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  1. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    06 Apr '20 09:42
    @wolfgang59 said
    Not a fan of royalty but have greatest respect for Liz II.

    Compare that with Trump.
    In the absence of contemporary global leadership: The world really needed that speech.

    Her lucidity at 93 years of age is incredible.

    I believe that, HRH Elizabeth II, will be remembered among the greatest monarchs in history and this speech will be her crowning jewel.
  2. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    06 Apr '20 09:23
    @ghost-of-a-duke said
    Stats on the 19 best Bill Murray Films:

    Ghostbusters (1984)
    Groundhog Day (1993)
    The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
    Caddyshack (1980)
    Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
    What About Bob? (1991)
    Stripes (1981)
    Lost in Translation (2003)
    St. Vincent (2014)
    Scrooged (1998)
    Ed Wood (1994)
    The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
    Tootsie (1982)
    The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004 ...[text shortened]... ointlessly updated due to the unintended exclusion of Scrooged.

    Next pointless update in 2 hours.
    Bill Murray inspires the troops! πŸ˜€

    YouTube - "Stripes" (1981)
  3. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 22:01
    @duchess64 said
    The lying racist troll Normbenign liked to claim that he
    had many black friends who completely agreed with his
    right-wing American racist beliefs.

    Likewise, Ghost of a Duke's racist troll ally Wolfe63 may
    claim to have 'many Chinese friends' who agree with his absurd
    rants demonizing China and Chinese, but only extremely
    ignorant, gullible people could believe th ...[text shortened]... her homeland. This issue is non-negotiable.”
    --Joseoh Tsai (Canadian billionaire, born in Taiwan)
    I never said I've had "many" Chinese friends. I didn't even imply that.

    Duchess64 is once again caught in a slanderous lie. She's misquoted my words just as she's done many times before.

    Shall I copy and paste my quote from two pages back, or would she prefer to concede the attempted deception?
  4. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 10:00
    @petewxyz said
    Lettuce pray for something good.
    We can pleasantly allow this string-bean to get corny because no one pays our celery. Thus it's "art for artichoke's sake".
  5. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 03:131 edit
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    You're lying.

    You're calling me something rather serious and I'm not going to allow it to go away.

    I'm very offended by your ceaseless accusations.

  6. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 03:10
    @duchess64 said
    So Wolfe63 uses Google translate.
    The hateful racist troll Wolfe63 has long shown his abysmal ignorance of China,
    and not even his racist troll allies would believe he knows any Chinese.

    The lying hateful racist troll Wolfe63 may like to pretend that
    Shippingtest agrees with his racist rants against China and Chinese.
    "So Wolfe63 uses Google translate."
    - Duchess64

    Yeah, no shyt Sherlock.
    You do too.
    And I doubt that you speak Chinese or any of the other languages that you've boasted of through the years.

    You're a fraud.
    And you've been kicking and screaming about it ever since the day you were found out.
  7. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 03:041 edit
    @shavixmir said
    Did you know the Netherlands had to return 50% of the face masks they bought from China, because they were faulty?
    Governmental incompetence and corruption.
    It's a shame actually.
    The culture and history of China are glorious.

    Of all of the Chinese friends and acquaintances I've had in my lifetime, not a single one of them has ever been as hateful and nasty as Duchess64.

    If her goal is to make the Chinese people seem angry and spiteful, like herself, well then she may fool some here, but she can't fool me. I know better.
  8. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 02:52
    @duchess64 said
    "The German replied that he would rather die and so he did,
    hating Jews to the end.
    At least he was an honest racist."

    That German was much more honest than the lying obsessive hateful racist Wolfe63.

    The German was a teenager brainwashed by Nazi propaganda.
    What's Wolfe63's excuse for his hateful racism?
    Can Duchess64 prove that I'm a racist?
    Can she provide a single comment, made by myself, that proves racism?

    She cannot.

    However, she can provide plenty of warped interpretations that she decries as racism.

    Duchess64 just can't handle criticism. Whether it be against herself or China or any of her other petty causes.

    She lacks the intellect and experience to debate maturely and is thus forced into mean-spirited race-baiting and name-calling.

    We've seen this film before. It sucked the first time. It still sucks now.
  9. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 02:21
    @duchess64 said
    The attitude of many hateful racist trolls here reminds me of this story.

    During the Second World War, the
    US Army captured a severely wounded Waffen SS soldier, a teenager who spoke English well.
    He was treated by a Jewish doctor, who ordered a blood transfusion for him.

    The German asked (politely), "Can you swear that this blood transfusion has no Jewish blood?" ...[text shortened]... eritage.

    I would like to see some racists here who value their consistent hate above their lives.
    "I would like to see some racists here who value their consistent hate above their lives."
    - Duchess64

    Oh nice!
    That's such a kind sentiment.
  10. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 02:11
    @wolfgang59 said
    This is dedicated to NHS workers but I think it applicable around the world.
    Thanks man. We're just doing our jobs.

    Preparations for this have been in the works for years. But the reality of the present was unimaginable back then.

    I doubt that we'll again suffer complacency, any time soon.
  11. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 02:03
    @thelistener said
    I play mandolin and guitar, I’ve gotten a little arthritis in my middle finger and can’t pick three finger Travis very well. What is the best YouTube to teach two finger style, it is easy to do as I have the technique, , but there has to be some nuance that I could pick up on. I am just hoping there is someone that will happen to know this thank you
    Shoot a PM to Sonhouse. I've heard his music. He's talented and has years of experience.
  12. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 01:52
    @duchess64 said
    "I for one, most heartily welcome
    Shippingtest's fresh perspective."

    FALSE. Another lie by the racist troll Wolfe63.
    Note that Shippingtest told off (in Chinese) Wolfe63.

    Indeed, as far as I can infer, Shippingtest approves of
    China's government and rejects foreign criticisms of China.

    The idiotic hateful racist troll Wolfe63 was extremely delude ...[text shortened]... dents, very critical of China's government,
    would have nothing to do with Wolfe63's blatant racism.
    Actually, he said:

    ε°±εͺηœ‹ηœ‹ 不想说话

    Which roughly translates to:
    "Just looking. Don't want to speak."

    Apparently, Duchess64 either lied when she bragged about her ability to speak Chinese or she just extruded one hell of a whopper. In either case, her credibility is nil.
  13. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 01:361 edit
    @duchess64 said
    The lying obsessed racist troll Wolfe63 is one of the most
    hateful anti-Chinese racists even in this endemically racist forum.

    Many Westerners here cherish their beliefs in Western superiority.
    So they seem enraged by data showing Western societies having the most deaths.

    Data enrages racist trolls. Racist trolls take comfort in hate and lies.
    Racist hate will outlive Covid19. But racist hate cannot erase data.
    "The lying obsessed racist troll Wolfe63 is one of the most
    hateful anti-Chinese racists even in this endemically racist forum."
    - Duchess64

    If anyone is having trouble understanding Duchess-speak...
    here's a TRANSLATION:

    "The tenacious and patriotic Wolfe63 will no longer allow me to get away with consequence-free, verbal assaults upon his homeland. Engaging him in mature debate is therefore impossible. I shall require further petty name-calling and repetitious obfuscation."
  14. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    05 Apr '20 01:05
    @duchess64 said
    The obsessed hateful racist troll Ghost of a Duke appeals
    to the endemic racism and smug belief in Western superiority
    in this narrow white-dominated forum.

    When they assumed that Covid-19 would be only China's problem, few Westerners here cared about it.

    When Westerners here presumed the virus would be confined to China (or at worst
    spill over into a few East As ...[text shortened]... ng.

    Obsessed hateful racists cannot accept evidence that contradicts their fanatical prejudices.
    When Duchess64 found that the virus would not be contained because of Chinese governmental bungling, she expressed far more concern for the maintenance of a death list.

    She has exactly zero concern for members of this forum whom might have dying family or friends or are otherwise, personally afflicted.

    Global citizens, dying by the hundred-thousands elicits no empathetic response from her. None.

    She thinks of this catastrophe only in terms of opportunity.
    The whole planet is living in fear, with many in mourning and she finds it appropriate to keep score and then mock others' misery with it.

    This intolerable response to crisis represents a new low for RedHotPawn's Public Forums.

    I can't imagine the hilarious things that Duchess64 might come up with during the next disaster.
  15. Joined
    06 Nov '15
    04 Apr '20 09:44
    @duchess64 said
    The idiotic hateful troll Wolfe63 ignores the fact that
    there's a major difference in meaning between 'many' and 'most'.

    I wrote 'many'; Ghost of a Duke wrongly implied that I wrote 'most'.

    Compare 'many Americans voted for Donald Trump' (true)
    with 'most Americans voted for Donald Trump' (false).
    My work here is done. πŸ˜€
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