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I am back from vacation which was spent on my couch. And I miss it already. Not to much to say. I run the clan Strategic Ultimatum, and the club 600 - 1299. It is a rating based club. Its appeal is the fact we are all around the same ability and therefore we all have a chance to win a tournament.

I tend never to take skulls. However, If I don't know you, or you don't chat, or your rude, consider the skull mine. The only time I will really take a skull is if it is a clan game. But If I know you, I will warn you first. There is always more honor in finishing a game then winning by a skull.

Good luck and hope to see you on the board.

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Games Played 2030
Rated 1808
Won 903
Lost 1094
Drawn 33
In Progress 92
Moves 49664
Moves This Month 526
Rating 1052
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1282
Tournament Entry Rating 1182
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Rated Games
840 (46%)939 (52%)
W/D/L As White1078
521 (48%)539 (50%)
W/D/L As Black730
319 (43%)400 (55%)
Played By Color1808
1078 (60%)730 (40%)
Won By Color840
521 (62%)319 (38%)
Lost By Color939
539 (57%)400 (43%)
Drawn By Color29
18 (62%)11 (38%)
Wins by timeout 125 (14.88%)
Losses by timeout 299 (31.84%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating123712821384
Average Rating109510821070
Lowest Rating994820688
Opponent Avg. Rating111410631094
Games Rated692801539
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