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I've just been called a turd1425 Nov '14 11:06SeitseFMF
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Catcalling7724 Nov '14 23:43SeitseSeitse
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Whisky Foxtrot Tango4224 Nov '14 12:33coquetteHandyAndy
Predictions for 201417324 Nov '14 02:18Grampy Bobbylemon lime
Banned3624 Nov '14 01:50johnnylongwoodySuzianne
Magnus Carlsen is, in reality, a girl1023 Nov '14 19:30SeitsePonderable
Travel 14/151623 Nov '14 18:51Trev33Trev33
Help - I'm being stalked1723 Nov '14 11:31Sicilian Sausageredbadger
I am going through a severe depression6723 Nov '14 11:29Seitseredbadger
Punch me in the nose622 Nov '14 09:37SeitseSeitse
i want a bidet...1221 Nov '14 19:55rookie54ChessPraxis
Sites that send cookies:821 Nov '14 19:53sonhouseChessPraxis
Important update921 Nov '14 17:57dottewelldottewell
Nanostalgia1721 Nov '14 15:10NoEarthlyReasonPonderable
Are we living and dying entangled particles?2120 Nov '14 21:37SeitseSeitse