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Memorial day6928 May '14 17:37whodeyAThousandYoung
The Georgia Guidestones1728 May '14 01:28sasquatch672Duchess64
Mass shooting in Santa Barbara11328 May '14 01:22whodeyDuchess64
1 of the reasons college education should be fr...7828 May '14 01:00Zahlanzinormbenign
"Why Women Are Hooked on Violent Crime Fiction"...2328 May '14 00:43Duchess64vivify
honestly are you a racist5028 May '14 00:19redbaronsDuchess64
Obama, Democrats, and the NSA127 May '14 19:20sasquatch672sasquatch672
Clinton Kicks the Crap out of Fox News627 May '14 07:48ZahlanziZahlanzi
Court creates loopholes in 2nd and 4th amendmen...927 May '14 01:16normbenignnormbenign
America the "Unhappy"2926 May '14 17:53bill718Krod Mandoon
What Broke Washington1126 May '14 14:24sasquatch672normbenign
Narendra Modi and the New Face of India (articl...6026 May '14 03:41Duchess64AThousandYoung
Doc Martin526 May '14 00:37Krod MandoonKrod Mandoon
Obama's Immigration Reform-What Criminals?925 May '14 02:00EladarEladar
40 veterens die waiting for health care9625 May '14 01:59whodeyEladar
National Collegiate Debate Championship Winners2224 May '14 23:09Krod MandoonKrod Mandoon
A Liberal Explains The VA Scandal624 May '14 17:37sasquatch672sasquatch672
'The Birth of a Eurasian Century' (article)1224 May '14 00:17Duchess64Soothfast
The war on public opinion5823 May '14 14:24whodeyWajoma
The Tax System Explained in Beer12023 May '14 13:20vivifynormbenign
My Adventure With Socialized Health Care1123 May '14 08:28KazetNagorraZahlanzi
Economics is like a lobotomy8822 May '14 23:52finneganfinnegan
The corporate execution of innovation2021 May '14 02:22divegeesterdivegeester
Why the GOP cannot defeat Hillary1620 May '14 13:01bill718normbenign
Opportunity Cost as Expressed in a Railway Time...720 May '14 12:25Duchess64normbenign
Space is a Russian Lake1619 May '14 02:17AThousandYoungnormbenign
Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs3018 May '14 17:52normbenignnormbenign
What Type of Control Freak Are You3318 May '14 01:19Wajomawhodey
"Whatever Gerry Adam's Past, Peace Takes Preced...10717 May '14 19:54Duchess64Duchess64
Commercials for Obamacare617 May '14 18:33whodeynormbenign