00 at a Charity Shop.

Simpson Set
A Simpson Chess Set, it’s hideous, I hate novelty chess sets.
I’ll wrap it up and give it to my son-in-law for Christmas.
He hates Chess and he hates the Simpsons.
(he hates the Simpson’s because he looks like and gets called Ned Flanders.)
green ba...

Rook Endings

I’m still reading this.

A Book

So this week’s Blog is…

Rooks in Brick ...

The Book That Came Out 40 Years Too Late.

I’ve got this.

The Endgame Book

And it’s good.
It came out 40 years too late to do me any real good but as a
chess book it crosses all the t’s and dots all the i’s.
Instructive with some well chosen examples and a nice touch of humour...

Plachutta Power!

Plachutta Power!

An Interference Theme
Interference is a popular motif in chess composition; it's popular enough that we have named several different forms of it. Here's how this one works.

Say you have two pieces guarding two key squares...

The Duck in Africa + Is Castling Good? + GM Mates?

The Duck arrived South Africa and is being looked after by Tygert

Here is a picture of the package finally arriving.

The Duck Package

On the back the re-wrapping done by the South African Customs thinkin...

"But.....It's Mate In One" + An opening idea v The English.


I was of course going to show you pictures of The Duck but
he appears to have got himself lost somewhere between Vietnam and South Africa.

So here is a picture of me without The Duck.

Me with no duc...

The Pinned Knight. + Lemons


Touchdown by Gerrard Oswald


The title says it all. Today it’s them tomorrow it’s you…. ...

Beware the Lone Bishop

Widget put up this picture of the In Vino Veritas Clan.

In Vino Veritas Clan

Wiget Adds:

"drdon, widget, coquette & KJCavalier... all of the other munchkins couldn't make it... ...

Updated Master Chess with RHP Games


Someone said I should mention Clans in the blog.
As I am not a member of any clan (I’ve seen the Clan Forum) I never felt the need.

However I do have a picture of a 'Caro-Kann Defence Lovers' meet up.

The Caro-Kann Defence Lover...

Trick, Trap or Tragedy

Does anybody know what has happened to The Duck. I’ve lost it.

I know it went south for the Winter but it appears to have disappeared.

Do ducks home like pigeons do?

The RHP 2013 Championship Stats Fantastic (last blog stats in brackets) ...

Common RHP Blunders + Another Vid

Let us catch up with The RHP 2013 Championship statistics. (last blog stats in brackets)

Games in the Championship 5430

White wins so far 1901 (1422)
Black wins so far 1753 (1285)
Draws = 126 (78) 4% of all games finished so far! ...

RHP Lesson No.179 (The DVD)


Five games and a link to an RHP YouTube Video.

So let us start of with:

marikinaboy (1711) - Zugswangzuks (1618) RHP Ch. .2013 ...

Blondie, Phobias and Daft Knights

Me and Mrs Greenpawn saw Blondie.

Blondie Ticket


Let's Stay in Touch on Social Networks!

no title

Hi! I just wanted to let you know how we can communicate on all sorts of social networks. Don't talk to impostors! ;-)

My official accounts:
Facebook: Account 1, Account 2, Account ...

Duck's In Thailand + Ernie is Back + The Pearl of Pins

The Duck arrived safe and sound in Thailand and is staying with Mikelom.
Mike took The Duck around the market place near his village.

The Duck
Here he is amongst the fruit and veg.

Duck in Thailan...

Borislav Ivanov + RHP Championship Games

Borislav Ivanov


RHP 2013 Championship + The Blunder Bird

The Green Pawn


Luck and the Duck + Drunken Knights

The Duck spent a few days in Oregon with Kareemelbadry and was actually
a spectator at the Maryland Chess Congress.

The Duck onboard


The Duck at Yale + Traps in the Sicilian

The Duck has left Mexico and Canada and is back in the USA
staying with Kareemelbadry.

Here he is with a bust of Bobby Fischer…

The Duck and Fischer ...

What Happened Next? (Disasters from RHP)

Green Pawn

Part one of the photos shoot

Typical strip chess outfit

Me & a chess king

Brutal ...

The Diamond of Despair + Mate Bait + The Duck in Mexico

The Duck is currently with Smitty Time in Alberta (Canada.)
Smitty has sent a picture of The Duck sitting on a frozen bird bath.

The Duck Ice Bathing


The RHP 1000-1 shot + The Two Knights

This book got a recent mention in the Chess Forum.

Two Knights Book


The Best Ever Chess Book + Duck + Roma's Leagacy + Misery

”It’s the best thing since sliced bread.”
(I wonder people said before bread was sold sliced?)

This book will revolutionise the game and it’s a must buy for every chess player.

Best Ever Book

The RHP Jewel of Doom + The Ducks' Travels Continue

The Duck has left New York. Thank you St40.
And is now staying with kbear1k in Rhode Island.

The snow blizzard which hit the USA has hampered The Duck's visit to the
Blackstone Chess Club but Kbear has sent us a few snaps of The Duck playing
their daughters Duck at the snow. ...

The Duck in America + Richard Rapport

The Duck has sent us some pictures of his visit to America.
He is currently staying with ST40 who kindly took the pictures.

Here is The Duck with the Empire State Building in the background.

Empire Building

We Have a Checkmate With No Name

In 150869 64squaresofpain posted a good game that ended thus.

herrero - 64squaresofpain RHP 2013

23. Ra1 Qxb2 24. Na2 Bxd3+ 25. Kd1 Qc...

The Duck goes to America + The Sac Back Trap

As I write this The Duck is on his way to America.
He’s going to stay with ST40 for a while who will show him the sights.

There were tearful goodbyes in the Greenpawn household on the day I
packed him up and placed him in his box. Just look at those sad sad eyes.

Boxed Duck ...


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