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Help Forum

  1. 28 Nov '10 16:31
    I have 2 clan challenges that have finished apart from 2 outstanding games in both instances. The players in the outstanding games have not made any moves but no time outs have been claimed by either player. I checked the players' profiles and found neither had moved for 211 and 543 days respectively. Is there any way I can wrap up the challenges so that points can be awarded? I have tried contacting the player in my clan with no response. If he is not playing on the site I guess he will not respond. All the games had time outs and show as exhausted yet the wins/losses have not been allocated. Any ideas?
  2. 28 Nov '10 17:36
    Any of these "Catch-22" situations can be handled by the powers that be at RHP. Use "send feedback" (at the bottom of any page) and Russ and company can probably fix it for you.
  3. 28 Nov '10 18:24
    ok. cheers