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About ChessPraxis

Ad Victorem Spolias
Art from Colorado. Butcher by trade, chess player just for fun. Lifetime best friend of a well known chess pro with a USCF LCM title. Casual coffeehouse player, no longer interested in competitive chess other than clan games here.

Butcher, only because Bad Ass MoFo is not an official job title.

“Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.” -George R. R. Martin

"A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of sheep" -Richard Sherman

"Sir, the slowness of genius is hard to bear, but the slowness of mediocrity is insufferable." - Henry Thomas Buckle

Dealing out the agony within
Charging hard and no one's gonna give in
Living on your knees, conformity
Or dying on your feet for honesty
Inbred, our bodies work as one
Bloody, but never cry submission
Following our instinct not a trend
Go against the grain until the end
Blood will follow blood
Dying time is here
Damage Incorporated
Slamming through, don't F with razorback
Stepping out? You'll feel our hell on your back
Blood follows blood and we make sure
Life ain't for you and we're the cure
Honesty is my only excuse
Try to rob us of it, but it's no use
Steamroller action crushing all
Victim is your name and you shall fall
Blood will follow blood
Dying time is here
Damage Incorporated
We chew and spit you out
We laugh, you scream and shout
All flee, with fear you run
You'll know just where we come from
Damage Incorporated
Damage jackals ripping right through you
Sight and smell of this, it gets me goin'
Know just how to get just what we want
Tear it from your soul in nightly hunt
F it all and F-ing no regrets
Never happy ending on these dark sets
All's fair for Damage Inc. you see
Step a little closer if you please
Blood will follow blood
Dying time is here
Damage Incorporated

I click skulls as soon as I see them in clan games. In other games I flip a coin.

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Games Played 1405
Rated 1305
Won 806
Lost 435
Drawn 164
In Progress 24
Moves 47905
Moves This Month 471
Rating 1878
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 2022
Tournament Entry Rating 1950
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Rated Games
728 (56%)153 (12%)424 (32%)
W/D/L As White653
385 (59%)87 (13%)181 (28%)
W/D/L As Black652
343 (53%)243 (37%)
Played By Color1305
653 (50%)652 (50%)
Won By Color728
385 (53%)343 (47%)
Lost By Color424
181 (43%)243 (57%)
Drawn By Color153
87 (57%)66 (43%)
Wins by timeout 80 (10.99%)
Losses by timeout 0 (0.00%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating194620222022
Average Rating187119201831
Lowest Rating179417941390
Opponent Avg. Rating180618001724
Games Rated561891305
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