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"Rape Apologists Need an Exercise in Empathy" (...145813 Feb '16 23:32Duchess64quackquack
Princeton Professor Caught Lying About Police3313 Feb '16 23:31FishHead111normbenign
US Supreme Court Justice Scalia dies1213 Feb '16 23:31techsouthno1marauder
Stand Trial vs Vote6413 Feb '16 23:21Eladarvivify
What Some Rape Apologists Deny Exists3013 Feb '16 23:20Duchess64Duchess64
Is Marco Rubio gay?7813 Feb '16 17:42whodeyFI230969
Kasich said Jesus wanted him to expand Medicare3513 Feb '16 17:11whodeyno1marauder
Human Sacrifice In Baltimore?1313 Feb '16 14:57FishHead111joe beyser
Six Billion People in Africa?24613 Feb '16 02:11Duchess64normbenign
Is It Wrong for Women to Support Bernie Sanders...9012 Feb '16 22:39Duchess64Duchess64
Bernie Sanders7012 Feb '16 20:48whodeyno1marauder
Bernie Sanders on immigration912 Feb '16 20:20whodeyno1marauder
USA's New Generation Of Cry Babies812 Feb '16 20:07FishHead111AThousandYoung
Best of the Best:4712 Feb '16 16:22Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Starbucks refuse to serve women in Saudi Arabia1012 Feb '16 13:53whodeynormbenign
Bernie Sanders says the federal government is l...412 Feb '16 13:53whodeywhodey
Cashless society3212 Feb '16 13:49whodeynormbenign
Starbucks in Saudi Arabia will not serve women1912 Feb '16 13:46whodeynormbenign
"15th Birthday Wishes to Red Hot Pawn"1012 Feb '16 09:40Grampy BobbyPonderable
Rubio at the Debate3411 Feb '16 23:52no1maraudernormbenign
More Rape Apologists at RHP19111 Feb '16 23:44Duchess64normbenign
Bundys Arrested2811 Feb '16 23:16no1maraudernormbenign
New Hampshire Primary Day!1510 Feb '16 23:07no1marauderno1marauder
Unintended Consequences of ACA23510 Feb '16 08:03JS357no1marauder
No title310 Feb '16 04:00whodeyjoe beyser
Trump and the Bern win NH110 Feb '16 03:02AThousandYoungAThousandYoung
Pro Life?4810 Feb '16 00:39bill718Zahlanzi
Rocket scientist dies, will be remembered for c...4910 Feb '16 00:22ZahlanziDuchess64
How Many Guns Should The Average Person Own?10509 Feb '16 22:20FishHead111Zahlanzi
Bernie Sanders Strengthens in Polls23909 Feb '16 20:46Soothfastnormbenign