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Obamacare Recreates the First Estate16711 Jan '14 22:53Eladarno1marauder
The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government1411 Jan '14 21:59robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Scandal with Chris Christie2011 Jan '14 20:00whodeynormbenign
Juggling the figures511 Jan '14 09:13bill718KazetNagorra
Forbes Best Governments3010 Jan '14 20:50JS357JS357
Obama Tax Rate Near Romney's2310 Jan '14 02:24sasquatch672sasquatch672
Obamacare Sucker Punches Middle Class7909 Jan '14 12:06EladarWajoma
Poverty Reaches Fifty-Year High Under Obama1709 Jan '14 10:14sasquatch672KazetNagorra
America the Grumpy709 Jan '14 01:41bill718empovsun
US Ranks Number 1 in Life Expectancy3408 Jan '14 17:28Eladarnormbenign
Senator Sues Over Obamacare708 Jan '14 03:40sasquatch672whodey
Environmental Elite Leo DiCaprio In Space108 Jan '14 01:56sasquatch672sasquatch672
25 Most Failed States List1108 Jan '14 00:06KilgoreTrout15Trev33
Man of the year award2907 Jan '14 20:40whodeyKazetNagorra
US Government going into business?1606 Jan '14 20:54Eladarno1marauder
"Facebook Sued for Allegedly Intercepting..."1305 Jan '14 15:01Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Getting it right1005 Jan '14 14:56bill718dryhump
Democrats getting dumber?1105 Jan '14 11:31whodeyempovsun
Republicans Getting Dumber?9904 Jan '14 22:06no1marauderwhodey
2013 Winners & Losers1704 Jan '14 10:37Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Forced cannibalism1003 Jan '14 14:27Trev33Ponderable
World impact of Jesus4802 Jan '14 22:29whodeyrobbie carrobie
Lee Rigby's Killers6502 Jan '14 07:50KilgoreTrout15AThousandYoung
Nation wide clean up effort602 Jan '14 05:57bill718karnachz
Goodbye to all that902 Jan '14 01:53TeinosukeTeinosuke
Receive Public Assistance have your Assets take...901 Jan '14 17:29EladarEladar
Obamacare: Your Estate now goes to the governme...6001 Jan '14 17:23EladarEladar
Answered prayers4601 Jan '14 11:24Teinosukekarnachz
Flaming tomato awards2101 Jan '14 10:29dryhumpTeinosuke
Obama: Destroy Jesus401 Jan '14 10:28JS357Teinosuke