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Metallica have for years thrown games deliberately in clan challenges where the outcome is already in their favor..
This wins them the challenge plus reduces their member ratings for future clan match ups as by throwing the game they reduce their rating by say 20 points instead of increasing by 20 points.
eg If their player is rated 1710 and throws the game they are now rated at say 1690 instead of 1730 by winning.
If the player is now matched against an opponent of 1680 it appears a fair match but in reality the Metallica player is rated at least 50 higher if not more.
Metallica win net points of approximately 80% of the gross amount (this would be even higher if they did not deliberately reduce members ratings)
If a clan is playing fair then they will have a maximum win ratio net to gross of 50%
The fairest clans of all tend to have far lower percentage than this as they are also being duped by the likes of Metallica.

Be Warned, avoid Metallica challenges like the plague.

They are gutless, cowards, and nothing but keyboard warriors who would cry if they were in front of you.

Also, I never go in the forums. One person in my clan seemed to have mental issues. No matter how many times I explained it then said I don't want to discuss it anymore, my god this person never stopped. Is it normal to do nothing but write nasty things to anyone who disagrees with them on any topic at all?

Think about the kids who go in those forums, and read about the nasty things that are written that would be R rated meaning NOT for kids. Its chess. That's all. They beat their chest as though think they have won something. They have set an example for kids that adults or these adults are morons and are not fit for society. Think to yourself as well, do you have that kind of time to devote to trashing every player you can come across who thinks differently then you? Think for yourselves, don't be sheep.

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