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Chess Player Directory for Belgium

Chess Player Directory for Belgium

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber edevoonline1476935338224 Apr '17 13:17Challenge Player
Standard member joachim1107online10865632442972224 Apr '17 13:17Challenge Player
Standard member Sandymanneke127212195256266824 Apr '17 13:04Challenge Player
Subscriber nonkel140486764531369944624 Apr '17 13:04Challenge Player
Standard member foebi149321613378524 Apr '17 12:50Challenge Player
Standard member gilepsie2223288248202024 Apr '17 12:50Challenge Player
Standard member lucas5178910767962126824 Apr '17 12:13Challenge Player
Standard member Infidel666141819010873924 Apr '17 12:06Challenge Player
Subscriber SurvivorshipBias1692223131652724 Apr '17 12:00Challenge Player
Standard member bouzouk153135294224 Apr '17 11:36Challenge Player
Standard member The two Towers16237663473407924 Apr '17 11:28Challenge Player
Subscriber Raampje x131013655627139024 Apr '17 11:11Challenge Player
Subscriber de nar1207203274512375024 Apr '17 10:58Challenge Player
Standard member flore1426160310944169324 Apr '17 10:23Challenge Player
Subscriber tomroy1131225586213246924 Apr '17 10:22Challenge Player
Subscriber Tony Van Gorp1259853251224 Apr '17 09:47Challenge Player
Standard member jalanopi19274022021386224 Apr '17 09:47Challenge Player
Standard member dirty harry149986740934611224 Apr '17 09:11Challenge Player
Standard member kiekeboe146975837327511024 Apr '17 09:03Challenge Player
Standard member graalridder1512413278129624 Apr '17 08:54Challenge Player
Standard member noormehdi12109544284953124 Apr '17 08:39Challenge Player
Standard member Mephisto22201564465732624 Apr '17 07:40Challenge Player
Subscriber The Token King11824371642522124 Apr '17 07:30Challenge Player
Subscriber Mon1422198085410329424 Apr '17 07:29Challenge Player
Standard member Els81250931401355413824 Apr '17 07:22Challenge Player
Standard member CeSinge1299348188156424 Apr '17 06:42Challenge Player
Standard member fp05111191012477321524 Apr '17 06:41Challenge Player
Standard member Sergej16969017231344424 Apr '17 05:59Challenge Player
Standard member siulagrande165920015936524 Apr '17 05:54Challenge Player
Standard member jadagjan120324123024 Apr '17 04:59Challenge Player

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