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Six Billion People in Africa?21809 Feb '16 20:25Duchess64normbenign
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Unintended Consequences of ACA22409 Feb '16 20:19JS357normbenign
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Pro Life?4009 Feb '16 19:17bill718Duchess64
Rubio at the Debate2509 Feb '16 19:07no1marauderAThousandYoung
Where are all the Chavez Fanboys409 Feb '16 19:04Wajomano1marauder
Rocket scientist dies, will be remembered for c...4709 Feb '16 18:57ZahlanziAThousandYoung
Best of the Best:1909 Feb '16 18:46Grampy BobbyAThousandYoung
No title109 Feb '16 03:59WajomaWajoma
Starbucks refuse to serve women in Saudi Arabia309 Feb '16 02:59whodeynormbenign
How Many Guns Should The Average Person Own?10009 Feb '16 00:12FishHead111Wajoma
Legal ways to prevent online harassment2209 Feb '16 00:04ZahlanziZahlanzi
Why Ted Cruz must be stopped!2408 Feb '16 23:10whodeywhodey
Nations More Hated Than U.S.?4708 Feb '16 18:06vivifyKazetNagorra
USA's New Generation Of Cry Babies308 Feb '16 10:11FishHead111wolfgang59
Hillary and her e mails3608 Feb '16 02:17bill718Soothfast
Why i support Bernie sanders, by Flea5507 Feb '16 23:33Zahlanzinormbenign
"Rape Apologists Need an Exercise in Empathy" (...141207 Feb '16 01:42Duchess64normbenign
Different Economics3306 Feb '16 06:58finneganno1marauder
They Just Keep Getting Younger105 Feb '16 23:20FishHead111FishHead111
"15th Birthday Wishes to Red Hot Pawn"805 Feb '16 04:19Grampy BobbyGrampy Bobby
Obama lied again.1804 Feb '16 09:48whodeyBadwater
Donald Trump2004 Feb '16 08:58RJHindsZahlanzi
Iowa Caucus7704 Feb '16 03:23no1marauderno1marauder
Taking Symbols Out of Cultural Context1803 Feb '16 23:39Duchess64normbenign
John Kerry in deep doodoo with e-mails303 Feb '16 14:05whodeyjoe beyser
Sex Zika in the US!403 Feb '16 13:35shavixmirjoe beyser
How to deal with big banks: Sanders vs Clinton603 Feb '16 09:34Zahlanzitwhitehead