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  1. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    06 May '06 18:32
    Sure you have not changed a browser setting? Turned javascript off, perhaps?
  2. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    06 May '06 19:33
    Quick work around.

    Shrink your browser until the popup tool tip pops to the left of the icon.

    Click the icon.

    I can see this is a problem though for those using lower resolutions and it will need a fix.

  3. 07 May '06 02:18
    I noticed having some difficulties archiving a game.I had similar difficulties sending a move reminder.I am sorry to be so ignorant as to ask,what is shrinking the browser? Do you drag the header up or down?
  4. Subscriber Smiffy
    07 May '06 14:59
    iv had same problem games are not going to the folders god this is weird.
  5. 07 May '06 23:51
    Thanks for the tips guys.I do apologize for being"PC challenged."
    After using trial and error I got what was meant by browser shrinkage.
  6. Subscriber Smiffy
    08 May '06 11:15
    Originally posted by Sicilian Smaug
    Did you try the shrinking the window trick, skipper?
    Yea sorted now thanks
  7. Subscriber Russ
    RHP Code Monkey
    09 May '06 07:54
    Originally posted by smiffy
    Yea sorted now thanks
    This is now fixed.