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Chess Player Directory for Ireland

Chess Player Directory for Ireland

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member figsonline1421865330328 Jun '17 17:33Challenge Player
Subscriber Beenyonline1420200410298839228 Jun '17 17:30Challenge Player
Standard member brambleonlinep 1292752028 Jun '17 17:28Challenge Player
Standard member briantherefonline99311305238388497328 Jun '17 17:27Challenge Player
Standard member richiemcdonline12132422102413168228 Jun '17 17:26Challenge Player
Standard member Vikenp 158116150128 Jun '17 17:22Challenge Player
Standard member adimpius12778473994153328 Jun '17 17:19Challenge Player
Standard member seamy189211834111981852828 Jun '17 17:12Challenge Player
Standard member Sir Brian148332235428 Jun '17 17:09Challenge Player
Standard member elnino9146621136228 Jun '17 17:08Challenge Player
Subscriber celtictiger138035181794160811628 Jun '17 17:06Challenge Player
Standard member Eoghan1317315982021528 Jun '17 17:03Challenge Player
Donation Ciaran112737511815182311328 Jun '17 16:47Challenge Player
Subscriber finnegan19602223119072930428 Jun '17 16:38Challenge Player
Subscriber tharg160730521530133219028 Jun '17 16:36Challenge Player
Standard member THE BUSINESS 11272253135113528 Jun '17 16:34Challenge Player
Standard member topbloke112807074392551328 Jun '17 16:33Challenge Player
Standard member mmkie15498514803215028 Jun '17 16:30Challenge Player
Subscriber mig21110846321896245428228 Jun '17 16:25Challenge Player
Subscriber Planet X13606713872701428 Jun '17 16:20Challenge Player
Standard member cornell8314597363773223728 Jun '17 16:16Challenge Player
Standard member riznob4811468152011063654928 Jun '17 16:15Challenge Player
Standard member SgtRedMustard1178633327328 Jun '17 16:14Challenge Player
Standard member griffy1812108051146210728 Jun '17 16:09Challenge Player
Standard member mickus1194169862510106328 Jun '17 16:06Challenge Player
Standard member Richardk990330191133628 Jun '17 16:05Challenge Player
Standard member pherekydes157810234574689828 Jun '17 16:02Challenge Player
Standard member redmca14331005642228 Jun '17 15:59Challenge Player
Subscriber kinggg217851063272472146123928 Jun '17 15:54Challenge Player
Standard member darksideofthemoonie129232931484159121828 Jun '17 15:40Challenge Player

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