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cost-competitive gains for wind, solar527 Nov '14 00:58humyDeepThought
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How What We Are Taught Early Influences Us120 Nov '14 21:40Duchess64Duchess64
Largest landslide on Earth, southern Utah.120 Nov '14 12:50sonhousesonhouse
Comet 67 landing2119 Nov '14 15:55whodeysonhouse
possile cure for type 1 diabetes?2819 Nov '14 04:12humy!~TONY~!
World's smallest human sculpture!:218 Nov '14 20:37sonhouseC Hess
Recreational Mathematics Problem 22611 Nov '14 19:02Duchess64FabianFnas
Maybe curing the blind!:111 Nov '14 15:31sonhousesonhouse
Entry for the latest Ignoble award:110 Nov '14 15:51sonhousesonhouse
Astronaut's make water bubbles on ISS:709 Nov '14 20:58sonhouseFabianFnas
New manmade enzyme points of life origins:107 Nov '14 12:12sonhousesonhouse
Something drops half a distance10407 Nov '14 08:55shavixmirwolfgang59
Recreational Mathematics Problem 3805 Nov '14 20:53Duchess64Duchess64
Ebola8205 Nov '14 18:07DeepThoughtDeepThought
A star older than the universe?3205 Nov '14 09:39sonhouseshavixmir
Cambrian explosion of life, new explanation:1705 Nov '14 08:14sonhouseC Hess
Can science prove the age of the earth?8505 Nov '14 05:24RBHILLFabianFnas
Great image of aurora with man on mountaintop!303 Nov '14 18:19sonhousesonhouse
problem with infinite series equalling -1/12 ?6403 Nov '14 05:51humytwhitehead
Recreational Mathematics Problem703 Nov '14 04:43Duchess64DeepThought
maths questions about a mathamatical limit731 Oct '14 10:35humytwhitehead
HaptoMime, tactile feedback floating touchscree...630 Oct '14 08:54sonhousehumy
Supply rocket headed to space station explodes229 Oct '14 09:55humysonhouse
Lockheed going for fusion reactor by 2022.427 Oct '14 11:10sonhousesonhouse
Quantum mechanics and parallel worlds, new theo...127 Oct '14 11:02sonhousesonhouse