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I am sick with the flu. I will not be playing. If it's a personal game, please wait for me if you can, if its a tournament, please allow the system to time me out. If it's a clan game, if you cant wait I understand if you have to take a skull. Any messages will be answered in a few days to a week. I will only move in clan games. thank you...Michael....Today's date is December 10th 2014.

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Games Played 1927
Rated 1730
Won 860
Lost 1034
Drawn 33
In Progress 62
Moves 47826
Moves This Month 563
Rating 1207
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1384
Tournament Entry Rating 1295
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Rated Games
800 (46%)897 (52%)
W/D/L As White1033
499 (48%)516 (50%)
W/D/L As Black693
301 (43%)381 (55%)
Played By Color1726
1033 (60%)693 (40%)
Won By Color800
499 (62%)301 (38%)
Lost By Color897
516 (58%)381 (42%)
Drawn By Color29
18 (62%)11 (38%)
Wins by timeout 125 (15.63%)
Losses by timeout 298 (33.22%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating128213841384
Average Rating121310841064
Lowest Rating1059820688
Opponent Avg. Rating106010951093
Games Rated892761546
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