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Chess Player Directory for Belgium

Chess Player Directory for Belgium

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber Wim De Craeneonline126218959698844224 Mar '17 14:05Challenge Player
Standard member Sandymannekeonline134611825086076724 Mar '17 14:05Challenge Player
Standard member FordPrefect15311087928124 Mar '17 13:56Challenge Player
Standard member foebi151721012976524 Mar '17 13:37Challenge Player
Standard member joachim110710625542412922124 Mar '17 13:37Challenge Player
Standard member CedricV195355522124 Mar '17 13:33Challenge Player
Subscriber SurvivorshipBias1768212127592624 Mar '17 13:19Challenge Player
Standard member noormehdi12539454264883124 Mar '17 13:14Challenge Player
Standard member Vegge128010824386192524 Mar '17 11:44Challenge Player
Standard member Mephisto22201561462732624 Mar '17 11:32Challenge Player
Standard member flore1382158810854119224 Mar '17 11:30Challenge Player
Subscriber Raampje x124513435527038824 Mar '17 11:20Challenge Player
Standard member Els83849851384346613524 Mar '17 11:18Challenge Player
Standard member jalanopi19423982011366124 Mar '17 10:55Challenge Player
Subscriber The Token King11404281582492124 Mar '17 10:50Challenge Player
Subscriber Mon1327196884510309324 Mar '17 10:50Challenge Player
Standard member dirty harry150986240734411124 Mar '17 10:26Challenge Player
Standard member kingruby16611397951924 Mar '17 10:15Challenge Player
Standard member bouzoukp 147917152024 Mar '17 10:11Challenge Player
Subscriber edevo1410884838224 Mar '17 10:05Challenge Player
Standard member tvochess17084512471743024 Mar '17 09:49Challenge Player
Standard member Barten14211649857924 Mar '17 09:26Challenge Player
Standard member kiekeboe151375237227110924 Mar '17 09:05Challenge Player
Standard member rogerlon98926194162524 Mar '17 08:47Challenge Player
Standard member Limerle1684218111634424 Mar '17 08:41Challenge Player
Standard member surf007Jo1289335161167724 Mar '17 08:24Challenge Player
Subscriber BlontLeffedrinkerSr1996226175302124 Mar '17 08:16Challenge Player
Standard member gilepsie2181279240201924 Mar '17 07:23Challenge Player
Standard member siulagrande162919115235424 Mar '17 07:20Challenge Player
Subscriber BartVH210110388451256824 Mar '17 07:09Challenge Player

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