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Bohmian Mechanics2022 Dec '14 21:48Soothfastadam warlock
pseudogap competes with high-temperature superc...422 Dec '14 19:02humysonhouse
Organic material found on Mars!:1322 Dec '14 10:52sonhousesonhouse
NASA considers manned mission to Venus521 Dec '14 22:53humysonhouse
ibuprofen slows down aging!?620 Dec '14 22:58humysonhouse
electric power from ocean temperature differenc...119 Dec '14 16:28humyhumy
New advance in quantum physics:219 Dec '14 12:07sonhouseFabianFnas
How many dimensions are there ?2518 Dec '14 11:56woadmanarslan1
Measuring Planck's constant using Lego's!:316 Dec '14 19:16sonhousesonhouse
Gamma Ray Bursts915 Dec '14 12:28woadmantwhitehead
How fast are we going?1913 Dec '14 16:19woadmanEladar
gravitons4413 Dec '14 08:47woadmantwhitehead
Carl Sagan narrates a new astronomy fantasy:712 Dec '14 17:28sonhousesonhouse
A new type of typewriter -but they have got the...1212 Dec '14 10:42humysonhouse
Infinitely maddening9011 Dec '14 20:46wolfgang59DeepThought
Roy Bhaskar1311 Dec '14 01:00finneganfinnegan
cutting city carbon footprint by 34% with no ne...508 Dec '14 18:21humyC Hess
Identity element3808 Dec '14 14:04adam warlocksonhouse
room temperature superconductivity for just pec...806 Dec '14 13:34humysonhouse
Interstellar2206 Dec '14 11:25woadmanC Hess
Easy problem2705 Dec '14 16:18DeepThoughtDeepThought
Microseconds of room temp. superconductivity!:105 Dec '14 11:02sonhousesonhouse
Time1105 Dec '14 07:30woadmanwolfgang59
Phase Transition Watch out !504 Dec '14 21:21woadmanwoadman
'engraving' found, 500,000 years old!104 Dec '14 10:32sonhousesonhouse
Micheal Bromsley, Fractal geometry advances:103 Dec '14 17:51sonhousesonhouse
World's Largest Solar Farm202 Dec '14 11:52Zahlanzisonhouse
New space telescope based on smart dust!:102 Dec '14 11:37sonhousesonhouse
cooling system that consumes no energy!1001 Dec '14 16:11humyShallow Blue
RNA enzymatic activity supports RNA world theor...830 Nov '14 19:54humyhumy