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Trans-Pacific Partnership2822 Nov '13 13:19DanTriolaKazetNagorra
50 - 100 Million Insurance Cancellations Coming2321 Nov '13 22:55sasquatch672sasquatch672
Sebelius Can't Explain $2B In Obamacare Loans321 Nov '13 16:00sasquatch672sh76
Greatest Blather3221 Nov '13 14:38rwingettrwingett
Seattle elects socialist candidate4220 Nov '13 23:33utherpendragonAThousandYoung
The Eleven Nations of America16420 Nov '13 23:28JS357AThousandYoung
What's worse ....?6720 Nov '13 22:42SleepyguySoothfast
US gaol population!!920 Nov '13 02:24wolfgang59DanTriola
Conspiracy Theories3419 Nov '13 21:42JS357normbenign
Rob Ford for president819 Nov '13 17:59whodeyAThousandYoung
Liar in Chief?119 Nov '13 16:26EladarEladar
Government fakes unemployment rates219 Nov '13 16:13whodeyEladar
Universities Cancelling Student Health Plans...319 Nov '13 05:49sasquatch672sasquatch672
House refuses to apologize319 Nov '13 02:29whodeywhodey
What would it take to impeach the President?1519 Nov '13 02:19whodeywhodey
Obama Bypassing His Own Law219 Nov '13 01:50sasquatch672whodey
'Panicking' Families Brace for Cuts in Food Sta...18619 Nov '13 01:40moon1969normbenign
Misuse of the Power of Government6018 Nov '13 21:53Eladarjoe beyser
I did not know this about Japan1918 Nov '13 20:51whodeyjoe beyser
Obama Administration admits ACA increases rates1117 Nov '13 20:23Eladarwhodey
Obamacar?1017 Nov '13 03:34whodeywhodey
The End Of Liberalism?5616 Nov '13 15:05sasquatch672sasquatch672
Single payer system916 Nov '13 00:37whodeywhodey
The dam is beginning to break3515 Nov '13 20:33whodeySoothfast
Can the President?2015 Nov '13 12:37KellyJayKilgoreTrout15
I hope someone is listening...4415 Nov '13 04:27bill718normbenign
The Affordable Care Act Benefits2314 Nov '13 23:38bill718KilgoreTrout15
A Population's Health: which is more important...5614 Nov '13 15:43EladarEladar
Capitalist hero3514 Nov '13 07:20rwingettjoe beyser
Bill Clinton: Obama "Should Honor The Commitmen...1714 Nov '13 03:44sh76Duchess64