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FAKE NEWS ROUNDUP Look who's really generating ...904 Dec '16 22:09checkbaitercheckbaiter
US secondary education vs the world2304 Dec '16 22:02EladarEladar
U.S. to forgive 108 billion in student debt6604 Dec '16 21:17vivifyEladar
Ashamed of Donald tour704 Dec '16 21:17whodeyshavixmir
Climate Data Deniers Are Trying to ‘Bork’ Trump...3404 Dec '16 21:09checkbaitershavixmir
California regulates cow farts2204 Dec '16 20:24checkbaiterZahlanzi
Hillary won by 2 million votes?4704 Dec '16 17:00whodeyHandyAndy
Michael Slager won't be convicted504 Dec '16 15:23vivifyvivify
Trump got less than 5 percent of the vote..3704 Dec '16 06:33KunsooKunsoo
Donald Trump is going to hate being president504 Dec '16 00:52Zahlanzimchill
US style "free trade" is trade war4004 Dec '16 00:04finneganvivify
Recount9403 Dec '16 21:04EladarEladar
Deficit must be dealt with4903 Dec '16 20:47mchillEladar
Syria Burning303 Dec '16 14:41finneganwhodey
Trump succeeds where Obama wouldn't have5003 Dec '16 14:25vivifywhodey
How many prostitutes are there in the GOP2003 Dec '16 14:01ZahlanziZahlanzi
"The N-word"2003 Dec '16 11:39Great King Ratdivegeester
Adios, Mr. Castro10303 Dec '16 10:55shavixmirshavixmir
Will they actually repeal the ACA?6002 Dec '16 13:29KunsooEladar
Big Mac inventor dead702 Dec '16 07:34Kunsookquinn909
Old people try trolling on the internet2702 Dec '16 01:06ZahlanziZahlanzi
A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republica...4701 Dec '16 01:43SuzianneEladar
Shooting at Ohio State University5830 Nov '16 23:07whodeyFreakyKBH
Outsider?430 Nov '16 20:58KunsooEladar
Black Friday violence breaks out across America730 Nov '16 13:06checkbaitersonhouse
Fake news less effective with the left?5230 Nov '16 13:03Kunsoosonhouse
Hillary not wearing makeup1530 Nov '16 04:17whodeywhodey
Clinton lead at nearly 2 million and growing9729 Nov '16 23:25KunsooKunsoo
On that "rape Melania" sign2329 Nov '16 23:22KunsooKunsoo
Critical thinking and the Internet729 Nov '16 23:21KunsooKunsoo