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About Ohforf

Before playing here I hadn't seriously played since 1969, when I would drop in at the Chess House on W. 72nd St (NYC) at 4 a.m. after my taxicab shift (there were always plenty of players). The Chess House is gone now. And where have all the players gone? On line, I guess!

Quite often I won't choose what I think is the best move, but what I think is the most ~interesting~ move. So if you see me make what seems to be a bad move... well, actually it's quite likely a blunder. But it could be something else!

I will take skulls in ladder games if I am the challenger, because delays can cause position loss in ladder games, but I won't click on skulls in a tournament game if you time-out; the system will automatically award me the game 2-4 days after your skull appears. And in regular games I won't claim a game because you time-out unless you seem uninterested in moving.

If you make a blunder and realize it right away, send me a message and if I get it before my move I'll let you take the move back, if it's reversible (not a pawn move, no piece taken, no one in check, etc.) The procedure would be that I will make a "dummy" move, then you take back your (blunder) move, then I will take back my dummy move, and then you can go again. You have to send me a message if you want to do this; I used to ask people first if they wanted to take back the move, but it takes too much time that way.

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Games Played 1568
Rated 1532
Won 760
Lost 703
Drawn 105
In Progress 16
Moves 47766
Moves This Month 820
Rating 1565
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1653
Tournament Entry Rating 1609
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Rated Games
729 (47%)698 (46%)
W/D/L As White755
369 (49%)341 (45%)
W/D/L As Black777
360 (46%)357 (46%)
Played By Color1532
755 (49%)777 (51%)
Won By Color729
369 (51%)360 (49%)
Lost By Color698
341 (49%)357 (51%)
Drawn By Color105
45 (43%)60 (57%)
Wins by timeout 32 (4.39%)
Losses by timeout 14 (2.01%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating160316531742
Average Rating153115501561
Lowest Rating146414521337
Opponent Avg. Rating156315941561
Games Rated722621200
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