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Why?4531 Oct '13 19:28whodeynormbenign
European Right and Left vs American Right and L...8531 Oct '13 16:42EladarEladar
When Affordable Care isn't Affordable2631 Oct '13 16:35EladarEladar
"Cancellation" Letters (to be ACA compliant)331 Oct '13 02:35moon1969moon1969
The Complete List of Barack Obama’s ...10031 Oct '13 00:30utherpendragonjoe beyser
Sandy Hook school demolished10431 Oct '13 00:28Trev33joe beyser
What is a Republican?830 Oct '13 17:16moon1969moon1969
Demographics730 Oct '13 15:27moon1969moon1969
The cost of doing business?530 Oct '13 15:05bill718rwingett
Who is in charge?1430 Oct '13 15:00KellyJaybill718
The cost being one war behind530 Oct '13 09:14bill718moon1969
Obamacare becoming more popular2530 Oct '13 09:06bill718moon1969
Russell Brand4729 Oct '13 21:42rwingettnormbenign
"Tollboothing" as Moneyraising Scheme1629 Oct '13 02:01JS357normbenign
What if......2729 Oct '13 00:56whodeynormbenign
Obama And Accountability4628 Oct '13 22:37sasquatch672sasquatch672
US drone strikes are war crimes9128 Oct '13 01:09Metal Brainnormbenign
Fair Share18628 Oct '13 00:57KellyJaynormbenign
Vitali Klitschko to run for President of Ukrain...1126 Oct '13 22:45sh76AThousandYoung
Clergy urge defeat of immigration enforcement p...926 Oct '13 13:54moon1969sasquatch672
Power Corrupts5026 Oct '13 12:14Eladartwhitehead
"The Tytler Cycle Revisited by John Eberhard"1226 Oct '13 11:07Grampy BobbyKazetNagorra
90.5 Million Out Of Labor Force826 Oct '13 07:38utherpendragontwhitehead
Are most religious republicans more unethical?1025 Oct '13 23:55Metal Brainnormbenign
HR39622025 Oct '13 23:03whodeynormbenign
ACA (Obamacare) Premiums325 Oct '13 21:56moon1969moon1969
America Spying on European Leaders125 Oct '13 21:46e4chrise4chris
Majority favor ACA or say ACA not enough225 Oct '13 14:19moon1969moon1969
America Is Run by Morons2824 Oct '13 16:56KilgoreTrout15AThousandYoung
Brunei announces tough new code of Islamic law2524 Oct '13 14:30sh76e4chris