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Chess Club Directory

Chess Club Directory


Recent Clubs

  • Liberty Zugzwang

    Admin Subscriber Dindy
    Members 3
    Tournaments 0
    Formed 13 Dec '17 16:49

Members Required

  • Mobile Chess

    Playing chess on the move
    Admin Subscriber Gixxer
    Members 9
    Tournaments 0
    Formed 10 Jun '10 08:12

Clubs With Recently Added Tournaments

600-1500 CLUBfrequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!104113416 Dec '17 21 Apr '08
Popeye The Sailor Man CLUBI'M OFF ON A TRIP / ON ME STURDY OLD SHIP15030012 Dec '17 26 Jul '09
Gambit FantasyRecruiting tournament players172109411 Dec '17 01 Sep '09
Bang AverageFor players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments231416 Nov '17 14 Jul '17
M U T ImOVINGuNDERtHEiNFLUENCE23594018 Sep '17 09 Apr '08

All Clubs

Aston Villa FCVilla till i die.1028 May '09
It's only meFor Tony Miles fan's, England's first Grandmaster.1120 Jun '09
Together We ServedClub for Armed Forces Vets and Active alike1018 Jul '09
ASC Club1121 Aug '09
XXXXXXX1126 Aug '09
The International House of Mo...1020 Sep '09
Club AmsterdamnCurrent and former members of the Amsterdamn Clan1020 Dec '09
no club membership1029 Jan '10
Scuba DiversA club for all scuba divers around the world.1027 Jul '10
Club NorwayOnly for Norwegian players1002 Oct '10
The HumanistsFreethinking - Fun Gaming...1007 Oct '10
Zulu WarriorsBirmingham Boys1020 Nov '10
swansea city fcfans of the mighty swans1021 Nov '10
The music of Kirk BrandonSpear of Destiny1029 Dec '10
NaturalsPeople who need help and want to learn more...1024 Jan '11
The Dark KnightsFast Movers1018 Feb '11
300Fans of Leonidas and his brave 300!1028 Feb '12
Mike Hunt UtdChess players... *whistle* ... :D:D:D1003 Mar '12
Rookies Chess ClubThe Club is Closed...11726 Dec '12 24 Mar '12

Club Ratings

All club members have an additional rating - their club rating. Any rated game completed against another member of the same club will change your club rating. Your club ratings are in addition to your site rating.

Joining a Club

Do not hesitate to request membership to a club if you would like to participate - your normal Red Hot Pawn experience will remain unaffected.

Both subs and non-subs can join a club.

Club membership is only limited by the club administrator who accepts or declines club membership requests.

Creating a Club

Although anyone can join a club, only subscribers can create one. If you do create a club, please remember that only clubs with at least 10 members will have an active club rating.