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Hello everyone... My screen name is Vespin, but you can call me Michael. I run the club called 600 - 1299. I also run the Clan called Strategic Ultimatum. We are new but a very strong Clan and most of all Honest.

I needed to change this part for now and in the near future hopefully she reads this and then I will rewrite my profile for good. I wanted to thank my friend who after a while she actually wished me a happy birthday. I wanted to say thank you to her, and tell her all that I had learned from her and she has made me a much better man. In another life, things could have been different, and We could have been friends who actually all go out and have fun! Thank you for taking all that time drilling things into my head, as I have learned, the why's, what's, causes, right and wrongs don't matter. It's the end result and how you get there and how the person feels when any situation has come to a conclusion. So in case we don't speak again, thank you for remembering me, the fact you took the time to send that, and remembered, and cared enough to do it, well, it just confirms all the wonderful things about you were true. You were always there for me. Always. As you said, it has to exist out there right? At least now I have hope that there are woman out there that actually care "enough" to put their feelings aside to support the man they are in love with. I never would have thought it possible until all the chats with you. I want to thank you for as you once called it, "The possibility and hope" of love to come. Best wishes and all the happiness in the world. I miss you. Take care of yourself. And May the next chapter in your life be even better and more exciting then the last. Thank you for the friendship you gave. I will carry it with me always. Thank you for remembering and caring enough to reach out. Nothing like knowing some one cares, but actually shows it.

Amazing how you made time for me, when people i know never do. miss you.

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Games Played 1875
Rated 1681
Won 826
Lost 1016
Drawn 33
In Progress 65
Moves 46578
Moves This Month 0
Rating 1224
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1384
Tournament Entry Rating 1304
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770 (46%)882 (52%)
W/D/L As White1008
482 (48%)508 (50%)
W/D/L As Black673
288 (42%)374 (56%)
Played By Color1681
1008 (60%)673 (40%)
Won By Color770
482 (63%)288 (37%)
Lost By Color882
508 (58%)374 (42%)
Drawn By Color29
18 (62%)11 (38%)
Wins by timeout 125 (16.23%)
Losses by timeout 297 (33.67%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating125713841384
Average Rating106710871057
Lowest Rating820820688
Opponent Avg. Rating103010831092
Games Rated812731542
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