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WMD's3220 Oct '14 23:04QuarlEladar
Democrats walk out on Obama920 Oct '14 17:29whodeywhodey
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The Whiteness Project Will Make You Wince (arti...2319 Oct '14 08:42Duchess64phil3000
Jihad and Ebola6018 Oct '14 19:07whodeyDuchess64
President Obama's credit card declined318 Oct '14 03:25whodeyTheBloop
Gwenyth Paltrow holds fund raiser for Obama918 Oct '14 00:51whodeyjoe beyser
Same-Sex Marriage Is Now Legal For A Majority O...17817 Oct '14 03:57sh76Wajoma
How I Stopped Being a Jew (book)9216 Oct '14 18:44Duchess64Duchess64
War on High School History Classes is Dumb (art...214 Oct '14 19:54Duchess64finnegan
More people hurt by the ACA than helped6114 Oct '14 17:56sh76normbenign
Syrian rebels, ISIL non-aggression pact2514 Oct '14 17:52Metal BrainRJHinds
former Netherlands Army soldier trains jihadist...214 Oct '14 15:13robbie carrobieAThousandYoung
Free housing for the homeless2013 Oct '14 22:07ZahlanziPhranny
More scandals for Obama711 Oct '14 21:46whodeyZahlanzi
Is Obama betraying the Kurds?3511 Oct '14 19:21Metal BrainMetal Brain
Rats are fleeing the sinking ship1011 Oct '14 00:56whodeywhodey
More climate change propaganda13810 Oct '14 06:15whodeytwhitehead
Is Obama asleep at the wheel?1309 Oct '14 23:30Hugh Glassnormbenign
Eric Holder the next Supreme Court Justice1209 Oct '14 04:26moon1969Hugh Glass