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Debates Forum

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Hungry opposes immigration policies of the EU629 Jul '16 13:21whodeyWajoma
One tiny Trump comment3829 Jul '16 13:18ZahlanziZahlanzi
Apocaloptimist929 Jul '16 13:04whodeyWajoma
Trump Press Conference4429 Jul '16 12:40no1marauderkmax87
Bernie Sanders leaves the Dimocrat party1329 Jul '16 12:08whodeyquackquack
DNC, tear down that fence!729 Jul '16 11:51whodeySuzianne
Michael Bloomberg DNC speech429 Jul '16 11:22ZahlanziSuzianne
US Police Traning2029 Jul '16 09:34finneganRank outsider
The Real America6529 Jul '16 08:53kmax87Zahlanzi
Mr Trumps Speech9529 Jul '16 08:19robbie carrobieZahlanzi
Banning Russian Athletes from the 2016 Olympics629 Jul '16 01:54Duchess64vivify
An Illegal Immigrant in the USA1028 Jul '16 18:01Duchess64Duchess64
Machete Killing in Germany728 Jul '16 15:02AThousandYoungPonderable
Stabbing in France3528 Jul '16 02:29Great King RatDuchess64
2,200 blacks shot!5427 Jul '16 20:16whodeyDuchess64
RNC vs DNC227 Jul '16 18:35RBHILLvivify
For Bernie or Bust bros827 Jul '16 13:58ZahlanziZahlanzi
Cardinal says Islam wants to dominate the world527 Jul '16 12:09whodeyno1marauder
Bernie and Ted2227 Jul '16 11:54KellyJayno1marauder
Yet another horrendous development127 Jul '16 11:51Great King RatGreat King Rat
Libtard Paradise Celebrated in Normandy627 Jul '16 02:09EladarSuzianne
Kerry or Hillary?627 Jul '16 02:06whodeySuzianne
Only 200K for a Private Dinner with Hillary...1726 Jul '16 23:53joe shmolemon lime
Israel to expel Palestinians from Knesset4126 Jul '16 23:49finnegansh76
Bernie Sanders speech at DNC3526 Jul '16 23:25Zahlanzilemon lime
"Fox News Boss Fired Anchor For Refusing Sexual...4326 Jul '16 20:21Duchess64Duchess64
Free abortions?2626 Jul '16 19:39whodeyDuchess64
Jon Stewart on Trump1026 Jul '16 17:04ZahlanziFreakyKBH
Hillary Clinton speech5226 Jul '16 15:49Zahlanziwhodey
Mass Stabbing in Tokyo526 Jul '16 09:52joe shmoSuzianne