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Chess and Mary Queen of Scots

I first heard the rumour in 1971 when a stranger slid up next to me in a
bar and whispered in my ear that there was a chessboard in The Meadows.

The Edinburgh Meadows is where Mary the Queen of Scots played golf.

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Me playing peek-a-boo behind a statue of Mary in Linlithgow....

There was a fight at the Chess Club last night.

There was a fight at the Chess Club last night.

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Big Frank Clark and Mike McGuire were playing and....I’ll show the position.

6RK/8/7k/8/7p/7P/6P1/8 w - - 0 1
Big Frank was White and played g2-g4. Mike then declared ’Stalemate!...

Chess Records and Queen Sacrifices

You have heard of the face that launched a thousand ships...

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...well this is the face that sent them back again.

Magnus has just been caught with an expected Queen sacrifice.
His reaction was pulling that face and “Wow!...Wow!....Wow!”...

Gibraltar! 6.Bg5 and a Chess Rule of Thumb.

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Well it would appear that last week I was totally distracted from
actually looking at White playing 6.Bg5 in the following position.

r1bqkbnr/pp3ppp/2np4/1N2p3/4P3/8/PPP2PPP/RNBQKB1R w KQkq - 0 6
And as we got to print I still do not know if this move is covered in... ...

Chess and the Russian Rifle.

I do not actually have a copy of this book. I googled it and nicked the image.

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I am using the cover because it is the only way for me to spell it correctly and I want
to do a blog about a variation in this opening. ( I do not even know if it is in the book.)

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 e5 5. Nb5 d6...

Chess Mug and Mouse Mat

My Edinburgh Chess Club Mug and Mouse Mat has arrived.

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I sent off the picture to E-Bay and within a few days...Yippee!
My tea tastes sweeter and my mouse glides like a hovercraft.

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1490275699.png}green pawns{/imgblock...

Playing Chess with the Devil (part 2)

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Many years ago for an experiment I places a mirror behind my chess set.
I’m not too sure why I would wish to do such a thing, but I tell you this.

mirror start

I’ll never do it again! ...

Magnus Carlsen Question and Answer Session

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What a scoop for Red Hot Pawn. We can ask the current World Chess Champion
questions, hopefully if he reads this and joins Red Hot Pawn he can answer them.

The first question comes from Mrs. B. Knight on the Rim.

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1585436011.png}Title here{/imgblock...

Chess Merchandising

I have decided to go into Chess Merchandising.

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Print this out, glue it too a piece of stiff cardboard and pin it to your chest.

Or wear one of these. A Sock (£19.00) ...

I've Got A Chess Biscuit Tin!

I bought a Biscuit Tin! Not any common seen in your granny’s parlour
every day type of biscuit tin, but a genuine 100% Chess Biscuit Tin.

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Here is a better picture of the lid.

{imgblock=/imgu/blog/1/b4u437199-1583886118.png}Title here{/imgblock...
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