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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member knight majikonline138675853660376615924 Jan '17 13:15Challenge Player
Standard member PawnCurryonline129929591414143011524 Jan '17 13:14Challenge Player
Subscriber kingcolemkonline13803014144714868124 Jan '17 13:14Challenge Player
Standard member Destroya777online152812310712424 Jan '17 13:14Challenge Player
Donation AJAXOonline159127471246138411724 Jan '17 13:13Challenge Player
Subscriber Herriotonline141013247235406124 Jan '17 13:12Challenge Player
Subscriber neilarinionline1651220811569708224 Jan '17 13:11Challenge Player
Standard member Original spinonline149037343024 Jan '17 13:10Challenge Player
Standard member Dannyfonkonline16762333117698417324 Jan '17 13:09Challenge Player
Standard member Captain Jackonline1760514361718224 Jan '17 13:08Challenge Player
Subscriber Paul A Roberts1453116155348412424 Jan '17 13:08Challenge Player
Standard member spiralsonline14398376561592224 Jan '17 13:07Challenge Player
Subscriber gothcharlesonline1657186593580912124 Jan '17 13:07Challenge Player
Standard member moffermanonline13779775193946424 Jan '17 13:06Challenge Player
Subscriber Telboy 2online17506136470697046024 Jan '17 13:05Challenge Player
Subscriber jayaitch141954962393263047324 Jan '17 13:04Challenge Player
Subscriber jonevery1820369244873824 Jan '17 13:04Challenge Player
Subscriber Gilly115126015787248025224 Jan '17 13:04Challenge Player
Standard member Delta Dave13381215856724 Jan '17 13:02Challenge Player
Subscriber flatcap121946292514199611924 Jan '17 13:01Challenge Player
Subscriber Markchess1234200562034016811224 Jan '17 13:01Challenge Player
Standard member PawnStar66160816313722424 Jan '17 13:01Challenge Player
Standard member SexyBeast11549154174623624 Jan '17 12:59Challenge Player
Standard member dicky130827641074152616424 Jan '17 12:59Challenge Player
Standard member The White Rider92511813917682224 Jan '17 12:58Challenge Player
Standard member scorpion1016104342181783824 Jan '17 12:58Challenge Player
Standard member Hard Core Pawn13007602994243724 Jan '17 12:55Challenge Player
Standard member Mattyt1448663629124 Jan '17 12:53Challenge Player
Standard member JOHQ125110605065223224 Jan '17 12:52Challenge Player
Standard member Gnasher99913287803873296424 Jan '17 12:51Challenge Player

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