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3 Day Timeout Ladder

3 Day Timeout Ladder

Chess Ladder - 3 Day Timeout

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This ladder has a 7 day timebank for all games.

Ladder positions are corrected every 15 minutes.

PositionMonthPlayerRatingHistoryLast moveGames
10Subscriber SeinfeldFan912278Games19 Apr '14 04:37-Defending
20Subscriber RFN2127Games19 Apr '14 06:26-Defending
30Subscriber Carl Corey1824Games19 Apr '14 03:06ChallengingDefending
4+10Subscriber jocsjunior1719Games19 Apr '14 16:09Challenging-
5-1Standard member wesson1780Games19 Apr '14 16:38-Defending
6-1Subscriber BartVH2123Games19 Apr '14 11:43--
7-1Subscriber kristjan1788Games19 Apr '14 16:49-Defending
8-1Subscriber finnegan1969Games19 Apr '14 13:32-Defending
9-1Subscriber HansB2100Games18 Apr '14 22:19-Defending
10-1Subscriber jheikkionline1863Games19 Apr '14 17:01ChallengingDefending
11-1Subscriber pijun1999Games19 Apr '14 03:24ChallengingDefending
12-1Subscriber InvaderOfRome1901Games18 Apr '14 21:41ChallengingDefending
13-1Subscriber Ohforf1567Games19 Apr '14 14:34-Defending
14-1Subscriber Antelope1527Games19 Apr '14 16:40ChallengingDefending
150Subscriber brku1643Games19 Apr '14 12:47-Defending
160Subscriber ianp On Vacation1573Games18 Apr '14 01:57ChallengingDefending
170Subscriber marc562050Games18 Apr '14 06:28--
180Subscriber Nuuskimus1632Games18 Apr '14 10:35ChallengingDefending
19+9Subscriber junnujannu1645Games19 Apr '14 16:48ChallengingDefending
20-1Subscriber merixzon1719Games19 Apr '14 15:50--
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