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The Honeymoon is over226 Nov '15 02:54bill718sonhouse
It's time to declare animals as sentient beings...2126 Nov '15 02:52sonhousesonhouse
Ted Cruz3626 Nov '15 00:41whodeyDuchess64
Increasing Islamopobia in the USA8526 Nov '15 00:27Duchess64Duchess64
Dreamers1525 Nov '15 23:53whodeyRJHinds
Some stupid things RJHinds has said6325 Nov '15 23:48sonhousenormbenign
Obama is fighting ISIS the only way he knows ho...825 Nov '15 23:28whodeynormbenign
Turkey Shoot Down Russian Airplane6425 Nov '15 23:26RJHindsnormbenign
40% of millennials support government censorshi...2125 Nov '15 23:16whodeynormbenign
Osborne's Tory Lies [UK Only]1525 Nov '15 23:13finneganAmaurote
The Degrowth movement5125 Nov '15 15:24whodeywhodey
Freedom for Jonathan Pollard10225 Nov '15 02:11Duchess64RJHinds
Muslims protest in Paris against jihad4725 Nov '15 01:21whodeyRJHinds
Inciting Racial Hatred and Violence1225 Nov '15 00:49RJHindsRJHinds
What should our response be to terrorism?8525 Nov '15 00:18whodeyRJHinds
Black Feet Matter1424 Nov '15 18:00RJHindsnormbenign
The Cult of ISIS1724 Nov '15 13:09whodeyno1marauder
Free TV air time for Republican candidates224 Nov '15 10:12bill718RJHinds
Hillary wants another 65000 Syrian refugees7324 Nov '15 09:50whodeyRJHinds
Illegal Invasion of America9924 Nov '15 04:48RJHindsRJHinds
Adding to the Sum of Tears5924 Nov '15 01:02Duchess64RJHinds
St. Louis Crime423 Nov '15 23:40RJHindsRJHinds
Carson would monitor "Anti American Groups"1623 Nov '15 18:56bill718normbenign
Emp2423 Nov '15 04:00lemondropnormbenign
Who Remembers the OAS?823 Nov '15 00:44Duchess64RJHinds
Do we really need an outsider?2222 Nov '15 00:57bill718RJHinds
The Clinton Political Machine2022 Nov '15 00:17RJHindsRJHinds
More Mexicans leaving the USA than entering1021 Nov '15 23:06bill718RJHinds
Some Stupid Things Hillary Clinton Has Said3021 Nov '15 22:41RJHindsRJHinds
Trump: "Our Wages are Too High"6121 Nov '15 20:25no1marauderRJHinds