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VESPIN is on vacation and says...
I will be back playing daily starting Feb 8th. Thank you for all your patience.


Above it says I will return on February 8th. THIS IS WRONG.


Starting on January 1st when I get my vacation days that I have not had since last January when I used them all up in one month, I will be doing my happy dance as I put my vacation flag up for two weeks. I will move a little, but that will be in games I have not been able to play in, and friends of mine who have been so patient with me. I don't want to think about any responsibility to chess for two weeks at least. lol

I will check messages at times and will answer them as I see them. If you see me move in games, and I have not moved in yours, please do not take offense to it. I am just going to move in a few games that have been waiting months for me, and one friend of mine in particular who lives in California, I can now play him and chat a bit.

It will be basically few moves in just a few games. I wont be off long because I am actually playing well for a change. So I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday, and most importantly, a Happy and Healthy New Year.

The picture you see as my avatar has now changed to Jennifer Lawrence. You can see her in the Hunger Games Movies. Anyway, I know I will get asked, so this way everyone knows. And in my game avatar is Olga Kurylenko. You can see her in the movie Hitman, and a ton more as of late. Most unique looking woman in Hollywood in my opinion.

So remember, January 1st, it's vacation time for 4 weeks. Returning January 31st. Of course I wont be going anywhere. But my couch is free and it loves me. And so do my pillows. If anyone needs to reach me sooner then when I may be in here, you can reach me through email if you like,

Thanks everyone.

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