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How long to fall through a hole in Earth?1626 Mar '15 22:33sonhouseDeepThought
physics of an aeroplane crash5226 Mar '15 22:23robbie carrobieDuchess64
"Spooky action at a distance" proven now:1026 Mar '15 19:57sonhouseDeepThought
Car headlights that follow your eyes:426 Mar '15 19:36sonhouseDeepThought
Word of the day: Moiety, moieties126 Mar '15 10:57sonhousesonhouse
Chemistry of first life perhaps figured out, fi...726 Mar '15 10:49sonhouseFabianFnas
Will we ever leave Earth?4426 Mar '15 07:43divegeestertwhitehead
Direct measurement of CO2 effect:10825 Mar '15 09:30sonhousehumy
Compressed Air/Water Propelled Bottle Rocket1225 Mar '15 03:36joe shmoDeepThought
Perovskite on top of silicon=higher efficiency ...124 Mar '15 18:23sonhousesonhouse
Mercury Amalgam and alternatives2624 Mar '15 15:59Metal BrainMetal Brain
Universe will collapse into a big crunch?824 Mar '15 15:15humyFabianFnas
Neil deGrasse Tyson's favorite science joke624 Mar '15 14:27Suzianneadam warlock
Stratagy for make western US carbon-negative14923 Mar '15 19:37humyFabianFnas
Dumb question about the big bang1123 Mar '15 18:17C HessC Hess
Question about space elevators:8220 Mar '15 05:33sonhousetwhitehead
Solar could meet California energy demand 3 to ...318 Mar '15 07:57humytwhitehead
Breakthrough in 3D printing:117 Mar '15 15:18sonhousesonhouse
Positive H+ charge bonding to positive phos!:517 Mar '15 10:45sonhousesonhouse
2014 hottest year for at least the last 135 yea...27617 Mar '15 10:34humysonhouse
State ofthe Art-Novel InFlow Tech Project Devel...116 Mar '15 03:47retrodynamicretrodynamic
water or air cooled video cards1915 Mar '15 23:04woadmangooglefudge
stable local cold nano-scale spots might be mai...415 Mar '15 23:04humygooglefudge
extra second smaller rotor on wind turbines inc...1914 Mar '15 17:46humyjoe shmo
Black Holes=Universes2411 Mar '15 17:20woadmanDeepThought
Getting Exaflop computers by 2020:7310 Mar '15 16:13sonhousegooglefudge
robust nine-quantum-bit quantum computer made510 Mar '15 08:54humytwhitehead
What powers light?1610 Mar '15 00:49vivifyDeepThought
is my computer slow & old?1809 Mar '15 14:15woadmanwoadman
Freeze708 Mar '15 16:50KellyJayShallow Blue