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  1. Subscriber vandervelde
    farting chess player
    28 Mar '12 21:31
    This game has just been finished, 3+5
    Full of mutual blunders.
    I was Black and played opening feeble, and I made at least two blunders
    7. ... Bg4 &I should have castled, not giving White chance to check my
    14. Ng4 was extraordinary idiotic, becaues White could have won my Bishop on e7 in 16th move, but then White begins to make series of blunders

    so... lucky win. Typical cowboy-blitz ...

  2. Subscriber vandervelde
    farting chess player
    31 Mar '12 21:19
    A Rook in the trap.

    With first circa 30 moves I am not happy. I played like a nun eho had a couple of gin-n-tonic and now dreams of Brad Pitt. But, tehn, Black played 34. ... Rh2? And I catched it.

  3. Subscriber vandervelde
    farting chess player
    03 Apr '12 21:22
    Blitz 5+4

  4. Subscriber vandervelde
    farting chess player
    09 Apr '12 22:48
  5. Subscriber vandervelde
    farting chess player
    15 Apr '12 23:25 / 1 edit
    I just won a Blitz game against the subscriber who by the way says in his/her profile

    All of those who regularly play chess are invariably socially retarded... (Please subscribe and support this wonderful site)

    It's probably right, not only for chess players but also for avid readers, philatelists, green berets and film freaks.

    And, during the game,
    we had the following dialogue
    /I am not revealing his/her name/

    funny subscriber : i would like to read a heavy novel to you x

    funny subscriber : xxx

    vandervelde : John Updike?

    funny subscriber: i want to be up your dyke x

    funny subscriber: we can be so good together x

    funny subscriber: don't go all shy on me now, vandervelde x
    vandervelde : Bukowski then?

    And here is the game, me Black he White

  6. 16 Apr '12 07:17
    why do you keep posting all these patzerish blitz games?
  7. Subscriber vandervelde
    farting chess player
    16 Apr '12 13:44 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by plopzilla
    why do you keep posting all these patzerish blitz games?
    Because it's (only) blitz; patzerish moves in blitz are always charming (like dirty existentialists or drunk poets in Greenwich Village), and in each blitz-oversight there is a glimpse of talented insight (just like with mistakes in zeitnot).

    edit: I've seen more patzerish (and note even blitz) games here, so I don't want to look conspicuous... (here's missing certain smile )
  8. Subscriber vandervelde
    farting chess player
    07 May '12 13:48 / 1 edit
    funny chat last nhhgt during a blitz

    funny subscriber : Dutch?
    vandervelde : Serbian
    funny subscriber : ah
    funny subscriber: Chetnik?
    funny subscriber: heh heh
    vandervelde : Titoist Yugoslav
    funny subscriber: oh Tito was a communist, right?
    vandervelde : yep
    funny subscriber: So Communism was/is good?
    vandervelde : nice nostalgy
    funny subscriber: sadly it doesnt/didnt work...

    About the game... poor play by both sides, but interesting enough for a blitz (2+5) game

  9. Subscriber vandervelde
    farting chess player
    17 May '12 23:32
  10. Subscriber vandervelde
    farting chess player
    17 May '12 23:44