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Hey everyone...First my avatars are not me. lol They are Jennifer Lopez and Alyssa Milano. Tasteful and not tacky. Well, I enjoy sports. I tend to chat to much but i will respect your wishes not chat if you don't. If you are rude? Hold on to your seat for my response. I run the club 600 to 1299 which is just the rating limits. It's a great club and everyone has a chance to win a Tournament. That is the fun in it. I also run the new Clan "Strategic Ultimatum" and we are doing well. You see my rating up and down, and a ton of time outs. That is all due to personal life. Also, i belong to the Clan Express Lane. This is one of the greatest clans and one of the best leaders in here. It is a friendly clan, and most of all, a loyal, and understanding leader of this clan with the same qualities. Try this clan if you can. I follow the UFC, Mixed martial arts, and yes I do work out and practice this in full contact but I am older and just do it to learn and get the exercise. I follow all New York Teams, Knicks, Jets, Yankees. I love this site and I also think this is by far the best site on the net for chess. I have made some of the greatest friends in here, and some I call best of friends. If i ever say anything to offend you, please tell me right away so i can apologize. My intentions are never to upset anyone, and to only have fun. I don't take skulls. Almost never. I don't take them from clan members, club members, friends, or people who are friendly. If it is a clan game? I have to. Im sorry? If it is a tournament, i wait for the system to terminate out game. I wont. There is no honor in that. If you say you take skulls, then I will as well. My real rating ability is really 1100 to 1250. Anything higher is luck. I would like to take this time to say thank you to everyone in my club, in my clan, and the Clan i belong to Express Lane for being so kind and understanding with me. Have fun!

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Games Played 1715
Rated 1533
Won 735
Lost 950
Drawn 30
In Progress 58
Moves 42847
Moves This Month 130
Rating 849
Highest Rating (Last 365 Days) 1384
Tournament Entry Rating 1284
Moves This Month is the number of moves made since the 1st of the month.
Highest Rating excludes provisional (first 20) games.
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Rated Games
688 (45%)819 (53%)
W/D/L As White928
438 (47%)474 (51%)
W/D/L As Black605
250 (41%)345 (57%)
Played By Color1533
928 (61%)605 (39%)
Won By Color688
438 (64%)250 (36%)
Lost By Color819
474 (58%)345 (42%)
Drawn By Color26
16 (62%)10 (38%)
Wins by timeout 117 (17.01%)
Losses by timeout 287 (35.04%)
Historical90 days1 Year5 Years
Highest Rating130613841384
Average Rating103810611056
Lowest Rating835737688
Opponent Avg. Rating118911031098
Games Rated662351533
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