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Fyi....If You see my green dot which indicates I am on the site playing? That does not mean I am actually playing at that moment. I sometimes leave my laptop on all day and all night, and usually this tab is always open. Which would seem to all players that I am on. Look to see when I last moved, that is the best way to see if I am on. sometimes I am just on doing research and working on my clan or club. My point is don't take offense as though I am ignoring our game. I always play clan games first and even then I might be late in getting to it. Then personal games, then tournament games. So please be patient with me. Thank you everyone.

Anyone who has a rating of 600 to 1299, or even a little above as long as it does come down, we have a club that is a band width rating club of exactly that. We would love to have anyone who subscribes this way you can play in the tournaments.

The club is wonderful, because the people are wonderful, very supportive, and I realized just good of friends they are. You will find it a great place to call home away from home. Great club to play chess with considerate and kind people.

I run a clan, Strategic Ultimatum. We are a good clan, currently in second place and we work hard at it. The players are great people as well.

Me personally, if you like to chat, great i love to chat. If you don't I will respect that as well. I don't take skulls unless your profile shows you cant wait to take it, or you have taken them from me, or if your rude or nasty.

I figure there is more honor in playing the game out. That is why we are all here isn't it? I wish everyone well and have a great time playing. I think this is the best site to play chess on and I am currently friends with so many wonderful people. So I am very grateful to this site. Good luck and god bless....

Conceit, more rich in matter than in words, brags of his substance: they are but beggars who can count their worth.
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