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Hello everyone.....Just got home today, May 8th. I have not moved in any game, clan or otherwise. For the last month, those of you I talk to understand mostly why. Now today is May 21 and as luck would have it, or my luck I should say, things just became more complicated and went pear shaped on me. I have three more surgeries to go, and have been living in the hospital for the last six weeks? Maybe more now I really don't know.

Please take any skull that comes up, and that means in any personal games as well. I can assure you when I am back and feeling better, i will set up a game with you again. I hope everyone is well.

I have stopped counting on how many surgeries and procedure I have had done now.

Please if you see a skull please take it. I move when I can. But I have no idea when that is going to be. And even when I do play, it i horrible.

I have two more surgeries to go. They are the much less painful of all of them. But one is most likely the most serious.

I apologize for the delays and timeouts. I usually bring my laptop to the hospital, but this time there was no way that would have worked.

Those of you who have a personal game going with me, thank you for hanging in with me, and anyone who did or will take the skull I say great, no worries, just start another game up with me. Thank you for your understanding.


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