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New UI Support Thread11219 Jun '15 18:03RussFlower04
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Help with phone getting game list.116 Jun '15 23:37sonhousesonhouse
How do I find blitz on a phone?216 Jun '15 22:32vivifyvivify
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Hiding games413 Jun '15 18:48FlyingWolfFlyingWolf
test1912 Jun '15 16:25vanderveldeFlyingWolf
My Settings?609 Jun '15 14:06John OsmarRuss
Wait This Game takes me to a different game503 Jun '15 10:31BaronVonChickenpantsBaronVonChickenpants
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Where are the site notes now?631 May '15 21:48TheSurgeonTheSurgeon
banner writing, warning630 May '15 18:23blinky100blinky100