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About LEUR

...LEUR is my first name spelled backwards
...I know, just as weird forwards
...Fearless Leader
...of Popeye The Sailor Man CLUB
...un-chess like games on the Club Forum (WEREWOLF)
...real chess offered in the Club Tournaments
...join my rowdy friends by clicking this blue thingy Club 229

I only play Club Tournaments and Clan games.
I do not click skulls in Club have a couple of days leeway before it automatically clocks your loss.
I will crush a timeout skull immediately in Clan games, it's a team thing.

In addition to the previously mentioned Popeye CLUB Club 229
I recommend MUTI for tournaments and Forum camaraderie Club 108
And...Gambit Fantasy for, what else?, gambit opening thematic tournaments Club 236
And...MUSIC! for, what else?, talking about music Club 368

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2187 games

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All Games Played4515
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All Moves127953
Moves This Month813
Tournament Entry Rating1348

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4385 games


1709 games


2407 games


269 games

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324 games


239 games


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Average Rating127512221289
Lowest Rating1168828828
Opponent Average Rating134212961397
Games Rated1204453697
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