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Clans Challenge

Clans Challenge


Clan with a Mission vs Manassa Maulers

Clan with a MissionvsManassa Maulers
dtwilson1255black win2347ontheclock
dtwilson1255white win2347ontheclock
bdh1911458black win1612MadKnight
bdh1911458white win1612MadKnight
GMForsythe1393white win1493stuspark
GMForsythe1393white win1493stuspark
GruffGriff1617white win1492dendem
GruffGriff1617black win1492dendem
sumydid1658black win1968utherpendragon
sumydid1658white win1968utherpendragon
jebry1581black win1296karoly aczel
jebry1581white win1296karoly aczel
sproche1335white win1372roma45
sardodos1446white win1103rogerpurser1
sardodos1446black win1103rogerpurser1
6Games Won9
0Gross Points16
-16Net Points16

'Manassa Maulers' wins.

16 points awarded to winner.

16 of 16 games scored for this challenge.

This challenge result contributed to the 2012 challenge table.

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