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My screen name is Vespin. My real name is Mike or Michael. Which ever your prefer. I run the club called 600 to 1299. It is rating based. If you are in this rating ability please join up, we would love to have you. I also run the clan Strategic Ultimatum. We are a good clan and a fair clan. It's a lot of fun.

I don't take skulls usually. If it is a clan game, I will most likely take it only because my clan leader will want me to. If it is for my clan, I will give you time and notify you before taking it. I would rather play then take a skull.

I enjoy chatting, but if I feel you do not, I will always respect that, and I will always give respect to those who show me the same courtesy. I play all hours of the day and night, and I have met so many great people in here.

And I hope to keep making friends as I go along. If you would like to play a game with me, just set it up. You don't have to ask me for a game. It seems silly since we are here to play chess. lol Have fun, don't take things so seriously, and enjoy yourself. I look forward to making new friends.

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