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Possible 5th force of nature, game changer!:116 Aug '16 00:20sonhousesonhouse
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Alien superstructure1413 Aug '16 04:45whodeysonhouse
Greenland sharks can live to be 400 years old!111 Aug '16 18:28sonhousesonhouse
teleportation1110 Aug '16 22:52apathistapathist
Ph accuracy.3610 Aug '16 21:19robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Earth breaks 12th straight monthly heat record13010 Aug '16 06:03humyhumy
Game changing super lube for engines:909 Aug '16 19:34sonhousesonhouse
1300 astrophysics codes, ASCL.net108 Aug '16 08:54sonhousesonhouse
Question about vacuum chuck forces:3507 Aug '16 03:35sonhousesonhouse
Kugelblitz905 Aug '16 06:57vivifysonhouse
100,000 times stronger than steel?203 Aug '16 14:25sonhousetwhitehead
2016 International Mathematical Olympiad1102 Aug '16 09:25Duchess64sonhouse
why would this perpetual motion machine not wor...3001 Aug '16 16:54humytwhitehead
Talk about recycling!:128 Jul '16 12:49sonhousesonhouse
Differentials,Models, etc...1023 Jul '16 21:45joe shmojoe shmo
observations confirm climate model predictions723 Jul '16 17:37humyhumy
Nanotechnology, storage device.319 Jul '16 15:54DeepThoughtsonhouse
Epilepsy in cats218 Jul '16 17:57FMFDeepThought
Question about cone cell sensitivity916 Jul '16 20:05humyDeepThought
cheaper heat resistant neodymium magnets616 Jul '16 17:31humysonhouse
osmotic power renewable energy1915 Jul '16 17:57humysonhouse