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Red Hot Pawn Chess Leagues : 3 Day Timeout, 7 Day Timebank : Season 2

Red Hot Pawn Chess Leagues : 3 Day Timeout, 7 Day Timebank : Season 2

4 man team clan league

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4 man teams6 man teams
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Season 2 is Finished
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Division 1

1chessperados18403613111GamesView TeamNot entered
2Ireland11402612280GamesView TeamView Team
3Son of M.U.T.I14401523247GamesView TeamView Team
4Macedonian Lions10401423345GamesView TeamView Team
5Zena14401327039GamesView TeamNot entered
6The Wycombe Clan12401028232GamesView TeamNot entered

Division 2

1The Mustangs10402810286GamesView TeamNot entered
2The Battery12402116366GamesView TeamNot entered
3Brasil20402119063GamesView TeamNot entered
4The Vikings17401821155GamesView TeamView Team
5The Pawn Stars15401721253GamesView TeamView Team
6The Swedish Clan11401028232GamesView TeamNot entered

Division 3

1KPK4403631109GamesView TeamView Team
2Former NYC Chess Club and F...6402712182GamesView TeamView Team
3The Bad Bishops13401920158GamesView TeamNot entered
4B.V.C.C.12401820256GamesView TeamView Team
5Alekhinaholics3401129033GamesView TeamNot entered
6The Internationals1240633119GamesView TeamView Team

Division 4

1Team Canada1940316396GamesView TeamNot entered
2Denmark13402511479GamesView TeamView Team
3Scotland16402514176GamesView TeamNot entered
4M.U.T.I.20401818458GamesView TeamNot entered
5Star Trek6401030030GamesView TeamNot entered
6The Europe United Clan840535015GamesView TeamNot entered

Division 5

1artistry840299289GamesView TeamView Team
2CPU (Chess Players United)19402314372GamesView TeamView Team
3Clan India12401920158GamesView TeamNot entered
4Cheeky Monkeys17401621351GamesView TeamView Team
5Pale Yellow Star Clan!17401525045GamesView TeamNot entered
6The Aristocrats12401124538GamesView TeamNot entered

Division 6

1The Jedi Knights1216141143GamesView TeamNot entered
2Manassa Maulers101696128GamesView TeamView Team
3Ancha es Castilla31601600GamesView TeamNot entered
Promotion spotRelegation spotNo change