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Federal land, is there a limit?14121 Apr '14 22:35Eladarnormbenign
My Adventure with the ACA26121 Apr '14 21:55caissad4normbenign
Unions Threaten War With Dems Over Keystone XL320 Apr '14 16:18sasquatch672sasquatch672
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The Problem with UWV416 Apr '14 20:08EladarEladar
Harry Reid's personal Army- BLM416 Apr '14 19:25Eladarwhodey
Obama's chilling effect316 Apr '14 02:44whodeywhodey
"An Insurance Company With An Army"2316 Apr '14 01:29Grampy Bobbynormbenign
Irish leader pays homage16015 Apr '14 21:28AThousandYoungfinnegan
Oscar H.315 Apr '14 20:22RBHILLDuchess64
Number of uninsured people dropping2315 Apr '14 20:16bill718normbenign
April 15th815 Apr '14 03:11whodeybill718
Missing Malaysian Airliner8014 Apr '14 17:52steve45normbenign
And now, some good news.1413 Apr '14 21:41bill718JS357
Is Government too Intrusive?4813 Apr '14 16:48normbenignnormbenign
Where do you go for news?4113 Apr '14 16:42JS357normbenign
Startup-NY2613 Apr '14 16:23sh76whodey
MH-370, a conspiracy theory513 Apr '14 12:53ptriple42whodey
Hobby Lobby Investments4911 Apr '14 23:49JS357normbenign
Texas10111 Apr '14 23:28sh76normbenign
Alvin Holmes111 Apr '14 11:08whodeywhodey
Courts Legislate6710 Apr '14 22:00normbenignnormbenign
Act of love2010 Apr '14 21:03whodeynormbenign
10 states most dependent on Federal Government1410 Apr '14 18:56bill718normbenign
The great state of California609 Apr '14 19:09RBHILLAThousandYoung
GM strikes again!!1609 Apr '14 00:10whodeywhodey
SCOTUS opens the tap for campaign contributions...3608 Apr '14 21:52JS357normbenign
The Federal Reserve of the United States6808 Apr '14 21:23sasquatch672normbenign
Jim Moran707 Apr '14 23:56whodeynormbenign