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Chess Club Directory

Chess Club Directory


Recent Clubs

  • DarkDragon

    Admin Subscriber SculptorBloke
    Members 16
    Tournaments 3
    Formed 17 Mar '18 14:32

Members Required

  • Jehovah's Witnesses Paradise Club

    a paradise the earth will be!
    Admin Standard member robbie carrobie
    Members 9
    Tournaments 0
    Formed 15 Oct '10 09:30

Clubs With Recently Added Tournaments

Gambit FantasyRecruiting tournament players178112422 Mar '18 01 Sep '09
DarkDragonFun16320 Mar '18 17 Mar '18
600-1500 CLUBfrequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!124127119 Mar '18 21 Apr '08
Bang AverageFor players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments302616 Mar '18 14 Jul '17
Popeye the Sailor Man ClubHelp Wanted: Club Lead Admin, Please inquire within.15634911 Mar '18 26 Jul '09

All Clubs

Manchester Unitedfor the fans23124 May '08
Christian Rock FansFor Christian Rock Fans.22306 Mar '08
SuperstarsOnly 1400 and below allowed in.22510 Mar '13 30 Jan '12
New Jersey Pawn PushersGarden State chess players20227 Apr '08
The Worldwide ClubEveryone Is Welcome20112 Jun '08
Asian Chess ClubMy brain is my teacher20120 Jul '08
The Dog HouseSoon to be the largest most entertaining private forum in all...20302 Oct '08
Wesco ChessFor students and coaches from the Wesco Chess League20102 Dec '08
the nike clubfor people who like nike20110 Mar '10
A Bit More ChessFriends of 'A Bit of Chess' Unite20321 Oct '13 12 Sep '10
The Poker Players Club...By Invite Only...20017 Oct '12
313313 (gamefaqs)19117 Jan '10
McClubApple / Mac users clubbing18205 Mar '08
North American Chess ClubA club for Canadian, American and Mexican neighbors who want ...18108 Mar '08
The Samurai ClubA place where we can play each other in a friendly game!18103 Jun '08
NorgesglassetSom sagt18214 Aug '09
The Flying AcesIf your serious about improving your skills, like to engage i...182027 Aug '14 06 Nov '10
A N I M A L SDedicated to animals' friends181223 Jul '13 08 May '13
PopeyeWe're strong to the finish cause we eats our Spinach!17006 Mar '08
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i don'...I Don't Know17106 Mar '08

Club Ratings

All club members have an additional rating - their club rating. Any rated game completed against another member of the same club will change your club rating. Your club ratings are in addition to your site rating.

Joining a Club

Do not hesitate to request membership to a club if you would like to participate - your normal Red Hot Pawn experience will remain unaffected.

Both subs and non-subs can join a club.

Club membership is only limited by the club administrator who accepts or declines club membership requests.

Creating a Club

Although anyone can join a club, only subscribers can create one. If you do create a club, please remember that only clubs with at least 10 members will have an active club rating.