Annotated Chess Game 10044433 by Andrew Diniz

Annotated Chess Game 10044433 by Andrew Diniz

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Classic, drawn game, no matter who has the move. White's only hope is to secure the queening tile by landing his king in the vicinity (e.g. f7, f8, d7 or d8). This, however, is entirely preventable.

  • 1. Ke3f4
    This (and Kd4) is the only way to progress. Failed tries: 1.Kf3,Ke5 2.Ke3,Ke6 (and we're back to where we started); 1.e5??,Kxe5 draw
    • 1... Ke6f6
      Black takes the Opposition and prevents further advance of white's king.
      • 2. e5
        The logical continuation. Failed tries: 2.Ke3,Ke6 (and we're back where we started)
        • 2... Kf6e6
          Surrenders Opposition but still prevents white's pawn and king from advancing.
          • 3. Kf4e4
            The only move; anything else and the game is drawn after ...Kxe5.
            • 3... Ke6e7
              ! The critical move and the end of the cycle! Notice that this is the same position as we started but one rank closer to the endzone. The sequence of 5 half-moves leading to this point can be repeated over and over (should the white king have started on e1 with pawn on e2) with the same drawn result. Both ...Kf7 and ...Kd7 are FAILS for black: ...Kd7?? 4.Kf5,Ke7 5.e6,Kf8 6.Kf6,Ke8 7.Ke6 and now it's obvious white can secure the endzone (a)...Kd8 8.Kf7 1/0 (b)...Kd7 8.e6+,Ke8 9.e7,Kd7 10.Kf7 1/0
              • Standard memberViktorN said

                Posted: Jul 23 2013 19:54

                I disagree. Both Kf7 and Kd7 holds the draw. Lets say 3.. Kd7 4. Kf5 Ke7 5. e6 Ke8! with a basic draw. However, when the pawn is on 6. rank, he must play Ke8, else he is lost.
            • 4. Ke4f5
              and repeat...
              • 4... Ke7f7
                as before
                • 5. e6
                  and again
                  • 5... Kf7e7
                    deja vu?
                      Game started
                      29 May '13
                      Last move
                      05 Jun '13
                      Game Drawn
                      23 Jul '13
                      23 Jul '13
                      23 Jul '13
                      Annotation Id

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