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Robot now does running jump:1229 May '15 21:53sonhousegooglefudge
Comet in September 20153529 May '15 20:24whodeygooglefudge
possible temporary respite in global warming fo...529 May '15 16:35humygooglefudge
Saw this word used today: Aprotic:129 May '15 14:00sonhousesonhouse
what is this mathematical pattern!?1329 May '15 08:03humyhumy
Plans to ship ice to Antarctica!328 May '15 14:38wolfgang59Ponderable
Quantum entanglement=spacetime!127 May '15 15:06sonhousesonhouse
Anyone know about stress tests?1925 May '15 19:44sonhousesonhouse
Abundant water in the early universe:1525 May '15 15:29sonhousesonhouse
State of the Art - Novel InFlow Tech - Featured...425 May '15 01:36retrodynamicsonhouse
Antarctic ice melting very fast now.124 May '15 19:27sonhousesonhouse
Hong-Ou-Mandel interference424 May '15 07:21Metal BrainKazetNagorra
2014 hottest year for at least the last 135 yea...47024 May '15 06:11humyhumy
Electron pairing without superconductivity seen...223 May '15 19:24humysonhouse
Incredible view of the comet:423 May '15 14:24sonhousesonhouse
Impressive new kind of wind generator:1320 May '15 16:29sonhousegooglefudge
flat lenses to be as good or better than curved...420 May '15 15:11humysonhouse
Solar powered road/paths2119 May '15 19:02humyDeepThought
Great image of Antarctica's swirling currents:519 May '15 15:35sonhousehumy
First digital computer. NOT ENIAC!:3317 May '15 20:43sonhouseFabianFnas
Question about terminology of formal logic conc...814 May '15 16:24humyDeepThought
My theory that blue whale cells are ~2000 times...1511 May '15 21:19humyC Hess
A real missing link in bacterial life:510 May '15 23:08sonhouseDeepThought
4 speedy tethered quadrocopeters co-operating:909 May '15 14:25sonhousesonhouse
microscope combines atomic force microscope cap...207 May '15 20:10humyhumy
missing link between Archaea and eukaryotes dis...307 May '15 11:29humysonhouse
Question for geography students1206 May '15 17:25SuzianneFabianFnas
Pre-biotic molecules formed near stars!:106 May '15 13:37sonhousesonhouse
Science is a spook504 May '15 05:23SeitseSeitse
Electric motor in a cube 1 mm X 1MM X 1mm!:201 May '15 17:35sonhousetwhitehead