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Talem16 is on vacation and says...
I'll be back !! 1 week away to Guadalajara, MX. I will try to move.

About Talem16

Hello, I'm a chessaholic. 31 yrs old. Learn to live with chess chessaholics.+(*!*)+. I will take time outs. . Get a life CHEATERS.!!! Work your brain not your engine!! I love Soccer, Handball(USHA) and of course Chess. I have not played good or consistent in so long but I'm attempting to get back this time for sure. Hopefully Ill get where I left. Now that I'm single after years I'm putting more time into my loving hobby.Updated 10/26/2015

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All Games Played7854
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All Moves246642
Moves This Month1639
Tournament Entry Rating1816

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7663 games


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