World Championship Game 11

World Championship Game 11

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World Championship Game 11

There are two pieces of advice I want you all to take heed of.

Never take the QNP with the Queen and never walk past a second
hand shop. In the former you will end up regretting it and in the latter
you will never know what it is you are not regretting by not going in.

I walked into a 2nd hand shop the other day and look what I got.
Title here

A huge porcelain (a posh word for cheap china) Black King.

The World Chess Championship Game 11.

These two follow Game 2 (a dreary effort) this was better. It has more bite.
As in Game 10 there was a BxB on e6 opening an f-file except this time
Carlsen was Black. “Thanks for the Idea Sergey I’ll use that next game.”

Both sides lay out their stall, they are comfortable and I am comfortable
because I can feel the game. I’m not going to get lost in a maze of mush.

Then Karjakin’s 18.h3 stumped me. Everything was going along nicely
before that. I could have done the writers trick. (are paying attention you
budding bloggers and writers) if in doubt then you leave the note out.

But I jumped in. it’s either to protect the Queen or handy future luft.
(Which actually did come in quite handy some 15 moves later 33.Kh2.)

S. Karjakin - M. Carlsen, World Championship 2016 Game 11.

A couple of RHP examples of our lads (bless them all) falling for the trick mentioned.

Game Two. gevans - Robert1950 .RHP 2016 (Black to play)

Black resisted the temptation to play Nf6xd5....

...for three moves before finally playing 10...Nxd5 exd5

The pawn fork on d5. Many many more examples on RHP. White won quite easily.

Game 3. GEEK007 - greadman RHP 2009

The thread accompanying this blog is Thread 170962

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Comments (2)

  • Posted 1998 days 22 hours and 11 minutes ago
    Hi Hallow Blue,

    I've make it clearer with 10.Nxd5 it is all these knights landing on d4 and d5 that made it look awkward. Thanks,
  • Posted 1999 days 4 hours and 52 minutes ago
    Standard memberShallow Blue
    I wondered what you meant at move 10 for white, as Carlsen does play the move you accuse us woodpushers of. I think you mean Nxd5 instead. (In which case, yeah, I very well might...)
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    19 May '22
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    06 Jul '10

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