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Number theory help needed1329 Jan '15 07:32adam warlockadam warlock
Lasers used to make stuff hydrophobic:928 Jan '15 21:45sonhousegooglefudge
2014 hottest year for at least the last 135 yea...12828 Jan '15 21:30humyhumy
Laser quantum dots made by a jet printer!:128 Jan '15 11:36sonhousesonhouse
Chemistry question1228 Jan '15 08:05robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Speed of light slowed1127 Jan '15 20:03blunderdogblunderdog
Darwin's Contribution2225 Jan '15 10:43catstormhumy
XRay retrieval of lost scrolls of Herculaneum221 Jan '15 18:27DeepThoughtsonhouse
Alternative theory to dark energy1821 Jan '15 17:09humysonhouse
Ceres up close221 Jan '15 11:57blunderdogsonhouse
Nerve transmissions may involve sound waves:420 Jan '15 18:33sonhousesonhouse
Conductive plastic for 3D printers:619 Jan '15 00:26sonhousePaul Dirac II
Vanadium Pentoxide/Lion battery, 2X power:915 Jan '15 11:23sonhousetwhitehead
More bad news about fracking contamination:114 Jan '15 15:02sonhousesonhouse
Possible indication of past life on Mars!:513 Jan '15 10:28sonhousesonhouse
The selfish ribosome112 Jan '15 19:26C HessC Hess
star collision course with our solar system but...1712 Jan '15 12:12humysonhouse
Denmark produced a record 39.1% of its electric...1112 Jan '15 09:28humyFabianFnas
3D visualization of Eta Carinae, new. By Nasa:209 Jan '15 19:06sonhouseDeepThought
specialized area of human brain for visual perc...409 Jan '15 01:18humywoadman
New clue to high temp superconductivity:408 Jan '15 11:03sonhousesonhouse
Question about space elevators:7607 Jan '15 11:12sonhousesonhouse
How many dimensions are there ?2706 Jan '15 06:51woadmanarslan1
Jumping off a comet cliff:805 Jan '15 09:01sonhouseMammy Blue
Why are Neutrinos Right-Handed ?904 Jan '15 17:02woadmanwoadman
Bohmian Mechanics5403 Jan '15 02:53SoothfastDeepThought
ibuprofen slows down aging!?1530 Dec '14 09:33humyhumy
more progress on superconductivity:129 Dec '14 16:27sonhousesonhouse
Feynman Lectures on Physics429 Dec '14 03:33adam warlocksonhouse
New cheaper way to get to Mars, Ballistic orbit...226 Dec '14 18:34sonhousesonhouse