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Life philosophy8401 Apr '15 07:24lolofPonderable
Clan members1801 Apr '15 05:35MUNGAAPonderable
this has nothing to do with anything1801 Apr '15 05:02coquetteJS357
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The pointlessness of life4031 Mar '15 12:53SeitseGreat Big Stees
Sticky Thread Game912131 Mar '15 12:27Ice ColdGreat Big Stees
Puns for educated minds5631 Mar '15 04:55QuarlGrampy Bobby
Would you buy these?1931 Mar '15 00:46Great Big SteesGrampy Bobby
"Some people are hated just because..."2330 Mar '15 23:19Grampy BobbyChessPraxis
Would you bite these?630 Mar '15 20:38SeitseSeitse
So, I've applied to 79 jobs...1930 Mar '15 20:37SeitseSeitse
What are you playing?1730 Mar '15 20:15NoEarthlyReasonThe Gravedigger
Beware530 Mar '15 14:18justmikeTrev33