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About durienb

Hello fellow chess lovers!

I'm a 43-year-old writer/editor/musician, married and living on the West Coast. My favourite chess players are among the great tacticians: Paul Morphy, Frank Marshall, Alexander Alekhine, Paul Keres, Mikhail Tal, and Bobby Fischer. Been playing on RHP for a few years now and it's improved my game tremendously. Thank you RHP!

Above: Jazz legend John Coltrane

Great classic jazz album & personal fave: A Love Supreme
(For an amazing transcription of Trane's poem/psalm set to its musical counterpart, check out

I'll occasionally refer to opening book theory and research for unfamiliar openings, as site rules allow, and I strongly recommend it to improve opening knowledge. Using engines, on the other hand, is both cheating and really pointless as you can never truly win a game that way: "Glory stain'd is a vict'ry Pyrrhic - a shamed knave prancing on sad stilts."

"Chess is the place we can be both lovers and fighters." D.B. (yours truly)

"The Lord is my light and my salvation" - Psalm 27:1

Enjoy your games!

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Games Played 1400
Rated 1346
Won 1061
Lost 239
Drawn 100
In Progress 14
Moves 41365
Moves This Month 242
Rating 2017
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 2104
Tournament Entry Rating 2060
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Rated Games
1013 (75%)236 (18%)
W/D/L As White683
517 (76%)108 (16%)
W/D/L As Black663
496 (75%)128 (19%)
Played By Color1346
683 (51%)663 (49%)
Won By Color1013
517 (51%)496 (49%)
Lost By Color236
108 (46%)128 (54%)
Drawn By Color97
58 (60%)39 (40%)
Wins by timeout 101 (9.97%)
Losses by timeout 5 (2.12%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating205921042162
Average Rating202720422039
Lowest Rating198919891854
Opponent Avg. Rating174616921657
Games Rated30103964
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