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  1. 11 Dec '17 00:00
    Santa and the ice cream bunny
  2. 05 Dec '17 16:26
    join a clan
    make friends
    many options
    you'll figure it out
  3. 04 Dec '17 17:05
    Originally posted by @russ
    Click the star icon next to your name.

    [=]Or here[/]
    thank you
  4. 04 Dec '17 16:33
    Originally posted by @russ
    To gift a subscription, please go to the subs page (click the star icon next to any subscribers name) then complete the normal subscription process, as you would when subscribing yourself.

    If you are an existing subscriber, this will then result in two subscriptions assigned to your account. At this point, send site feedback with the recipients name, and w ...[text shortened]... to.

    The transfer could take up to 48 hours, but it is likely to happen much sooner than that.
    this maybe a silly question but where is the subs page?
  5. 04 Dec '17 16:14
    how can I buy a gift subscription for a player?
  6. 21 Nov '17 22:08
    Originally posted by @mghrn55
    You did a lot of typing there.

    And you offered to play chess on webcam.
    Are you sure you are at the right site ?

    Robbie ??
    whom ever this character is, Robbie he is not
    a very interesting chap he be
  7. 21 Nov '17 01:27
    Originally posted by @deenine
    I have been banned from multiple chess sites due to false accusations from staff and players; as well as their software programs that claim I am using a chess engine or some form of computer assistance program. My Brain and intuition, photographic memory, and win loss ratio all points to why I was diagnosed a genius by more than one Psychologist and Psychia ...[text shortened]... within your heart that you were not cheating, please know and understand that you are not alone.
    why aren't you world champion?
    or maybe you are
    hello Magnus
  8. 17 Nov '17 23:57
    Originally posted by @drewnogal
    Not fake news believe me.
    I've seen the crack of dawn
    it's a she
  9. 17 Nov '17 02:07
    The post that was quoted here has been removed
    hi Mathew
    the last time I purchased a fake passport from you it cost me 3 years of my like in a prison in Kenya
  10. 15 Nov '17 15:17
    follow the way of the monkey

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