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Clans Challenge

Clans Challenge


no clan vs Zena

no clanvsZena
Ponderable1348black win1113WelshWhirlWind
Ponderable1348black win1113WelshWhirlWind
meakame37863black win1852Cenen Herrera
meakame37863white win1852Cenen Herrera
philran1338black win1678AlexSepahpour
philran1338white win1678AlexSepahpour
mochiron1373white win1152David Greenwood
mochiron1373black win1152David Greenwood
3Games Won5
0Gross Points8
-8Net Points8

'Zena' wins.

8 points awarded to winner.

8 of 8 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2012 challenge table.

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