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Net Neutrality -Why No FCC Appeal Yet?328 Feb '14 13:15JS357JS357
Uganda bill to kill gays928 Feb '14 08:17whodeyredbarons
Arizona's new anti-gay law928 Feb '14 08:00RBHILLredbarons
Knockout Game22828 Feb '14 01:20sasquatch672normbenign
Parrots827 Feb '14 20:21whodeyAThousandYoung
Yet another blow to women's rights5025 Feb '14 22:45Tabitha MarshallDuchess64
Bill Moyers/Moyers & Company725 Feb '14 16:12JS357bill718
The Russians need to get a grip2223 Feb '14 21:13sh76Duchess64
Obamacare and Executive Orders3723 Feb '14 19:36whodeyEladar
Press freedom rankings1123 Feb '14 18:44whodeywhodey
Republicans for Big Government8123 Feb '14 13:40no1marauderwhodey
Obama Team Brilliant Political Maneuver3022 Feb '14 08:36techsouthKazetNagorra
A tribute to Noam Chomsky1521 Feb '14 21:52Tabitha Marshallnormbenign
Hillary 2016!!3521 Feb '14 21:23whodeynormbenign
Must-See Movie List2120 Feb '14 15:33sasquatch672Ponderable
The Emerald Forest John Boorhman320 Feb '14 13:07twohybridPonderable
Obamacare = Second Class Citizen819 Feb '14 19:05EladarJS357
Galileo effect1018 Feb '14 17:47whodeySMesq
The end of snow?2618 Feb '14 16:06sh76whodey
Obama's War On Work1017 Feb '14 15:08sasquatch672KazetNagorra
The Anti-Federalist Papers1117 Feb '14 14:29whodeyno1marauder