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Hey everyone. Anyone who has a game with me please take the skull. I will start a game up with you again soon as I can move at least once a day, and not once a month or less.

On a side note, and I will NOT name names of any kind, but I have been talked about quite a bit and as usual it is really entertaining. Especially when your sick.

I was also accused of making up lies about being sick. I have had four surgeries. On my last surgery I was told I had cancer. With no hope or at least almost no hope of recovery. The good news is this was not true. However, there is an issue and I am not out of the woods. When people actually stop trash talking, continue to break the rules while they accuse people of all kinds of things that are clearly against the rules of the site, they take the time to stop so they can accuse me of making up my illness

I even offered to meet with a few to talk in person as I always feel it is better to squash issues in person. My invitation was was ignored which told me all I needed to know about the character of these few people.

Anyone needing entertainment all they need to do is go into the forum for clans. lol Wow....Where do these people get the time to spend all their hours making these things up?

In the end, after all is said and done, It is all really funny stuff and means nothing. The only facts and people who have any class in there for the most part is Robbie and McTayo. All those years Metallica won, and finally they are losing fair and square, and now they accuse everyone else of wrong doing. This one funny bunch. I say get your popcorn and enjoy yourself.

I am going back to healing and praying I get better. Even in here, I never thought anyone would speak poorly of someone who might be terminally sick.

Some people are COWARDS for real and have no class at all. But I can still find a lot of humor in their rants.


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