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Arctic Greening - a negative feedback cycle?3220 Jan '17 10:57sh76humy
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Anthropogenic global warming myth13919 Jan '17 18:39Metal Brainhumy
Life span and evolution8519 Jan '17 18:29Metal Brainhumy
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Idea to test curvature of Earth:4818 Jan '17 16:57sonhousetwhitehead
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Negative differential resistance:406 Jan '17 18:56sonhouseDeepThought
Study confirms steady warming of oceans for pas...105 Jan '17 10:31humyhumy
starship earth7405 Jan '17 09:45apathistapathist
Re-Heating a Bath2827 Dec '16 07:40joe shmotwhitehead
Thermoelectric Materials225 Dec '16 15:34John Osmarsonhouse
Curiosity on Mars, secret announcement due?6824 Dec '16 08:59sonhousetwhitehead
Test to prove Earths spins:8121 Dec '16 14:18sonhousesonhouse
The age of the universe thread10620 Dec '16 21:58divegeesterDeepThought
Evidence of an imminent zombie apocalypse720 Dec '16 13:45wildgrasssonhouse
Is this mean average defined?616 Dec '16 09:07humyDeepThought
Is the Earth really a spinning ball?7715 Dec '16 17:08Bosse de Nagesonhouse
London Fog of 1952215 Dec '16 13:42Duchess64sonhouse
GM crops14113 Dec '16 14:17robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Echo's detected in gravity waves:213 Dec '16 09:04sonhouseapathist
supernatural8011 Dec '16 12:17apathisttwhitehead
Dino trapped in amber509 Dec '16 20:49whodeytwhitehead
Maths problem; what is the solution to this int...2829 Nov '16 21:31humyDeepThought
New supercapacitor charged by body heat:827 Nov '16 14:11sonhousesonhouse
Ice on Mars 75 to 150 meters thick:122 Nov '16 19:52sonhousesonhouse
Unicycling3617 Nov '16 15:56joe shmojoe shmo
NASA webcam 1080 HD217 Nov '16 09:31robbie carrobierobbie carrobie
Black hole event horizon 130 BILLION km!716 Nov '16 11:21sonhousesonhouse