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VESPIN is on vacation and says...
I put my flag up until February 15th. I hope to be playing normally before then. I am currently sick, and and four days of shoveling did not help. Sorry everyone.


I have to say, I feel great about this site. I fell in love with it when I first got here. And now with the changes to the clan system, and clan forum removed and the posts, it was fair, and a great idea to do. MacT and Robbie are True Legends, truthful, moral, and honorable men, and I am proud to call them my friends. Despite my rating, my ability is not any higher than 1200.

Oh, someone asked me how my clan was going, to answer him and everyone who is asking, thank you, my clan is going great.

Life Is Great. It's good to always back up your files. Proof is everything. Nobody takes you at your word anymore.

Listen can you hear it? NO????? That is because it is quiet, calm, and I now feel like I did all these many years on this site. Completely at PEACE. God the silence is wonderful.

This clan is new, your rating does not matter, just want to have fun, relax, and enjoy your games. And along the way we will play low rated, average rated, and high rated players. There is always a lot to learn by playing anyone and everyone.

I love the UFC, and I am active in most sports. I went from competing in running, then I received my cycling license and started to race. You have to have a license in order to compete.

I love tennis, racquetball, and basketball. After being involved with MMA, I am now just working on Jiu Jitsu. I still keep up with Muay Thai Kick boxing, to keep my hands as sharp as I can, but really it is all about just keeping in shape.

If your not a subscriber, you should be. Best site on the internet. You will enjoy this site so much more.

If you have not seen the series Breaking Bad, It is time to rent all the seasons and watch them. One of the best series ever.

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