Geller's Trap + The Dive Bomber and The Shadow

Geller's Trap + The Dive Bomber and The Shadow

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Geller's Trap + The Dive Bomber and The Shadow


My Christmas present, 2 bottle of aftershave, had run out.

So I skip merrily into Boots the Chemist and a bored but pretty looking
girl directs me to the shaving shelf where the aftershave is displayed.

In the Chemist

We dive in for a closer look.

On the shelf

Lured by the romantic pirate sounding name I buy the Bay Rum aftershave.

Time passes...

Used bottle

You can see that the Bay Rum aftershave has been used.
For 5 days I splashed this stuff on my face.

I was wondering why I was getting funny looks at work
and the scent was not a normal aftershave smell.

Time to read the label of the back of the bottle.

Nit Lotion

It’s for people with nits!

I take it back to Boots and the pretty girl collapses into a
hysterical fit of laughter. She then tells her chums.

I was given a proper bottle of aftershave and told I
could keep (more giggles all around) the Bay Rum.

Greenpawn Tip No. 136.
Read the labels of things before you splash it on your face.
Geller Trapp

this is actually trap No1 in…

Book on Traps

Next week we do Trap 2, the week after that Trap 4 and so on.
(what about Trap 3?……..Russ)

No, that is part of my main repertoire, I’m not giving that one away.

Yefim Geller (father of spoon bending TV personality Uri Geller),
was born on Sept 31st 1930 in Swansea, Wales.
His parents Mr and Mrs Dandruff (more itchy head links)
gave him the name Yefim Geller because they liked it.

Their granddaughter works in Boots the Chemist in Edinburgh
and finds things funny. (end of itchy head links).

OK. Let’s see this Geller Trap.

J. Adamski - Y. Geller Olympiad 1968

1968 was not quite over when Geller sprang the trap again and winning
in I. Chikovani v Y. Geller Karseladze memorial 1968

He won, but had to go through a severe attack. Chikovani’s
improvement was playing…

16. Kh1 here instead of 16.Qxd4.

The difference being the King is tucked away and White has a tempo
on Black’s Queen. 16…Qb6 17.Rd1.

Geller played 15…Be5 weathered the attack and scored a hat trick with this trap.
Here is how it went. The lesson is cold bloodied defending.

Poor defending is rife at the lower levels. I’m having to use a top class
game because examples on the 1400-1900 DB are hard to find. πŸ™‚

Years passed:

I met a woman, I fell in love, I had children, they grew up got married left home
got divorced and came back again. πŸ™

Anyway, 36 years later. Y. Kuzubov - Y. Visser Groningen 2004

White to play move 16.

Do remember how useless that White Bishop was? Infact White was trying
to sac it. Geller chose to decline it.

Instead of 16.b3 which happened in the previous game.
White did a clearance sacrifice. 16.c5! and with c4 now available
for the light squared Bishop the attack on f7 really means something.

It’s also a trap within a trap.

Should Black play 16…Qxc5 then 17.Be3 traps the Queen.
(Black has to lose a piece by playing 17…Bc3 to free e5 for the Queen.)

So what have we learned today?

Poking about in traps that previous players have fallen for can be fun.
Defending is a skill. A neglected skill.
You can now use the term ‘Dive Bomber and The Shadow’ at your
local chess club and sound important. (just don’t let them see you defending).

Years passed:

The kids left home again, remarried, redivorced came back again.
I’m sitting here surrounded by grandchildren who have names
like shopping centre hairdressing saloons or exotic pet shops.
Ashley-Jane, Kelly-Ann, Mary-Sue and Jolly-Polly.

What happened to Vera, Chuck and Dave.?

Anyway…In 2008 A lad on here sprung the Geller Trap.
Of course it turned out nothing like the games above.
White showed the planet a whole new pitfall to fall into.

Man O War - Richardt Hansen RHP 2008.

Are you sitting comfortably. This won’t take long.

Anybody with nits want ½ a bottle of Bay Rum?

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Comments (5)

  • Posted 2829 days 19 hours and 33 minutes ago
    Indeed why not?

    Don't know if White got his move order mixed up
    or simply overlooked Bxc3.

    It's not the worst blunder I've seen,
    or for that matter played by me. πŸ™
  • Posted 2831 days 11 hours and 19 minutes ago
    Standard membertharkesh
    hallo, in the last game, why not 3. Qxd4?
  • Posted 2832 days 17 hours and 43 minutes ago
    Standard memberjanelledbien
    Comment removed
  • Posted 2833 days 8 hours and 15 minutes ago
    Fixed - had Bay Rum in the eyes. πŸ™‚

    The note about dark squared Bishops now makes sense.

  • Posted 2833 days 8 hours and 30 minutes ago
    Standard memberaanepade
    Something has gone wrong in the Chikovani-Geller game...surely after Geller plays Qc3 (to try and exchange queens) Chikovani plays Rxc3!
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