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Goodbye accelerated expansion:422 Oct '16 10:21sonhousesonhouse
The age of the universe thread6622 Oct '16 09:49divegeesterapathist
The world in 2045 maybe:121 Oct '16 10:53sonhousesonhouse
Anthropogenic global warming myth621 Oct '16 00:01Metal Brainsonhouse
Ultra low power transistors, nanowatts to run:120 Oct '16 18:59sonhousesonhouse
The Higgs Bison: mystery species in cave art:420 Oct '16 16:18sonhousetwhitehead
A nice astronomy site:416 Oct '16 15:51sonhousemenace71
Allowing nerves to fix themselves:415 Oct '16 17:34sonhousetwhitehead
Test to prove Earths spins:5315 Oct '16 14:36sonhousesonhouse
mond1914 Oct '16 20:49apathistDeepThought
Big bang as Big Bounce:914 Oct '16 00:03sonhousesonhouse
Bee lives matter or global warming1413 Oct '16 20:27KellyJayMetal Brain
Eye drops that reduces cataracts:112 Oct '16 14:37sonhousesonhouse
water211 Oct '16 15:11apathistsonhouse
Egypt's Core #71211 Oct '16 14:56chaney3sonhouse
Roscosmos/ESA mars probe lands soon, maybe.311 Oct '16 14:51sonhousesonhouse
Bee lives matter2508 Oct '16 15:57KellyJaytwhitehead
Something new: Electron optics105 Oct '16 18:32sonhousesonhouse
Putting an electron microscope on Mars:104 Oct '16 13:31sonhousesonhouse
Found a nice science/tech site: Engadget104 Oct '16 10:53sonhousesonhouse
Major new source of greenhouse gasses:1403 Oct '16 09:27sonhousetwhitehead
China's 500 meter radio telescope finished:430 Sep '16 21:48sonhouseDuchess64
Dark matter galaxy, not many stars:3429 Sep '16 12:12sonhousetwhitehead
Word of the day: Flexoelectricity:328 Sep '16 14:49sonhousesonhouse
Black triangle aircraft ?326 Sep '16 08:11menace71twhitehead
For Metal Brain: Read this3824 Sep '16 16:50sonhousesonhouse
Bad Science Again123 Sep '16 19:46finneganfinnegan
Attraction from outside our universe:3223 Sep '16 18:24sonhouseDeepThought
Sugar Industry corrupted health research2422 Sep '16 13:25finnegansonhouse
Biological And Cultural Evolution715 Sep '16 08:35JS357twhitehead