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What if pro-lifers were more pro-life?3413 Oct '15 11:28ZahlanziZahlanzi
We must control the food industry.2913 Oct '15 10:21finneganfinnegan
Chinese Woman Wins Nobel Prize in Medicine1213 Oct '15 10:14Duchess64finnegan
"Heroic" Fatah group murders 2 random civilians...10513 Oct '15 10:10sh76finnegan
Nobody handed me anything on a plate14312 Oct '15 20:37ZahlanziDuchess64
English prime minister shags dead pig5412 Oct '15 16:40shavixmirsonhouse
Thomas Piketty on South Africa4012 Oct '15 16:08Duchess64no1marauder
More Moderation in the Forums?4612 Oct '15 10:25Duchess64kmax87
Who controls education?911 Oct '15 21:50JS357JS357
Fate of EU?3611 Oct '15 19:15whodeyFishHead111
Question for 2nd amendment supporters2211 Oct '15 18:34JS357twhitehead
Drugs and guns3611 Oct '15 08:40whodeymoonbus
Candidates with the most money is....1111 Oct '15 06:57whodeyWajoma
Obama not welcomed in Oregon1111 Oct '15 06:10whodeykmax87
US Collegiate Debate Champions1010 Oct '15 02:28FishHead111whodey
An example of good guy with a gun4909 Oct '15 22:03ZahlanziZahlanzi
Justice Burger on the gun lobby2909 Oct '15 19:16bill718normbenign
Was the Iran deal illegal?109 Oct '15 17:49whodeywhodey
Gun Control in the U.S.A.4208 Oct '15 16:46Phrannynormbenign
Another Celebration of American 'Gun Freedom'6908 Oct '15 16:29Duchess64normbenign
Go back home Emily!1208 Oct '15 15:49whodeynormbenign
Guns1008 Oct '15 13:23whodeynormbenign
It's time for a celebration!208 Oct '15 12:38whodeywhodey
Obama on oregon college shootings4408 Oct '15 00:20FishHead111Eladar
Players And Pawns (book)1407 Oct '15 16:35Duchess64normbenign
Last gun shop in San Fran closes1706 Oct '15 16:08whodeynormbenign
Religious hate crime?6906 Oct '15 00:04whodeyfinnegan
Electorial change?405 Oct '15 23:43whodeybill718
What comes to mind with each candidate?305 Oct '15 20:41whodeywhodey
Let's All Move To Sweden !3904 Oct '15 17:17FishHead111KazetNagorra