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Clans Challenge

Clans Challenge


Rebels Without A Clue vs English clan

Rebels Without A CluevsEnglish clan
tangerinefish1179white win1226D1013
tangerinefish1179white win1226D1013
rossrosenberg1083white win1315The Postman
rossrosenberg1083black win1315The Postman
FoolsM8771black win1011gording
FoolsM8771white win1011gording
le baron1017white win1025SeamusC
le baron1017black win1025SeamusC
marcemarcs1007black win1305montagueX
marcemarcs1007white win1305montagueX
malhem918white win967pawngwa
malhem918black win967pawngwa
martin williams710white win863lorddeox
martin williams710black win863lorddeox
fiesta605white win1248Donmac
fiesta605black win1248Donmac
11Games Won5
16Gross Points0
16Net Points-16

'Rebels Without A Clue' wins.

16 points awarded to winner.

16 of 16 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2011 challenge table.

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