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About Anselmo

Chess Winners are the logical consequence of players taking advantage of what opportunity presented: not on 'Luck'.

In life and in chess, a person always, makes his next move or moves, based on the information perceived to be best action to take at that point:

In life, one often one finds the interpretations to be incorrect many times in chess that happens just as one presses the, “Submit Move”, button.

Do not be fooled by my rating can play somewhat, my rating is often dependent on the stress in my life.

Enjoy playing and meeting people, not a great player but have my moments, not as many as would like to have.

Will take timeout wins if skull appears, while playing over 100 games.

Believe in playing most games to the final conclusion: therefor do not normally resign.

On occasion do purge, some of my 'lost cause games', if there too many of them.

Anselmo Escobar

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8587 games

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4222 games

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4365 games

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All Games Played8753
In Progress16
All Moves318430
Moves This Month252
Tournament Entry Rating1150

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8587 games


3356 games


5028 games


203 games

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638 games


63 games


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Highest Rating114611681518
Average Rating113411311280
Lowest Rating112410951082
Opponent Average Rating166615311399
Games Rated8504092
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