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Chess Player Directory for Canada

Chess Player Directory for Canada

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber dinc168online1162136954496876343626 Mar '17 05:18Challenge Player
Standard member Mrhumaonline12593841881831326 Mar '17 05:14Challenge Player
Subscriber Lord Nelsononline148717138568104726 Mar '17 05:11Challenge Player
Subscriber Skycrabonline12491566293126 Mar '17 05:09Challenge Player
Standard member Wagner Tuba13186433712601226 Mar '17 05:03Challenge Player
Subscriber golddog2146033471522172410126 Mar '17 04:59Challenge Player
Standard member Canada 1867128917039130126 Mar '17 04:54Challenge Player
Standard member RobertV196313178415123191026 Mar '17 04:54Challenge Player
Standard member Timid weakling10563701631872026 Mar '17 04:50Challenge Player
Standard member Bernard Tremblay1496352411026 Mar '17 04:48Challenge Player
Subscriber tefeather2134540372848426 Mar '17 04:44Challenge Player
Subscriber Zimman17067534032807026 Mar '17 04:43Challenge Player
Standard member MacBeth12711095355126 Mar '17 04:38Challenge Player
Standard member alamak1192461151305526 Mar '17 04:33Challenge Player
Standard member WillieNelson1490124166646211326 Mar '17 04:31Challenge Player
Standard member Jerry Warrington1142811365438826 Mar '17 04:31Challenge Player
Standard member choda12007333313851726 Mar '17 04:28Challenge Player
Standard member BlakeRL13172611291161626 Mar '17 04:23Challenge Player
Standard member label1235298991831626 Mar '17 04:23Challenge Player
Standard member SmittyTime135919979479816926 Mar '17 04:20Challenge Player
Standard member Pardeep Mann105516933131526 Mar '17 04:20Challenge Player
Standard member davidwood11825502233091826 Mar '17 04:17Challenge Player
Standard member Blaven135310606054253026 Mar '17 04:13Challenge Player
Standard member Einhard11818083144771726 Mar '17 04:08Challenge Player
Subscriber Sun of Nail9858933425232826 Mar '17 04:06Challenge Player
Standard member cabbage hed1439997722026 Mar '17 04:05Challenge Player
Standard member shepherdson161231272226 Mar '17 04:05Challenge Player
Standard member butcher1234411526026 Mar '17 04:04Challenge Player
Standard member ambassodor163011877251626 Mar '17 04:03Challenge Player
Standard member modit blanc147529419398326 Mar '17 04:03Challenge Player

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