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The Milan Vidmar Trap

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Apparently 100's of these were on sale at a tournament in Florida in 2002.
The position is correct, so are the names and the place.........but the price?
red pawns

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At Hasting in 1926 Milan Vidmar (1885-1962) sprang a trap that with the...

Karpov was Jack the Ripper

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There is a moment in this film when Emma Prentiss (as played by
Jane Seymour) shows Inspector Frederick Abberline (as played by
Michael Caine) an artists impression of Jack the Ripper ( as played
by.....nobody really knows). She says she is selling the drawing to
The Stand Magazine but (and I’m sure most of you know this) the
grisly murders took place in London in 1888, the Strand Magazine...

Chess Junk and Russian Endings

And this is how badly I am afflicted by the chess bug...
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...I’m now buying broken china just because it has a chess theme.

My research, and here I remind my readers of my diligence in such matters,
took me to a small village in southern Italy called Polominto and it was here
I met with a one legged man called Luigi ‘He Who Hops’ who told me it wa...

Chess with Tal, Nana and Frodo

This is Frodo from one of the many L.O.T.R. Chess sets
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Which gives me a great excuse to show the Frodo Game.

If any of you are coaching kids or just wanting a game to show
to your merry men down at the club then this is it. It's a classic. ...

Chess Coincidences and ChessTraps

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answer at the bottom of this page.
green pawns

Meanwhile....from the U.K. Metro last week we read:

Police in Oslo said they received several emergency calls
on Monday evening from residents who had hears screaming...

Chess Blitz Tricks and the RHP Hall of Doom

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Chess wise 2017 ended on a controversial note which had everyone in a lather.

Introducing to these pages the Russian chess player Ernesto Inarkiev
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The 32 year old, named Ernesto after the Argentinean revolutionary
(and also a chess player) Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, was involved in a...

RHP 2017 Chess Christmas Quiz

Every year I promise myself I’ll do something different and spend
11½ months trying to figure out what. No joy, so once again........
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You will be asked to find the winning and sometimes the losing move
We will start off by pulling a Christmas cracker and reading the joke.

(1) Getyourhandoutofmypocket - willysan RHP 2017 (Black to play...

Australian Beer and Chess

I’ve never been to Australia but I just know I’d like it out there.

I’ve never yet met an Australian lad I did not trust, like and get on
with. An Australian Red Hot Pawn member sent me this picture.
Title here

I requested more information and was duly sent this
photograph of the above picture in it’s natural setting....

Paul Morphy in a 'B' Horror Movie

Hands up all those think this is the greatest film ever.
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OK. Hands up all those who think this film is pretty good.

OK Hands up all those who think this film is totally naff.

OK. you did not like it and most of you have probably never seen it....

Chess Books....and Hitler

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Folkstone is an English coastal town in the county of Kent
I do not have a picture of Folkstone. Here is Winston Williams....
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...holding up the Folkstone Chess Club’s ‘Pickles’ Trophy.

(Pickles was the name of the dog who found the stolen Worl...
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