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Mercury causes homosexuality1728 May '16 22:31EladarKazetNagorra
maths question about a modified binomial distri...728 May '16 20:18humyDeepThought
Earth breaks 12th straight monthly heat record3628 May '16 15:57humyhumy
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many-worlds fail15528 May '16 05:51apathisthumy
Pulling on a Sandwiched Block1228 May '16 00:48joe shmojoe shmo
An absolutely brilliant woman: Ada Lovelace127 May '16 22:48sonhousesonhouse
Naproxen negatively effects hearts:927 May '16 04:56sonhouseJS357
Possible 5th force of nature:126 May '16 15:17sonhousesonhouse
"How Do Starfish Mate?"1125 May '16 12:05Grampy Bobbytwhitehead
Why space is 3D + time:721 May '16 05:23sonhouselemon lime
two questions about German tank problem220 May '16 12:09humyhumy
Early Earth atmosphere was about ~0.5 atms at s...1817 May '16 15:18humyhumy
Resident doc's on strike in England, good reaso...916 May '16 15:08sonhouseEladar
Quebec teen discovers probable Mayan city914 May '16 10:15NoEarthlyReasonsonhouse
45,000 year old ax fragment, Australia:613 May '16 13:16sonhouseNoEarthlyReason
prehistoric stone ball found1510 May '16 18:42humysonhouse
3 goldilocks zone planets around 1 star:2007 May '16 17:05sonhousesonhouse
Worlds smallest RC airplane: 66 mm!:1404 May '16 13:04sonhousesonhouse
Winds from 2 black holes going at 1/4 c!:128 Apr '16 10:26sonhousesonhouse
Question about energy at one wavelength:19925 Apr '16 10:18sonhousetwhitehead
the sugar consiracy2424 Apr '16 10:41robbie carrobieDeepThought
Gene editing one letter at a time now:123 Apr '16 12:00sonhousesonhouse
Odds and probability1223 Apr '16 00:11vivifyDeepThought
1 TRILLION frame/second camera: TED talk122 Apr '16 22:01sonhousesonhouse
no title422 Apr '16 18:36wolfgang59humy
Significant new tech: Three color IR detector:122 Apr '16 17:48sonhousesonhouse
Can other liquids become steam?819 Apr '16 17:39vivifytwhitehead
Rice university, electric fields makes nanorods...117 Apr '16 20:34sonhousesonhouse
Question about 'one atom magnet':515 Apr '16 16:18sonhousesonhouse