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mutated gene for human intellgence1416 Sep '14 19:03humytwhitehead
obesity linked to brain chemistry3015 Sep '14 20:44humyGrampy Bobby
pilot-wave theory revised2115 Sep '14 20:17humyDeepThought
Nice science site from Australia:213 Sep '14 08:23sonhousehumy
5 great physics questions:113 Sep '14 07:48sonhousesonhouse
comet rendezvous1813 Sep '14 06:38Paul Dirac IIsonhouse
Selfie213 Sep '14 06:37DeepThoughtsonhouse
strength of electromagnetism unchanged for 10 b...112 Sep '14 12:11humyhumy
practical effiient motor that doesn't need mag...412 Sep '14 07:28humysonhouse
yet another advance in cancer treatment910 Sep '14 15:20humyDeepThought
NASA has said the big bang is a misnomer14407 Sep '14 16:29Of Ants and Impshumy
evolution against hybridization204 Sep '14 22:53humywolfgang59
Easy relativity derivations:104 Sep '14 15:30sonhousesonhouse
New membrane to massively reduce the cost of ca...204 Sep '14 11:02humysonhouse
new ant species evolved from original species w...3404 Sep '14 06:45humyhumy
Non-volatile memory improves energy efficiency ...103 Sep '14 14:44humyhumy
All optical transistor using one photon trigger...103 Sep '14 13:56sonhousesonhouse
OMG! Electronic telepathy is here!:103 Sep '14 13:41sonhousesonhouse
Distances301 Sep '14 01:25menace71menace71
4 different lifeforms each symbiotically depend...331 Aug '14 23:44humywolfgang59
Naked mole rat study confirms theory that prote...130 Aug '14 15:19humyhumy
"The 20 big questions in science"2230 Aug '14 12:51Grampy Bobbyhumy
Interesting: a light bulb with built in speaker...627 Aug '14 08:08sonhousesonhouse
The morality of science.7527 Aug '14 05:57whodeytwhitehead
Higgs boson linked to inflation:424 Aug '14 23:22sonhouseDeepThought
Check your supplies of CCl4..324 Aug '14 11:41wolfgang59DeepThought
Recent Awards and Results in Mathematics Compet...4023 Aug '14 01:15Duchess64DeepThought
Laser lightning rods, short intense beams:119 Aug '14 12:55sonhousesonhouse
People's lack of knowledge of Science4815 Aug '14 11:32RBHILLsonhouse
big advance in miniaturizing NMR spectroscopy214 Aug '14 18:15humysonhouse