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  1. 15 Jan '18 15:07
    Originally posted by @torunn
    the love of
    cleaning other people's
  2. 15 Jan '18 15:06
    Originally posted by @torunn

    root - tradition - folklore
    canal - Amsterdam - wooden shoes
  3. 15 Jan '18 14:55
    Originally posted by @torunn
    somewhere in Europe
    where he found
  4. 15 Jan '18 14:51 / 1 edit
    Originally posted by @very-rusty
    With all do respect torunn..I've known GBS a long time now, and he directed to keep things friendly/peaceful in my direction. I do deserve an explanation as to what he was talking about.

    We have always done our best to keep things light in this thread. We know the turmoil that goes on in other threads, and yes I am certainly involved in them. In here I do my best not to cause controversy.
    My dear VR. I omitted sticking the smiley, winking, emoji in. As you mentioned we've "known" each other for quite a while and as such you should know that everything I post is tongue in cheek. Though I have, on occasion, gotten serious though not too often. Still "friends"?
  5. 15 Jan '18 14:45
    Originally posted by @very-rusty
    Is that the best you can do with my reply to you? A thumbs down?

    Tell me where I haven't been friendly!
    I never stick in a thumb up or down. Musta been someone else.
  6. 15 Jan '18 14:43
    Originally posted by @sonhouse
    dusting the covers
    at the motel
  7. 15 Jan '18 14:36
    Originally posted by @divegeester
  8. 15 Jan '18 14:34
    Originally posted by @torunn

    lady - tramp - evergreen
    tree - needles - doctor
  9. 15 Jan '18 14:33
    Originally posted by @torunn
    Kicking is not gentle.
    Going entirely nude Thea looks exciting.
    Note to Vandervelde: I did have that (usually) written down on my paper but omitted including it in my final entry. Thanks for the reminder. I will try and triple check before submitting my responses in the future.
  10. 14 Jan '18 15:58
    Originally posted by @ghost-of-a-duke
    Dude, I appreciate true repartee, if briefly executed.
    Exploring Xanadu, especially culturally, takes everybody decades.
  11. 14 Jan '18 15:47
    Originally posted by @torunn

    discipline - order - purchase
    Louisiana - state - southern
  12. 14 Jan '18 15:38
    Originally posted by @torunn
    easy reads mostly
    though occasionally they
  13. 14 Jan '18 15:37
    Originally posted by @very-rusty
    Well excuse us for not asking if we could talk about sticky things!
    Let's try and stick with being friendly OK?
  14. 14 Jan '18 15:35
    Originally posted by @aranya10
  15. 13 Jan '18 17:42
    Originally posted by @very-rusty
    Well I suppose the one doing the sticking could find it a very sticky position, depending on how things are in that area at the time.
    Sticking to the thread's original "raison d'être", here goes.

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