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Gospel of Jesus' wife5202 Dec '16 16:53chaney3leunammi
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The Trinity conquers Racism3702 Dec '16 09:04sonshipSuzianne
100 Roads1701 Dec '16 23:37EladarEladar
Parable of the king and debt4930 Nov '16 00:07EladarKellyJay
Divegeester is Really a Nice Guy16428 Nov '16 16:21sonshipdivegeester
If you obey my commands2728 Nov '16 02:04EladarEladar
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Intelligent? Design39526 Nov '16 03:41667joesonhouse
The Structure of Revelation 1410125 Nov '16 18:55sonshipsonship
No Sin in Heaven1024 Nov '16 05:48Andrew KernKellyJay
He 3:412924 Nov '16 03:23roigamFMF
Jesus died for all sin so...4224 Nov '16 03:13EladarFMF
Spirituality13123 Nov '16 14:57Badwatersonship
LemonJello plum line, second hand2222 Nov '16 17:49KellyJayEladar
Religious People Understand the World Less11522 Nov '16 16:41avalanchethecatEladar
religion is like language822 Nov '16 02:54apathistkaroly aczel
Divination8920 Nov '16 22:05FMFdivegeester
Things we believeon authority220 Nov '16 01:44JS357karoly aczel
This is why Trump won14120 Nov '16 01:31RBHILLkaroly aczel