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  1. 18 Jul '18 13:47
    3.8L of milk costs $0.99 (in Canada it's $3.97)
  2. 18 Jul '18 13:28
    Originally posted by @torunn
    on vacation, kindly wait until...
    one is available.
    Your call has been put...
  3. 18 Jul '18 12:55
    Originally posted by @very-rusty
    That is the scarey part, and you are correct. I was one of those who laughed when I heard he was running for President.

    He would still be the worst President Ever though that will not change! I will stick to that statement.

    Surely, by now, they see his foibles and won't stick their "X" next to his name on the ballot, should he make it that far. Was there ever a President Ever?
  4. 18 Jul '18 12:49
    Originally posted by @moonbus
    ... dog.

    In case of fire ...
    break glass and pull the lever.

    All operators are currently...
  5. 18 Jul '18 12:46
    Originally posted by @handyandy
    You really ought to stop inciting histrionics.
    Some congressional "implants" never opine instructions received, through sinister images, happily.
  6. 18 Jul '18 12:38
    Originally posted by @sonhouse
    the farter's party
    unexpectedly exploded into
  7. 17 Jul '18 13:03
    Originally posted by @wolfgang59
    Every night the entertainment round the Acropolis is new, exciting (riotous sometimes).
    Should only men enjoy the intimacy mainly espoused secretly?
  8. 17 Jul '18 12:57
    Originally posted by @gareth-cobb
    Have a go,I recommend self help.
    I stick with the old adage, " A self helper has a fool for a client".
  9. 17 Jul '18 12:48
    Originally posted by @apathist
    expiration date.

    Don't take this medicine with...
    a grain of salt.

    Variety is...
  10. 17 Jul '18 12:42
    This might seem...well...obvious but did you get in touch with "real" experts? Ya know, like pool companies?
  11. 17 Jul '18 12:33
    Originally posted by @sonhouse
    which took energy
    supplied by the
  12. 17 Jul '18 12:31 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @suzianne
    Hey!!! When I had hair I was blonde.
  13. 16 Jul '18 14:24
    Originally posted by @hand-of-hecate
    Good idea. God forbid we change the filter media and call a professional. Better to seek advice a Chess website.
    I once asked my pool guy which opening I should start with. His response? "The backwash valve".
  14. 16 Jul '18 14:22
    Originally posted by @apathist
    twice shy.

    Look before you leap ...
    or pay the price.

    What the...
  15. 16 Jul '18 13:54
    Originally posted by @hand-of-hecate
    A gallon of Lysol and 20 bags of ice should do the trick.
    or, drain the pool and start over.

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