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Debates Forum

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Guns307 Oct '15 03:03whodeywhodey
Justice Burger on the gun lobby1207 Oct '15 02:06bill718no1marauder
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"Heroic" Fatah group murders 2 random civilians...6006 Oct '15 22:19sh76finnegan
Players And Pawns (book)1306 Oct '15 19:00Duchess64Duchess64
Another Celebration of American 'Gun Freedom'5706 Oct '15 17:54Duchess64Zahlanzi
Gun Control in the U.S.A.4106 Oct '15 17:05Phrannymoonbus
More Moderation in the Forums?2406 Oct '15 16:11Duchess64normbenign
Last gun shop in San Fran closes1706 Oct '15 16:08whodeynormbenign
Drugs and guns2706 Oct '15 15:59whodeynormbenign
Religious hate crime?6906 Oct '15 00:04whodeyfinnegan
Electorial change?405 Oct '15 23:43whodeybill718
What comes to mind with each candidate?305 Oct '15 20:41whodeywhodey
Nobody handed me anything on a plate9304 Oct '15 22:06ZahlanziDuchess64
Let's All Move To Sweden !3904 Oct '15 17:17FishHead111KazetNagorra
Fate of EU?3104 Oct '15 13:58whodeymoonbus
Kill the homeless? Really?1904 Oct '15 08:30whodeyAThousandYoung
The Reasons Fox Terminated Glenn Beck1703 Oct '15 22:40RJHindssonhouse
Leading From Behind6603 Oct '15 22:35Eladarfinnegan
Nuclear weapons: can you ever use them?7803 Oct '15 22:30shavixmirfinnegan
What to do with Russia and Assad3003 Oct '15 20:36whodeySERGEANTPMAIN
Pope secretly meets Kentucky woman2903 Oct '15 17:58whodeywhodey
Scientists want global warming skeptics prosecu...15502 Oct '15 09:53whodeyfinnegan
Rethinking Nero?4202 Oct '15 09:40whodeyfinnegan
Trump tax plan5702 Oct '15 07:59utherpendragonKellyJay
Obama's final goals401 Oct '15 04:45whodeybill718
A man the Pope should meet3730 Sep '15 19:26whodeyAThousandYoung
Finally!!!!!!!!!13130 Sep '15 11:48whodeywhodey
Donald Trump: 'Not my job' to defend Obama1430 Sep '15 10:32RJHindssonhouse