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Chess Player Directory for Sweden

Chess Player Directory for Sweden

NameRatingPlayedWonLostDrawnLast moveStart Game
Subscriber chrekhonline1402104565728438634226 Jun '17 17:10Challenge Player
Standard member jstipoonline206711662361826 Jun '17 17:07Challenge Player
Standard member PIERRE G13342911281501326 Jun '17 17:02Challenge Player
Subscriber Mr Forest119560583032266036626 Jun '17 16:56Challenge Player
Subscriber tramper16922563134499822126 Jun '17 16:55Challenge Player
Standard member Goult14991247841526 Jun '17 16:54Challenge Player
Standard member Fabricated138212566365813926 Jun '17 16:52Challenge Player
Standard member daka200015328335022894226 Jun '17 16:09Challenge Player
Standard member thoblo1568593517726 Jun '17 15:53Challenge Player
Standard member sbostrom1251462717226 Jun '17 15:35Challenge Player
Standard member Jonar15046262993131426 Jun '17 15:33Challenge Player
Standard member noe41713277188672226 Jun '17 15:27Challenge Player
Standard member rutan1057398198196426 Jun '17 15:24Challenge Player
Standard member Erik The Viking12481045441926 Jun '17 15:11Challenge Player
Standard member Permov12147713723861326 Jun '17 14:59Challenge Player
Standard member Goranmjolby149911696604515826 Jun '17 14:57Challenge Player
Standard member fm46888731556226 Jun '17 14:49Challenge Player
Standard member Niclas Strand17105183131644126 Jun '17 14:29Challenge Player
Subscriber ulferik108259012453333311526 Jun '17 14:28Challenge Player
Standard member tomros14032401221011726 Jun '17 14:12Challenge Player
Standard member Cristian Nitu141513811721026 Jun '17 14:07Challenge Player
Standard member luddeq2168200125235226 Jun '17 14:02Challenge Player
Subscriber jello65118511504127182026 Jun '17 13:31Challenge Player
Standard member Andreas B12325942533281326 Jun '17 13:12Challenge Player
Standard member mr kane14789204574313226 Jun '17 12:16Challenge Player
Standard member bjonil6088814228114026 Jun '17 12:15Challenge Player
Standard member Per Madsen1249629310312726 Jun '17 11:21Challenge Player
Standard member Torbjorn Molvig1616664614626 Jun '17 11:18Challenge Player
Subscriber TGN19349255313415326 Jun '17 11:09Challenge Player
Standard member klatjoffs146810317621907926 Jun '17 10:21Challenge Player

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