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Joined 08 Dec '10
Last Moved 18 Dec '14
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FlyingWolf is on vacation and says...
I'm away 2nd/3rd December, but may still be able to play dependant on Internet connection.

About FlyingWolf

Commercial pilot and mad Wolverhampton Wanderers fan (English football team), hence the username. I've discovered chess again having not played since school days and love the game, particularly long active ones. My game tends to be characterised by rare moments of brilliance, interspersed with more frequent moves of mind-blowing stupidity - hugely enjoyable and utterly frustrating in equal measures. I generally fight to the end of a game and rarely resign, unless it's a lost cause. I'll claim skulls unless advised of a delay or vacation beforehand. I enjoy playing folks from different countries and always welcome some chat and banter during a game. I don't accept 1-day Timeout/0-day Timebank challenges. My preference is 1-day Timeout/3-day Timebank games.

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Games Played 898
Rated 893
Won 312
Lost 512
Drawn 74
In Progress 16
Moves 37005
Moves This Month 1140
Rating 1392
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1480
Tournament Entry Rating 1436
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Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
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Rated Games
311 (35%)509 (57%)
W/D/L As White525
187 (35%)287 (55%)
W/D/L As Black368
124 (34%)222 (60%)
Played By Color893
525 (59%)368 (41%)
Won By Color311
187 (60%)124 (40%)
Lost By Color509
287 (56%)222 (44%)
Drawn By Color73
51 (70%)22 (30%)
Wins by timeout 46 (14.79%)
Losses by timeout 4 (0.79%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating142514801544
Average Rating133713621353
Lowest Rating128712871175
Opponent Avg. Rating150115241451
Games Rated77307893
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