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Plastic eating Caterpillar.1126 Apr '17 10:50DeepThoughttwhitehead
Sun interaction with interstellar space:125 Apr '17 12:48sonhousesonhouse
Negative mass1824 Apr '17 21:26moonbusDeepThought
Dr. Harry Huskey died, computer pioneer.124 Apr '17 13:17sonhousesonhouse
Anthropogenic global warming myth23523 Apr '17 07:19Metal Brainhumy
Predicting the past1822 Apr '17 17:54Metal Brainwildgrass
Arctic Greening - a negative feedback cycle?12322 Apr '17 15:17sh76Metal Brain
Life possible on Enceladus1021 Apr '17 06:45sonhouseapathist
Anyone study 'constructor theory'?820 Apr '17 15:55sonhousetwhitehead
electronic control of laser polarization, Thz r...120 Apr '17 13:55sonhousesonhouse
Microbio question1619 Apr '17 19:26wormerwormer
The Moon and Design67418 Apr '17 10:52chaney3sonhouse
Word of the day: chemolithoautotrophic213 Apr '17 00:10sonhouseapathist
Ice ages come now every 100,000 years, roughly1811 Apr '17 22:39sonhousejoe shmo
Another micro question311 Apr '17 17:04wormerDeepThought
60% solar cells possible now.1711 Apr '17 14:32sonhousesonhouse
whole-animal-free meat4610 Apr '17 11:13humysonhouse
Bird drone as modern scarecrow:106 Apr '17 13:07sonhousesonhouse
Scientists reverse aging in mice1506 Apr '17 11:47vivifysonhouse
Enhanced antibiotic activity: Maple syrup.905 Apr '17 16:18sonhousesonhouse
What's wrong with these numbers:1004 Apr '17 17:34sonhousesonhouse
"sci-fi" treatment for brain tumors:102 Apr '17 19:41sonhousesonhouse
What keeps a bicycle upright?3831 Mar '17 17:43Metal Brainmoonbus
SpaceX relaunches a first stage331 Mar '17 12:29twhiteheadtwhitehead
Reproducibility3629 Mar '17 14:02DeepThoughtwildgrass
"Unchanged" for millions of years527 Mar '17 17:27vivifytwhitehead
Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Joe Rogan podcast427 Mar '17 14:36IlluminatiMetal Brain
Oldest, largest body of water ever discovered621 Mar '17 19:02vivifytwhitehead
Wood + positive charge polymer=pure water521 Mar '17 17:49sonhousesonhouse
Electro Patenting Wire1220 Mar '17 20:45joe shmojoe shmo