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Joined 25 May '03
Last Moved 03 Mar '15
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About Bobski

l always play for fun and do not use any aids of any kind, I will not send reminders as they are a pain but l will claim all games with the skull showing. Why? because everyone claims games against me. Bless yer little cottons!

"YOU MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER TO PLAY ME" helps keep the fees down ................ NO PAY-NO PLAY

Check out "Sussex by the Sea" Clan, we are looking for players.

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Games Played 2872
Rated 2839
Won 1412
Lost 1334
Drawn 126
In Progress 47
Moves 115043
Moves This Month 83
Rating 1361
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1514
Tournament Entry Rating 1437
Moves This Month is the number of moves made since the 1st of the month.
Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
Tournament Entry Rating is calculated by the formula (CurrentRating + HighestRating) / 2. The entry rating will never drop to more than 100 points below your Highest Rating.
Rated Games
1381 (49%)1332 (47%)
W/D/L As White1404
686 (49%)650 (46%)
W/D/L As Black1435
695 (48%)682 (48%)
Played By Color2839
1404 (49%)1435 (51%)
Won By Color1381
686 (50%)695 (50%)
Lost By Color1332
650 (49%)682 (51%)
Drawn By Color126
68 (54%)58 (46%)
Wins by timeout 203 (14.70%)
Losses by timeout 43 (3.23%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating144115141514
Average Rating138014021335
Lowest Rating133313291099
Opponent Avg. Rating138813691297
Games Rated38183750
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