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Danish Gambit Fantasy526 Oct '16 21:58Ragwortgreenpawn34
North American Loonies326 Oct '16 12:58mchillmoonbus
Chess Beans and Paul Morphy524 Oct '16 19:08greenpawn34sonhouse
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Chess Rythm and Blues824 Oct '16 12:05greenpawn34greenpawn34
Could expert level today beat 18th century mast...2321 Oct '16 17:37sonhouseMarinkatomb
What direction should the knights face?1215 Oct '16 18:34SpectatorsEladar
Sign this petition to FIDE to fight women's opp...715 Oct '16 04:41byedidiaEdward Baste
Hope everyone...1012 Oct '16 21:13ketchuploversonhouse
Cenerentola blunders a rook!!5210 Oct '16 18:19Ragworttvochess
Mosquito to C1---is it a portent?110 Oct '16 04:41SpectatorsSpectators
Clans??407 Oct '16 11:29sundown316ketchuplover
Fritz (15) : Playing Strength slider vs Engine504 Oct '16 06:39peewee678peewee678
Agon has a plan to improve the WC webcast701 Oct '16 00:52byedidiatonytiger41
Query Judit Polgar via....630 Sep '16 21:28ketchuplovermichelleon
Twitcher and judderer (2)230 Sep '16 18:49vanderveldemoonbus
RIP Mark Dvoretsky429 Sep '16 02:41sundown316Fernando Nano Cassanova
Free Membership for Titled Chess Players?327 Sep '16 18:05ItalianMachinesonhouse
The 2016 Chess Olympiad (the blunders)721 Sep '16 13:45greenpawn34moonbus
Finite number of possible games1020 Sep '16 18:50Jerrardmoonbus
the next wunderkind419 Sep '16 12:28moonbusgreenpawn34
For Freaky:119 Sep '16 12:10sonhousesonhouse
FIDE's cash reserves...416 Sep '16 01:34ketchuploversundown316
2016 Baku Chess Olympiad begins Sept 11613 Sep '16 20:53blunderdogsundown316
The Scotch Game + The Olympiad612 Sep '16 12:23greenpawn34greenpawn34
The Carlsen-Karjakin WCC match...1811 Sep '16 20:32sundown316blunderdog
One Day Ladder.504 Sep '16 12:15greenpawn34greenpawn34
Pub game530 Aug '16 18:54DeepThoughtsonhouse
Clan challenge,s328 Aug '16 20:17Steve45Steve45