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Chess Player Directory for Netherlands

Chess Player Directory for Netherlands

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Standard member The Dutch Touch14104932222116028 Apr '17 01:25Challenge Player
Standard member klimop943450106339528 Apr '17 01:15Challenge Player
Standard member jkrug125112895626824528 Apr '17 01:13Challenge Player
Standard member Endorphin1094605200396928 Apr '17 00:35Challenge Player
Standard member RonV196115948351221028 Apr '17 00:12Challenge Player
Subscriber reve15905283191832628 Apr '17 00:08Challenge Player
Subscriber eriron22196534171548227 Apr '17 23:49Challenge Player
Standard member elco14457093463352827 Apr '17 23:42Challenge Player
Subscriber amblessador1663184187067729427 Apr '17 23:24Challenge Player
Standard member hattamster1694997322427 Apr '17 23:16Challenge Player
Standard member Stevenzz178413497271027 Apr '17 23:09Challenge Player
Subscriber Missblanche14506743582912527 Apr '17 22:59Challenge Player
Standard member Repelsteel1287224110113127 Apr '17 22:59Challenge Player
Standard member CH831943346230724427 Apr '17 22:50Challenge Player
Standard member Andre Fivet1217925436227 Apr '17 22:50Challenge Player
Standard member Ramona07145819598871027 Apr '17 22:44Challenge Player
Subscriber Ad Parnassum147128311386127117427 Apr '17 22:43Challenge Player
Standard member Bosbeer14915973312392727 Apr '17 22:40Challenge Player
Standard member jorimgreven86317371100227 Apr '17 22:39Challenge Player
Standard member sinful16045123131653427 Apr '17 22:21Challenge Player
Subscriber HansB2088212160292327 Apr '17 22:16Challenge Player
Standard member peter1712831475490327 Apr '17 22:15Challenge Player
Subscriber Harrro16012861581111727 Apr '17 22:13Challenge Player
Standard member Jabik de Boer1548173107501627 Apr '17 22:09Challenge Player
Standard member Shallow Blue143814877571427 Apr '17 21:59Challenge Player
Standard member Jans2612991906101975313427 Apr '17 21:59Challenge Player
Standard member Streetking1175527230289827 Apr '17 21:57Challenge Player
Standard member Outpost174310866004167027 Apr '17 21:57Challenge Player
Standard member Berthus Bakfiets12269314594017127 Apr '17 21:48Challenge Player
Subscriber schor024166220290872527 Apr '17 21:47Challenge Player

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