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Farzad Farsee

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About Farzad Farsee

Hi every one. I enjoy playing chess and hope you feel the same way.
If so, please do both of us a favor; go ahead and start having fun in the
" Thoughts' Campaign........ "

Take this advice from Capablanca : If you see a move you like, play it !

And this one from me (I got this from one of my chess friend's
profile here with his permission, of course) :
Speak softly and move gently.
Take your time. Consider all your options.
Make sacrifices. Give to get. Be gracious in triumph, and in defeat.
Another game, another encounter, may follow.

Keep in mind this from Tarrasch as well : "Chess" like love , like music
has the power to make men happy .

Please, play ONLY with your own mind and ability as I do .

Last but not least :
We can not solve the problems by using the same kind of thinking that
we used to create them . That's very true !

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All Games Played8221
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Moves This Month319
Tournament Entry Rating1838

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7661 games


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895 games


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Games Rated1795563263
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