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3 Day Timeout Ladder

3 Day Timeout Ladder

Chess Ladder - 3 Day Timeout

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This ladder has a 7 day timebank for all games.

Ladder positions are corrected every 15 minutes.

PositionMonthPlayerRatingHistoryLast moveGames
410Subscriber ShanghaiShmuel1419Games21 Apr '14 15:08--
42+4Subscriber Oist1324Games21 Apr '14 15:21Challenging-
43-1Subscriber Ponderable1315Games21 Apr '14 12:28Challenging-
44+11Donation Luck1494Games21 Apr '14 15:51ChallengingDefending
45-2Standard member mfoolb1440Games17 Apr '14 20:54--
46-2Subscriber ouroboros1645Games21 Apr '14 15:35ChallengingDefending
47-2Subscriber King Lear1725Games19 Apr '14 23:44Challenging-
48-1Subscriber bechte1417Games21 Apr '14 12:43-Defending
49-1Subscriber chris lemieux1650Games21 Apr '14 01:25-Defending
50-1Subscriber gedwin1741Games20 Apr '14 23:34ChallengingDefending
510Standard member wolfgang591665Games21 Apr '14 12:19-Defending
520Subscriber Hanzii1517Games21 Apr '14 14:44-Defending
530Subscriber Quanto1429Games21 Apr '14 11:38ChallengingDefending
540Subscriber golddog21404Games21 Apr '14 04:28ChallengingDefending
55+9Subscriber Odinson1463Games21 Apr '14 10:13ChallengingDefending
560Subscriber alan holman1418Games21 Apr '14 15:57Challenging-
57+9Subscriber coquette1372Games20 Apr '14 20:48ChallengingDefending
58-1Subscriber aaizenm1454Games19 Apr '14 17:36--
59-1Subscriber Alan hollywell2196Games20 Apr '14 17:44Challenging-
60-1Subscriber ducsound1959Games20 Apr '14 22:37ChallengingDefending
Monthly position improvedRemained the sameFellPlayer leaving ladder