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Frigging HOVERBOARD is here! (magnetic, but sti...322 Oct '14 02:22sonhousesonhouse
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Yea! Malala shares Nobel Peace Prize!!1018 Oct '14 19:17sonhouseDuchess64
comet rendezvous2308 Oct '14 01:21Paul Dirac IIPaul Dirac II
Womb transplant worked! Pregnant, gave birth!:104 Oct '14 11:14sonhousesonhouse
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Floating solar farm, in the UK: innovative!703 Oct '14 15:04sonhousesonhouse
New method to make O2 from CO2:103 Oct '14 13:09sonhousesonhouse
Word for today: myrmecophily:102 Oct '14 17:23sonhousesonhouse
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why life molecules have handiness bias?202 Oct '14 12:14humysonhouse
Galaxy collisions & age of universe1530 Sep '14 10:25Paul Dirac IIFabianFnas
obesity linked to brain chemistry3130 Sep '14 01:26humyEladar
Black holes may not exist after all::828 Sep '14 17:48sonhousesonhouse
Hero rats sniff land mines and TB!:528 Sep '14 14:37sonhousesonhouse
new mosquito-borne virus spreads in Latin Ameri...127 Sep '14 08:16humyhumy
mutated gene for human intellgence2326 Sep '14 18:42humylemon lime
new dinosaurs discovered with huge nose823 Sep '14 10:47humyhumy
Artificial sweeteners linked to diabetes!2223 Sep '14 10:42humySuzianne