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Congratulations to Robbie for winning Best Clan of the year for 2016, "The Easy Riders". Well done, and a lot of hard work went into what he achieved.

Thank you to Robbie for allowing me to be a part of it if only for a moment.

MacTayto thank you for showing me just how much I had to learn about people, and it was an honor getting to know you. Your a man of tremendous character and integrity, and most importantly, the fact you have such a beautiful life outside of this chess site and the silly forums, just shows just how much good "Karma" is on your side. You cant have a wonderful and full life if "Karma" is not on your side. Providing people believe in Karma.

Small minds actually think Karma has to do with chess and winning and losing. lol

I want to thank the people in my clan, it is a wonderful group of people who never complain and just play for the love of the game. Not to many people still around who believe in that theory anymore. So I am happy to be a part of our clan, Breaking Bad. Plus the show was amazing!!!! lol

I would like to thank Lstcyr for the way he runs his club 600 to 1299. It is a great club, and if your rating falls in that group, you should join. You would have a lot of fun.

See you all on the board.

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