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Debates Forum

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No credible Brexit plan430 Apr '17 19:54finneganwhodey
Russia Bans Jehovah's Witnesses6030 Apr '17 19:51Duchess64whodey
Propaganda anno 20172430 Apr '17 19:51shavixmirFreakyKBH
The OFA1730 Apr '17 19:09checkbaiterEladar
Top sheriff: Democrats destroying black communi...6230 Apr '17 15:43checkbaiterno1marauder
Changed opinions?5930 Apr '17 15:24Sleepyguyno1marauder
Duke64?19430 Apr '17 14:29HandyAndyFreakyKBH
1 in 5 in the UK don't know how to change light...3030 Apr '17 11:49Eladarwhodey
Theresa May calls general election!61230 Apr '17 08:48AshiitakaWajoma
Trump tax plan2130 Apr '17 02:09Lundosjoe beyser
War with N. Korea11330 Apr '17 02:01vivifyjoe beyser
Ann Coulter and Berkeley630 Apr '17 01:43mchillJS357
Latest UK opinion polls6629 Apr '17 23:37Rank outsiderfinnegan
An Exercise in Public Relations Damage Control8229 Apr '17 20:33Duchess64Duchess64
Trump blames media for his failures529 Apr '17 12:28mchillKazetNagorra
Chuch Schumer vows to shut down government7028 Apr '17 15:55whodeywhodey
A Case of Anti-Asian Discrimination in the Unit...1027 Apr '17 23:42Duchess64Duchess64
Trump is Paying Mexico626 Apr '17 10:55AThousandYoungshavixmir
Were Women on the Franklin Expedition?125 Apr '17 22:27Duchess64Duchess64
Racism and Sexism in Artificial Intelligence1125 Apr '17 21:59Duchess64Duchess64
One Source of Anti-Semitism in the USA425 Apr '17 21:35Duchess64Duchess64
UK General Election Prediction Competition2825 Apr '17 06:44Rank outsiderRank outsider
News is bad for you225 Apr '17 01:50vivifyvivify
The constitution2024 Apr '17 22:52ZahlanziEladar
Commitment and relationships1024 Apr '17 18:57whodeyKingDavid403
So, the French election, anyone?1124 Apr '17 15:03shavixmirKazetNagorra
Brexit and the UK's Overseas Territories2524 Apr '17 14:52Duchess64AThousandYoung
Hate speech not protected by First Amendment4524 Apr '17 11:44whodeySuzianne
Republicans and sex crimes824 Apr '17 02:40mchillKingDavid403
Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News?2523 Apr '17 21:51LundosDuchess64