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Hello everyone... My screen name is Vespin, but you can call me Michael. I run the club called 600 - 1299. It may show up as 1100 to 1200? That would be incorrect and I need to change that. It is a club based on rating. I also run the Clan called Strategic Ultimatum. We are new but a very strong Clan and most of all Honest. My rating is very low and fluctuates a lot due to my personal life. If I am able to concentrate you will find me in the 1300's at times. But I would say I am really a solid 1100 to 1200 rated player. I do enjoy chatting and getting to know people from other countries and I can say I have become wonderful friends with many on this site.

One person actually changed my life if you can believe that. And changed it for the better and I can never thank this person enough for the affect and impact she had on me and the way I think about life and the woman in my life. It's amazing how much I did not know! lol If she ever reads this, I would like to say I hope you are well, and I miss you more then you know. Your friendship meant the world to me and always will. Even though we were just friends, she will always have a special spot in my heart that belongs just to her.

Now, if during games you don't like to chat I will respect that. If you are rude, expect to get the same in kind. I don't take skulls unless I don't know you and you never even said hello, if you are rude, if your profile says you will take mine and you seem to take some weird pleasure of taking skulls when the object of this site is to actually play the game. Now if it is a clan game, I know we are obligated to take the skull for our leaders. So I understand that. Otherwise, I will wait with no problem. I waited a 100 days for one person. No big deal, life is to short to get worked up over nothing. I love sports, MMA (mixed martial arts), the UFC, baseball, basketball, and football. I am friendly and I hope you are as well. We are here to have fun so lets enjoy the games.

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Games Played 1863
Rated 1672
Won 821
Lost 1010
Drawn 32
In Progress 59
Moves 46271
Moves This Month 518
Rating 1252
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1384
Tournament Entry Rating 1318
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Rated Games
766 (45%)878 (53%)
W/D/L As White1002
481 (48%)504 (50%)
W/D/L As Black670
285 (42%)374 (56%)
Played By Color1672
1002 (60%)670 (40%)
Won By Color766
481 (63%)285 (37%)
Lost By Color878
504 (57%)374 (43%)
Drawn By Color28
17 (61%)11 (39%)
Wins by timeout 125 (16.32%)
Losses by timeout 297 (33.83%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating125713841384
Average Rating103610841056
Lowest Rating820820688
Opponent Avg. Rating101310791092
Games Rated812671544
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