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Does Israel have a right to exist?22512 Sep '13 15:17Tygertempovsun
Moderates Leave Republican Party?7912 Sep '13 12:36moon1969moon1969
torture victims to pay US contractors judge rul...1811 Sep '13 15:37empovsune4chris
We Should Intervene in Syria15311 Sep '13 14:23moon1969e4chris
September 11, 2001211 Sep '13 14:07SleepyguyBosse de Nage
Employers Cutting Workers to 29 1/2 Hours to Av...3211 Sep '13 04:28EladarSoothfast
The NSA's Next Move: Silencing University Profe...711 Sep '13 03:34Duchess64whodey
Obama is Wrong2010 Sep '13 19:15bill718AThousandYoung
Embarrassment to higher education6310 Sep '13 14:11whodeyKilgoreTrout15
Civil War in Syria1809 Sep '13 13:11Duchess64Bosse de Nage
Progressive lingo908 Sep '13 01:57whodeywhodey
Edward Snowden Eaten By Bear!407 Sep '13 00:00e4chrise4chris
The Redcoats are back!!!1606 Sep '13 16:05AThousandYoungphil3000
A bipartisian effort is better806 Sep '13 14:58bill718Eladar
Economics 1012605 Sep '13 22:19wolfgang59normbenign
Saudi involvement with chemical weapons?605 Sep '13 15:25whodeyEladar
Quote from Benjamin Franklin2105 Sep '13 15:21whodeyEladar
Badger Cull !?704 Sep '13 03:46e4chrisAThousandYoung
Sometimes we forget603 Sep '13 20:38bill718PsychoPawn
Outside Intervention in Syria10503 Sep '13 17:21AThousandYoungAThousandYoung
Perhaps Putin is correct2903 Sep '13 17:07bill718AThousandYoung
Obama Gonna Use Force In Syria4902 Sep '13 13:07KilgoreTrout15Metal Brain
Passport Identity.4602 Sep '13 04:40johnnylongwoodykevcvs57
Advertising Fraud3802 Sep '13 01:56e4chrisDeepThought
Netherlands Belong to the Spanish201 Sep '13 06:47AThousandYoungKazetNagorra
NC voter suppression law passed by Republicans4031 Aug '13 23:00moon1969AThousandYoung
Was Reagan a True Conservative?131 Aug '13 22:17moon1969moon1969
Social engineering13831 Aug '13 19:36whodeystellspalfie
I'm Gonna Start Smoking1831 Aug '13 03:13KilgoreTrout15joe beyser
The Liberty Amendments8030 Aug '13 21:50whodeynormbenign