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Chess Player Directory for Belgium

Chess Player Directory for Belgium

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber edevoonline15241005939223 May '17 06:52Challenge Player
Standard member Elsonline89051951421363414023 May '17 06:51Challenge Player
Subscriber Raampje xonline127713815687229123 May '17 06:44Challenge Player
Subscriber fets156623415774323 May '17 06:42Challenge Player
Standard member fp05111190412779331523 May '17 06:42Challenge Player
Standard member gilepsie2226297254202323 May '17 06:26Challenge Player
Subscriber The Token King11654431652562223 May '17 06:24Challenge Player
Standard member enrico db1435624020223 May '17 05:54Challenge Player
Standard member Sandymanneke127612505356437223 May '17 05:52Challenge Player
Subscriber superpion121911755975601823 May '17 05:44Challenge Player
Standard member polux147612055835903223 May '17 05:35Challenge Player
Standard member bouzouk160862508423 May '17 05:33Challenge Player
Subscriber King of Cydonia12812621181301423 May '17 05:15Challenge Player
Standard member Johnno76p 12641239023 May '17 05:10Challenge Player
Subscriber jeroenvo1183872760023 May '17 05:09Challenge Player
Standard member Mephisto22201567468732623 May '17 05:04Challenge Player
Standard member jadagjan119925124023 May '17 05:00Challenge Player
Standard member noormehdi11859674325043123 May '17 04:11Challenge Player
Standard member benny123snow1324502326123 May '17 02:20Challenge Player
Standard member cotte16058544593603523 May '17 00:58Challenge Player
Standard member graph16378564573594023 May '17 00:34Challenge Player
Subscriber seti136557502834275516123 May '17 00:20Challenge Player
Subscriber BartVH211510488541266822 May '17 22:24Challenge Player
Standard member flore1401161511004229322 May '17 22:07Challenge Player
Standard member fli7310321445586322 May '17 21:56Challenge Player
Subscriber tomroy1142226186513276922 May '17 21:48Challenge Player
Standard member Sergej17169107311354422 May '17 21:02Challenge Player
Standard member Frenicop 11871265122 May '17 20:57Challenge Player
Standard member dirty harry153987741634811322 May '17 20:30Challenge Player
Standard member ollevier1770230110893122 May '17 20:27Challenge Player

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