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Joined 05 Jun '07
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About Surtism

A Surtist cares for their Planet, and all its inhabitants, whether human, animal, mineral, or plant. They do not need to be an 'eco-warrier', just to give thought to their actions, and look for ways to consider the impact these have.

A Surtist is considerate, kind (to those who deserve it), compassionate, dependable, and honourable.

Surtism looks for all people to be Surtist's, which would bring about the end of War, Starvation, Slavery, Brutality, and Evil. Human Kind working together as one can make magic happen.

The World can be a better place.

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Games Played 4979
Rated 4813
Won 2045
Lost 2630
Drawn 304
In Progress 6
Moves 137690
Moves This Month 29
Rating 1400
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1441
Tournament Entry Rating 1420
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Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
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Rated Games
1910 (40%)2604 (54%)
W/D/L As White2390
965 (41%)1276 (53%)
W/D/L As Black2423
945 (39%)1328 (55%)
Played By Color4813
2390 (50%)2423 (50%)
Won By Color1910
965 (51%)945 (49%)
Lost By Color2604
1276 (49%)1328 (51%)
Drawn By Color299
149 (50%)150 (50%)
Wins by timeout 622 (32.57%)
Losses by timeout 863 (33.14%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating143914411583
Average Rating142014201322
Lowest Rating14001394910
Opponent Avg. Rating126513031365
Games Rated622924
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