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teleportation626 Jul '16 06:32apathistDeepThought
why would this perpetual motion machine not wor...2225 Jul '16 17:55humyhumy
Earth has captured a second moon, says NASA4224 Jul '16 15:52Suziannehumy
Differentials,Models, etc...1023 Jul '16 21:45joe shmojoe shmo
observations confirm climate model predictions723 Jul '16 17:37humyhumy
Earth breaks 12th straight monthly heat record11023 Jul '16 17:27humyhumy
Question about vacuum chuck forces:621 Jul '16 22:02sonhousetwhitehead
Nanotechnology, storage device.319 Jul '16 15:54DeepThoughtsonhouse
Epilepsy in cats218 Jul '16 17:57FMFDeepThought
Question about cone cell sensitivity916 Jul '16 20:05humyDeepThought
cheaper heat resistant neodymium magnets616 Jul '16 17:31humysonhouse
osmotic power renewable energy1915 Jul '16 17:57humysonhouse
Novel smartphone vulnerability.113 Jul '16 07:48DeepThoughtDeepThought
Language question for our scientist friends2212 Jul '16 21:24vistesdDeepThought
superstition hampering science2411 Jul '16 22:18humytwhitehead
experimental evidence for one harmful effect of...111 Jul '16 11:41humyhumy
Kugelblitz710 Jul '16 22:02vivifyapathist
Longest maths proof would take 10 billion years...309 Jul '16 21:50humytwhitehead
Regrowing teeth instead of fillings:709 Jul '16 19:09sonhousesonhouse
can something exist literally 'infinitely' far ...9708 Jul '16 16:04humytwhitehead
artificial neural networks beat conventional qu...206 Jul '16 10:54humysonhouse
Juno enters Jupiter orbit. It frigging worked!105 Jul '16 05:03sonhousesonhouse
Chinese super radio telescope finished:104 Jul '16 17:46sonhousesonhouse
Perovskites, possible 31% efficiency solar cell...104 Jul '16 15:35sonhousesonhouse
Dennis Whyte, newest work in fusion, MIT:804 Jul '16 14:19sonhousesonhouse
Neat device, levitating solar powered motor!:830 Jun '16 22:00sonhousesonhouse
Does anyone here know anything about Surreal nu...1329 Jun '16 15:14twhiteheadtwhitehead
Windmill ship?1728 Jun '16 12:15humysonhouse
Feminine looking women can't be scientists:3227 Jun '16 19:27sonhouseDuchess64
IBM makes 1000 core processor!:824 Jun '16 12:42sonhousetwhitehead