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Dino trapped in amber409 Dec '16 18:56whodeywhodey
Curiosity on Mars, secret announcement due?109 Dec '16 18:31sonhousesonhouse
Is the Earth really a spinning ball?5409 Dec '16 18:12Bosse de Nagehumy
supernatural6509 Dec '16 17:52apathisthumy
Anthropogenic global warming myth6508 Dec '16 23:37Metal Brainsonhouse
Test to prove Earths spins:7207 Dec '16 13:14sonhousetwhitehead
GM crops14004 Dec '16 14:47robbie carrobieapathist
Maths problem; what is the solution to this int...2829 Nov '16 21:31humyDeepThought
New supercapacitor charged by body heat:827 Nov '16 14:11sonhousesonhouse
Ice on Mars 75 to 150 meters thick:122 Nov '16 19:52sonhousesonhouse
Unicycling3617 Nov '16 15:56joe shmojoe shmo
NASA webcam 1080 HD217 Nov '16 09:31robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Black hole event horizon 130 BILLION km!716 Nov '16 11:21sonhousesonhouse
NASA shot down the ESA Schiaparelli lander!712 Nov '16 16:26sonhouseDeepThought
New gravity theory, no dark matter, like MOND.411 Nov '16 15:35sonhousetwhitehead
Heart regeneration, at 7% O2!602 Nov '16 09:53sonhousesonhouse
We have underestimated sea rise in century 20.102 Nov '16 09:52sonhousesonhouse
Example of how understanding evolution can save...801 Nov '16 01:03humyapathist
Complex magnetic fields made with 3D printer:430 Oct '16 06:52sonhouseapathist
The age of the universe thread10329 Oct '16 15:15divegeesterapathist
Margaret Hamilton, coding genius of Apollo:229 Oct '16 08:25sonhouseapathist
Research trip circumnavigating Antarctica528 Oct '16 15:21sonhousesonhouse
The world in 2045 maybe:1028 Oct '16 10:42sonhousesonhouse
gravity waves in early universe times from shoc...428 Oct '16 10:12sonhousesonhouse
Goodbye accelerated expansion:1124 Oct '16 12:13sonhousesonhouse
Ultra low power transistors, nanowatts to run:120 Oct '16 18:59sonhousesonhouse
The Higgs Bison: mystery species in cave art:420 Oct '16 16:18sonhousetwhitehead
A nice astronomy site:416 Oct '16 15:51sonhousemenace71
Allowing nerves to fix themselves:415 Oct '16 17:34sonhousetwhitehead
mond1914 Oct '16 20:49apathistDeepThought