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  1. Subscriber lemondrop
    17 Jun '18 03:41
    Originally posted by @ghost-of-a-duke
    Fundamental to 'rhyme' sir is that one word 'rhymes' with an entirely different word. A word can not rhyme with itself, any more than a word can make you a full English breakfast or trouser press your pantaloons.
    he has a valid poetic license I'm told
  2. Subscriber lemondrop
    16 Jun '18 19:49
    Originally posted by @torunn
    living - energy - spirit
    whiskey-barrel -monkeys
  3. Subscriber lemondrop
    15 Jun '18 16:05
    Originally posted by @very-rusty
    I am pretty sure the 7 thumbs down are meant for you and not RHP!!!

    will you post each time the number increases?
    you are all about the thumbs it seems
  4. Subscriber lemondrop
    15 Jun '18 14:31
    Originally posted by @very-rusty
    maiden gertrude,

    Stick to the light heartedness of which the thread was intended. STOP with the silly questions.
    I've given this silly thread enough attention
    carry on dough boy
  5. Subscriber lemondrop
    15 Jun '18 14:25
    Originally posted by @very-rusty
    Maiden Gertrude,

    Try and stick to the idea that Ice Cold had about making this a get away thread from all the personal dislikes and war of words. I will say he had some personal issues which he would not want made public.
    could you beat him up?
    you are such a manly man
    did you ever threaten him?
  6. Subscriber lemondrop
    15 Jun '18 14:01
    Originally posted by @very-rusty
    Knowing Ice Cold quite well, he really didn't expect the thread to stick around very long. It was to be light hearted and get away from all the war words of that time.
    since you know Ice Cold so well, what happened to him?
    was he, like so many on this site, someone you could physically beat up?
  7. Subscriber lemondrop
    14 Jun '18 01:37
    why does this thread continue living?
    I don't get it
  8. Subscriber lemondrop
    12 Jun '18 02:15
    Originally posted by @fmf
    This one here is a $30 Electrolux. We'll give it to someone and they can get it fixed.
    fixing a $30 toaster seems like bad deal unless you can do it yourself for a couple dollars
    using a second hand toaster is risky
    no telling what was toasted
  9. Subscriber lemondrop
    12 Jun '18 01:48
    Originally posted by @fmf
    Our toaster broke after six years. We bought exactly the same make and model to replace it yesterday. Who else has done stuff like this in their lives [with appliances and other devices generally, not just toasters]?
    six years for a toaster does not seem a good buy
    unless you are toasting a dozen loaves of bread a day
    I have a ten year old toaster that cost less than $15
    I will replace it with the same model when it expires
    I bought a $40 shredder that broke down after 2 weeks
    replaced it with a different brand
    it all comes down to value however measured
  10. Subscriber lemondrop
    11 Jun '18 20:03
    say good bye to the once meaningful forum
    I'm not interested anymore
    adios cabrones
  11. Subscriber lemondrop
    11 Jun '18 13:34
    Originally posted by @vespin
    he can play games.
    just not clan games.
    I do hope that Russ will let him back in.
    Just as I hope Robbie comes back.
    More fun with them around.
    just my humble opinion.
    this place was absolutely more fun with robbie in it
    the clans forum is dead and stinking
  12. Subscriber lemondrop
    11 Jun '18 00:44
    Originally posted by @chaney3
    I think a vote should be sufficient.

    Should I stay or go?

    Since nobody visits this forum anymore, if you Lemondrop give me a yes vote, then I should be fine.

    What say you?
    and a big thumbs up
  13. Subscriber lemondrop
    10 Jun '18 23:30
    Originally posted by @chaney3
    Is this 1940's Moscow?
    Surely it is not.
    The entire RHP community is invited to participate in the forums.
    We all have a voice.
    your voice goes through roma45
    you can pm him
    beg for forgiveness
    promise to buy a sub
    good luck
  14. Subscriber lemondrop
    10 Jun '18 22:41
    Originally posted by @roma45
    Nothing important to discuss anymore.
    The cheats got punished
    The war is over.
    Most clan discussions are done by pm involving leaders nowadays.
    So non sub scum such as yourself can find another pot to stir.
    No clan leader or clan member is the slightest bit interested on what leaches and free loaders think.
    Apart from the unpunished cheats that is.
    ...[text shortened]... tand it but i think he could not understand much.
    Now jog on non sub scum are not welcome here.
    roma45 was elected, although I can't remember when, the official spokesperson of the clans forum
    he decides who is welcome
    and who is not
    good bye chaney3
    you have been roma45ed
  15. Subscriber lemondrop
    10 Jun '18 16:37
    Buddha got it right
    life is suffering
    a constant struggle

    but I think, in the end, we go back to the stars from where we came

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