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Mind-Blowing Temperature Fraud At NOAA2104 Aug '15 21:48EladarDuchess64
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evidence of a cosmic impact triggering Younger ...202 Aug '15 12:14humysonhouse
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Mini Ice age, just hoopla, not happening:1601 Aug '15 16:36sonhousesonhouse
New projections on sea level rise...8130 Jul '15 15:51googlefudgesonhouse
Clear Evidence of Man Made Global Warming730 Jul '15 15:29Duncan Clarkesonhouse
2015 International Mathematical Olympiad3130 Jul '15 02:03Duchess64Duchess64
Record-breaking heavy rainfall events increased...3829 Jul '15 16:06humysonhouse
Turn biological cells into lasers...128 Jul '15 10:39C HessC Hess
Climate Change Affecting Poison Ivy228 Jul '15 10:38vivifysonhouse
Pre-industrial anthropogenic climate change?2628 Jul '15 10:36Metal Brainsonhouse
More data showing climate change:427 Jul '15 15:51sonhousegooglefudge
US deserts, arid by 8200 years ago, wet before:127 Jul '15 11:35sonhousesonhouse
Creepy fish falling from the sky127 Jul '15 04:14vivifyvivify
New Horizons5026 Jul '15 13:39Soothfastgooglefudge
Mini ice age coming?4926 Jul '15 12:59Metal Brainsonhouse
Where is solar power headed?525 Jul '15 18:33humySoothfast
Fracking3024 Jul '15 14:41stevemcctwhitehead
Seaweed, packed with protein, tastes like bacon...1023 Jul '15 10:49sonhouseFabianFnas
maths questions about the German tank problem622 Jul '15 05:30humySoothfast
Denmark just generated 140% of its electricity ...7821 Jul '15 17:34humyFabianFnas
Weyl fermions for more effecient eletronics219 Jul '15 12:08humysonhouse
Fossil of Biggest Winged Dinosaur is Found in C...319 Jul '15 08:40Duchess64moonbus
The universe may be ringing like a bell!:1519 Jul '15 01:06sonhousesonhouse
Jupiter like planet same distance around star:616 Jul '15 15:38sonhousenimzophysh
Exxon funded climate change deniers!815 Jul '15 21:07sonhouseMetal Brain
0.5% of climate scientists, not 97%7615 Jul '15 15:11Metal BrainMetal Brain
Anti cancer drugs getting REALLY sneaky!114 Jul '15 18:49sonhousesonhouse