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Clans Challenge

Clans Challenge


Clan with a Mission
Manassa Maulers
dtwilsonblack winontheclock
dtwilsonwhite winontheclock
bdh191black winMadKnight
bdh191white winMadKnight
GMForsythewhite winstuspark
GMForsythewhite winstuspark
GruffGriffwhite windendem
GruffGriffblack windendem
sumydidblack winutherpendragon
sumydidwhite winutherpendragon
jebryblack winkaroly aczel
jebrywhite winkaroly aczel
sprochewhite winroma45
sardodoswhite winrogerpurser1
sardodosblack winrogerpurser1
6Games Won9
0Gross Points16
-16Net Points16

'Manassa Maulers' wins.

16 points awarded to winner.

16 of 16 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2012 challenge table.