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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member DeltaSquareonline13875061962317929 Apr '17 03:35Challenge Player
Subscriber Lord Nelsononline151317198608124729 Apr '17 03:34Challenge Player
Standard member McKylaonline128910555384516629 Apr '17 03:33Challenge Player
Subscriber blue birdonline18811894125333131029 Apr '17 03:33Challenge Player
Standard member Patrick Andersononline1215281017129 Apr '17 03:32Challenge Player
Subscriber caldon65online126415447087518529 Apr '17 03:32Challenge Player
Standard member Fulcanellionline9533901112394029 Apr '17 03:32Challenge Player
Standard member WillieNelsononline1484126868247311329 Apr '17 03:30Challenge Player
Standard member Gord Vass119929891457142310929 Apr '17 03:28Challenge Player
Subscriber Razorsharponline157215048725815129 Apr '17 03:26Challenge Player
Standard member jeffb114218711174229 Apr '17 03:25Challenge Player
Subscriber The Dark Knight 777134928121324138510329 Apr '17 03:23Challenge Player
Standard member Robb7614067274372791129 Apr '17 03:16Challenge Player
Subscriber kristjan173156423179205640729 Apr '17 03:14Challenge Player
Standard member Ooops139247112321217621429 Apr '17 03:14Challenge Player
Subscriber Zenic155060883286254425829 Apr '17 03:14Challenge Player
Standard member Drinian156028841260148913529 Apr '17 03:11Challenge Player
Standard member Tywa1018169842512522129 Apr '17 03:11Challenge Player
Subscriber justplaychess127867953077343228629 Apr '17 03:11Challenge Player
Standard member Timid weakling10243851681962129 Apr '17 03:09Challenge Player
Standard member ryky52p 1300523029 Apr '17 03:07Challenge Player
Subscriber dinc1681363139924550900044229 Apr '17 03:05Challenge Player
Standard member pionfou11984221512571429 Apr '17 03:02Challenge Player
Standard member Big Show10727072584341529 Apr '17 02:59Challenge Player
Standard member wjin13957173023833229 Apr '17 02:59Challenge Player
Subscriber achile4447037501156171829 Apr '17 02:59Challenge Player
Standard member Bernard Tremblay1513372611029 Apr '17 02:58Challenge Player
Subscriber laurence c1242192581395216029 Apr '17 02:56Challenge Player
Subscriber rickgarel1927138776543019229 Apr '17 02:56Challenge Player
Subscriber mghrn5517813606235888736129 Apr '17 02:56Challenge Player

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