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Chess Club Directory

Chess Club Directory


Recent Clubs

  • Liberty Zugzwang

    Admin Subscriber Dindy
    Members 6
    Tournaments 0
    Formed 13 Dec '17 16:49

Members Required

  • Jehovah's Witnesses Paradise Club

    a paradise the earth will be!
    Admin Standard member robbie carrobie
    Members 9
    Tournaments 0
    Formed 15 Oct '10 09:30

Clubs With Recently Added Tournaments

Gambit FantasyRecruiting tournament players177110221 Jan '18 01 Sep '09
600-1500 CLUBfrequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!110118921 Jan '18 21 Apr '08
Popeye the Sailor Man Clubit's just a state of the heart; we're waiting here for you15133220 Jan '18 26 Jul '09
M U T ImOVINGuNDERtHEiNFLUENCE23894218 Jan '18 09 Apr '08
Bang AverageFor players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments251720 Dec '17 14 Jul '17

All Clubs

The GreasersWhere the Kool Kids hang.4029 Sep '08
Girls Night OutA place for gals to meet for chess and chat.4016 Oct '08
BandwagoniersA club for all the merry men4004 Apr '09
FC BarcelonaChess players that love the beautiful game, played at it's be...4025 Mar '11
FVO Chess ClubFor the ones who like to be challenged...4016 Aug '11
One Zero Split ClubLots of tournaments, fast moving4002 May '12
chess is funfor those who love chess4011 Jun '12 ClubTechnical support reps relaxing their minds with chess4023 Oct '13
Oh CanadaMembership4012 Dec '14
A Trillian GamesRecruiting now!! Hitchhiker's Guide and Chess fans! Active, a...4026 May '15
LGBT DiscussionsChess club for members of LGBT DIscussions and Dialogue forum4028 Dec '16
Estrela e Vigorosa SportEstrela e Vigorosa Sport - Porto - Portugal3006 Mar '08
German Club3009 Mar '08
Camberwell Cup Chess Club3009 Mar '08
Tzalash instructors and frien...a club for all the members and friends of tzalash3015 Mar '08
pineapple's clubcontains slightly inebriated fruit3020 Mar '08
The Sons of BishopsA club for quick players who appreciate some friendly banter ...3002 Apr '08
Gueulet Family and FriendsFor those linked to this Family through awesome memories3013 Apr '08
Gaming MadGame lovers3014 Apr '08
Sicilian Reversed Club1. c4 e53003 May '08

Club Ratings

All club members have an additional rating - their club rating. Any rated game completed against another member of the same club will change your club rating. Your club ratings are in addition to your site rating.

Joining a Club

Do not hesitate to request membership to a club if you would like to participate - your normal Red Hot Pawn experience will remain unaffected.

Both subs and non-subs can join a club.

Club membership is only limited by the club administrator who accepts or declines club membership requests.

Creating a Club

Although anyone can join a club, only subscribers can create one. If you do create a club, please remember that only clubs with at least 10 members will have an active club rating.