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logical and causal possibilities and proofs4506 Feb '16 11:21humyhumy
My cat's physical disability706 Feb '16 10:29FMFFMF
any examples of 'modeless' continuous probabili...14803 Feb '16 08:13humyhumy
New: theory of conspiracy theories:7002 Feb '16 16:39sonhouseDeepThought
AI plays go1731 Jan '16 04:09moonbussonhouse
Boosting food crop yields 'can protect biodiver...630 Jan '16 20:09NoEarthlyReasonNoEarthlyReason
some ongoing progress in renewables1229 Jan '16 11:16humyhumy
Carbon nanotubes for coax cables:127 Jan '16 16:21sonhousesonhouse
Flying in a Drone1727 Jan '16 12:25Duchess64twhitehead
Marvin Minsky just died, 88 years old:126 Jan '16 18:37sonhousesonhouse
greenish picture of the Milky Way826 Jan '16 08:32humyhumy
Crazy dimming star, we have data 100 years725 Jan '16 21:15sonhousesonhouse
Hanlon's Corollary?425 Jan '16 14:11googlefudgetwhitehead
9th planet possibly found, 40 billion miles out...523 Jan '16 21:16sonhousesonhouse
Scott Kelly playing water ping pong on ISS:)122 Jan '16 14:23sonhousesonhouse
Humans have 10X as much memory capacoty!:121 Jan '16 11:22sonhousesonhouse
chess shrinks your brain121 Jan '16 07:42moonbusmoonbus
Comparing Drains721 Jan '16 01:04joe shmojoe shmo
accurately measuring heartbeats remotely with m...120 Jan '16 08:08humyhumy
Artistic logarithmic view of entire universe!619 Jan '16 23:32sonhousesonhouse
The end of leukaemia? Hope this one does it:119 Jan '16 15:28sonhousesonhouse
The end of physics?1419 Jan '16 08:13whodeyhumy
SpaceX successfully re-landeds Falcon 91718 Jan '16 11:58twhiteheadtwhitehead
some improvement in biofuel production method518 Jan '16 10:37humytwhitehead
Why do Gravity waves move at c?2217 Jan '16 05:25sonhouseDeepThought
Actual discoveries (published) in 2016713 Jan '16 23:33ptoblerptobler
Oldest wood carving found. 11,000 years old!:113 Jan '16 18:45sonhousesonhouse
Gads@ Nitrogen Ice glaciers on Pluto:113 Jan '16 18:37sonhousesonhouse
Young Earther cosmology:4213 Jan '16 13:59sonhousemenace71
Silly guesses for what will be discovered in 20...1609 Jan '16 15:34ptoblerhumy