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Science and philosophy forum:9110 Apr '14 08:05sonhouserobbie carrobie
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Gravitational constant unchanged over billions ...3808 Apr '14 18:24sonhouseSoothfast
New method confirms humans and Neanderthals int...108 Apr '14 18:10humyhumy
Primordial black holes1107 Apr '14 15:00Metal BrainMetal Brain
Ten terawatt desktop laser!:606 Apr '14 18:34sonhousesonhouse
Big improvement in colour camera technology204 Apr '14 16:22humysonhouse
Just another bible lie19004 Apr '14 10:53woodypushersonhouse
OxyElitePro causing Hepatitis, one person died:103 Apr '14 14:31sonhousesonhouse
38 tesla magnet502 Apr '14 08:55humysonhouse
Cosmos and bad story of science1602 Apr '14 06:06adam warlockSoothfast
ability for human cells to change type dependen...201 Apr '14 15:56humytwhitehead
OMG! mini hearts on veins help pump blood!501 Apr '14 12:04sonhouseMISTER CHESS
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Scientists Find Hidden DNA Code7401 Apr '14 00:52RJHindssonhouse
Liquid metal pump, no moving parts!101 Apr '14 00:04sonhousesonhouse