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Chess Player Directory for Australia

Chess Player Directory for Australia

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member entropy5online14492191106197215826 May '17 05:26Challenge Player
Standard member existentialdreadonline1327866323026 May '17 05:26Challenge Player
Subscriber cricketmanonline158913717915196126 May '17 05:26Challenge Player
Standard member pants pissantsonline9059163785261226 May '17 05:25Challenge Player
Standard member Sir Ponline137313197675282426 May '17 05:25Challenge Player
Standard member Kingy12online113619083105226 May '17 05:21Challenge Player
Standard member rob grimmettonline1199794039026 May '17 05:20Challenge Player
Subscriber The Puponline120310853906692626 May '17 05:19Challenge Player
Standard member shinobuonline13961739374626 May '17 05:19Challenge Player
Standard member andynguyen123online14165492522772026 May '17 05:19Challenge Player
Subscriber Quanto157031211596135417126 May '17 05:17Challenge Player
Standard member lemlimenbitters12516343862381026 May '17 05:15Challenge Player
Standard member markoskyblue12971187045326 May '17 05:15Challenge Player
Standard member sabirch11096853103621326 May '17 05:13Challenge Player
Standard member dickkyboy120312446275922526 May '17 05:12Challenge Player
Subscriber bowie712703607168318814326 May '17 05:10Challenge Player
Standard member Nathan B10245382282931726 May '17 05:09Challenge Player
Subscriber petronus12454444201923477826 May '17 05:09Challenge Player
Standard member KenHorsley16324092271483426 May '17 05:08Challenge Player
Standard member ribman131718074103326 May '17 05:08Challenge Player
Standard member GoodKnight2U126313016745864126 May '17 05:07Challenge Player
Subscriber DragonLady8594570174427854126 May '17 05:06Challenge Player
Subscriber Kewpie103678213705391420226 May '17 05:05Challenge Player
Subscriber JohnHG1151617283325926 May '17 05:03Challenge Player
Standard member quince2p 1200211026 May '17 05:01Challenge Player
Standard member MaryRose6571749163226 May '17 04:57Challenge Player
Standard member Athena1979801249372021026 May '17 04:54Challenge Player
Standard member Lordling1597261183661226 May '17 04:54Challenge Player
Subscriber kingbaz2124243571982225012526 May '17 04:51Challenge Player
Standard member Dunky1352285149128826 May '17 04:49Challenge Player

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