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tatoos823 Jun '17 03:46apathistmchill
tom cruise / jack reacher806 Jun '17 17:27apathistsonhouse
bugger daenerys1230 May '17 16:57apathistsonhouse
top five from game of thrones224 May '17 20:41apathistsonhouse
civilization game625 Apr '17 13:26apathistSuzianne
Anyone see this series, Strange Empire?308 Apr '17 19:59sonhousesonhouse
The Oscars827 Mar '17 00:49Eladarkaroly aczel
Pilgrim fathers ,what if ?703 Mar '17 15:06phil3000phil3000
Carrie Fisher921 Feb '17 23:02karoly aczelkaroly aczel
Polyphonic Overtone Singing Master1205 Feb '17 15:53ThinkOfOnesonhouse
Paola Requena where are you?229 Nov '16 11:57allmankindsonhouse
Andrew Bird, does things with fiddle I never sa...112 Oct '16 21:51sonhousesonhouse
Tiny desk concert: Nickle Creek!:112 Oct '16 21:32sonhousesonhouse
Dr Feelgood206 Oct '16 22:42phil3000Blood On The Tracks
The Movie "Chronic"303 Oct '16 16:02stevemccsonhouse
Moonlight sonata on Harp Guitar!!!:302 Sep '16 06:53sonhouseSuzianne
RIP Rudy Van Gelder127 Aug '16 07:38SuzianneSuzianne
Carly Simon/James Taylor interview, 1977309 Aug '16 20:54sonhousesonhouse
4'33''330 Jul '16 18:11finnegansonhouse
Before you push the chair by Stephen Murphy229 Jul '16 12:38huckleberryhoundsonhouse
Stevie Wonder: best album?829 Jul '16 00:06NoEarthlyReasonFreakyKBH
Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, Danny !!!126 Jul '16 07:22sonhousesonhouse
Poetry Corner32221 Jun '16 01:38Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Record breaking musician dies on stage:116 May '16 20:30sonhousesonhouse
New Canadian group: "Good Lovelies" Nice!208 May '16 08:05sonhouseGrampy Bobby
We are star stuff: Neil DeGrasse Tyson108 May '16 06:08sonhousesonhouse
Living with Aspergers, a girl's perspective:108 May '16 06:00sonhousesonhouse
Genius of the year, Jeffrey Ford:108 May '16 05:52sonhousesonhouse
Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler, poor boy blues!!108 May '16 05:14sonhousesonhouse
Another great singer, Ruth Moody!108 May '16 04:55sonhousesonhouse