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Rebels Without A Clue
For players rated under 1200 and lightbulbs rated under 30W

Rebels Without A Clue Pending Challenges


This clan is accepting new challenges. This clan's preferred move timeout period is 3 days

Clan Challenges

OpponentMem.TimeoutTimebankPnts NetGrossChallenged
Crazy Aquarists 2 3 days 7 days-- 23 Feb '15 Preview
Star Trek 1 3 days 7 days-- 07 Feb '15 Preview
Danger Mouse 8 3 days 7 days-- 20 Jan '15 Preview
CCCP © 2 3 days 7 days-- 15 Jan '15 Preview
Tournaments On Demand! 2 3 days 7 days-- 12 Jan '15 Preview
Challenge Offered
A challenge has been made. Challenged clan leader must accept or decline.
Challenge Accepted
Awaiting start of challenge. Either clan leader may start the challenge.
Challenge Started
Challenge is underway.
Challenge Finished
The battle has been decided.