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Crime and Punishment5028 Jan '14 22:43Duchess64Duchess64
AZ Republican party censures McCain528 Jan '14 18:14bill718AThousandYoung
Dead but Baby Luggage in Texas7628 Jan '14 07:13no1marauderJS357
Is prison?7027 Jan '14 23:02whodeynormbenign
This Man Should Be President Of The World5026 Jan '14 20:57KilgoreTrout15phil3000
Europe Abandons Climate Goals For Fracking1226 Jan '14 20:20sasquatch672bill718
Ano326 Jan '14 02:17AThousandYoungbill718
Anglo American Platinum in South Africa425 Jan '14 14:48AThousandYoungKilgoreTrout15
Olympics in Sochi and the Circassian Genocide924 Jan '14 20:05Duchess64Duchess64
Mid term Prediction723 Jan '14 23:44bill718JS357
Hahaha Britain sucks now too5323 Jan '14 23:36KilgoreTrout15AThousandYoung
Chivalry, Justice, and God's Judgment3723 Jan '14 06:10Duchess64AThousandYoung
Back a Conservative get Fired3422 Jan '14 13:55Eladarno1marauder
Obama endorses smoking pot2022 Jan '14 00:35whodeywhodey
Untried execution drugs4521 Jan '14 20:56wolfgang59mwmiller
Obama's BBQ121 Jan '14 17:38ZahlanziZahlanzi
If Ron Paul was president1021 Jan '14 15:03vivifyrobbie carrobie
Guns in Theaters1121 Jan '14 04:17no1marauderDuchess64
Utah Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional35421 Jan '14 01:29no1marauderrobbie carrobie
What about the women?3020 Jan '14 16:33bill718KazetNagorra
The overhauling of straight america20120 Jan '14 07:48robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Dress Codes in Restaurants2919 Jan '14 22:35Duchess64Duchess64
In case there is any doubt...918 Jan '14 22:57JS357JS357
Global warming = prostitution1218 Jan '14 00:36whodeywhodey
Prejudice and Individual Exceptions1017 Jan '14 19:01Duchess64Duchess64
American Diplomat Abused His Position216 Jan '14 23:10KilgoreTrout15KilgoreTrout15
Scientists' Favourite Jokes7016 Jan '14 12:08Duchess64Ponderable
Hope and change916 Jan '14 11:24whodeywhodey
Christians Killing Muslims In Africa !416 Jan '14 07:54KilgoreTrout15AThousandYoung
What ISN'T said about ObamaCare on this site14316 Jan '14 07:49Zahlanzikarnachz