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Chess Player Directory for England

Chess Player Directory for England

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member Beatleboyonline14781803627107210427 Feb '17 02:30Challenge Player
Subscriber montagueXonline14184137174123207627 Feb '17 02:28Challenge Player
Subscriber Steve4516746313562433227 Feb '17 02:12Challenge Player
Subscriber Mandos111245481870254513327 Feb '17 02:06Challenge Player
Subscriber Britannicus89750891459347215827 Feb '17 01:54Challenge Player
Standard member SexyBeast12529374304713627 Feb '17 01:40Challenge Player
Standard member mrobi11163696162320225127 Feb '17 01:38Challenge Player
Subscriber flaminggrate139814257366375227 Feb '17 01:32Challenge Player
Standard member half cut hero1590128668149311227 Feb '17 01:30Challenge Player
Subscriber barken905173367710292727 Feb '17 01:28Challenge Player
Standard member elvisramone11638384113685927 Feb '17 01:27Challenge Player
Standard member Mark Charles Stevens133712216065189727 Feb '17 01:21Challenge Player
Subscriber BladeMan 6312334242121842827 Feb '17 01:06Challenge Player
Standard member tyzack11247863254431827 Feb '17 01:05Challenge Player
Subscriber Sevensquare14409024044386027 Feb '17 00:41Challenge Player
Subscriber drummerman1772162297451313527 Feb '17 00:40Challenge Player
Standard member Featherstep164618898761427 Feb '17 00:35Challenge Player
Subscriber robinrunaway16227514652473927 Feb '17 00:31Challenge Player
Standard member Heathcliffe15907085541282627 Feb '17 00:30Challenge Player
Subscriber Elle O16501896100276313127 Feb '17 00:30Challenge Player
Standard member Brandubh10491464498427 Feb '17 00:27Challenge Player
Standard member Hogwarts114811724427102027 Feb '17 00:24Challenge Player
Standard member lanxfox1236143161763717727 Feb '17 00:22Challenge Player
Standard member The White Rider113711984037732227 Feb '17 00:20Challenge Player
Standard member greedyblade1834269189631727 Feb '17 00:19Challenge Player
Subscriber kingray204310326952558227 Feb '17 00:15Challenge Player
Subscriber Frank S108415316598383427 Feb '17 00:15Challenge Player
Subscriber The Postman13423171155515269027 Feb '17 00:14Challenge Player
Standard member PawnCurry135329791425143811627 Feb '17 00:07Challenge Player
Standard member Bracker19731667278169971227 Feb '17 00:01Challenge Player

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