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Arctic Greening - a negative feedback cycle?10022 Mar '17 20:26sh76humy
Anthropogenic global warming myth19522 Mar '17 20:25Metal Brainwildgrass
Oldest, largest body of water ever discovered621 Mar '17 19:02vivifytwhitehead
Wood + positive charge polymer=pure water521 Mar '17 17:49sonhousesonhouse
Electro Patenting Wire1220 Mar '17 20:45joe shmojoe shmo
whole-animal-free meat2020 Mar '17 17:16humytwhitehead
The Moon and Design67219 Mar '17 15:52chaney3sonhouse
nanocircuit that uses quantum randomness517 Mar '17 07:54humyhumy
micro biology question1116 Mar '17 18:40wormertwhitehead
Predicting the past1416 Mar '17 14:06Metal BrainMetal Brain
Elon's hyperloop under construction:5914 Mar '17 09:58sonhousehumy
New state of matter413 Mar '17 14:46whodeysonhouse
Variable Mass Rockets2408 Mar '17 04:45joe shmoDeepThought
Bumblebees playing soccer!:305 Mar '17 15:59sonhousesonhouse
Chronic fatigue syndrome, a real condition:2428 Feb '17 21:31sonhousesonhouse
Sound focus with metamaterials:127 Feb '17 16:15sonhousesonhouse
At least 3 planets in habital zone, one star:3327 Feb '17 07:50sonhousesonhouse
Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Joe Rogan podcast223 Feb '17 18:59IlluminatiMetal Brain
NOAA busted over 'climate haitus':3323 Feb '17 18:50sonhouseMetal Brain
flexible wind turbine blades1123 Feb '17 09:18humytwhitehead
Queens, NYC, most languages on Earth:122 Feb '17 16:14sonhousesonhouse
SpaceX lands another one.721 Feb '17 15:05twhiteheadtwhitehead
Life between a rock and a hard place119 Feb '17 08:05moonbusmoonbus
How many continents are there?1519 Feb '17 03:25whodeySoothfast
Quasistatic cavity resonance, power in room:118 Feb '17 14:09sonhousesonhouse
Churchill thinking just like a scientist!817 Feb '17 21:12humytwhitehead
Refreezing the Arctic ice:515 Feb '17 14:25sonhousetwhitehead
PRODUCING gravity waves with LIGO!:513 Feb '17 20:14sonhousesonhouse
cheap flow battery for off-the-grid energy stor...913 Feb '17 15:45humytwhitehead
Renewable car tires from trees, grass211 Feb '17 12:52humysonhouse